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The Stuff in the Middle

   (10 reviews)
Genres: Romance

Most everyone's days follow the same routine. What happens when your day starts and ends the same, but it's everything in between that leads you down a path to take a leap of faith?

Meet Nick. He's about to have one of those days where it's the stuff in the middle that makes a difference. 

No warnings with this one.  Just some lighthearted fun.
Copyright © 2023 kbois; All Rights Reserved.

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  • Action Packed 3
  • Addictive/Pacing 13
  • Characters 22
  • Chills 5
  • Cliffhanger 4
  • Compelling 15
  • Feel-Good 21
  • Humor 18
  • Smoldering 6
  • Tearjerker 4
  • Unique 14
  • World Building 6

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    • 6,013 Words

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

There really is no reason for me to review this story its quite simple if it's a @kbois story it is 5 stars period. If you're a fan of this author you already know that If you are not start reading her Spirit Wolves trilogy. As you probably figured out she doesn't like cats yet she managed to use one very effectively in this story a sign of a great writer

Although part of me thinks she put a cat in this story to take a shot at me. Still a great story






Response from the author:

Thank you my sweet little pup! I'm now thinking I shouldn't have taken out the scene where Martini beat down the neighbor's dachshund. 🤔 JK. 😆

Thanks for reading and for being a founding member of my Krew 😘

  • Love 4
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Gary L

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Ok, up front I really dislike cats. However, even the stray who waits, annoyingly, outside the apartment block to be fed by her fans, seems to love me. Why? 
So a tale involving Martini the cat didn’t jump up to be read at first sight.  However, even for non-feline fans this is a lovely anthology story which I really enjoyed. 
well worth reading.  Thank you @kbois 

Response from the author:

I, too, am not a cat lover. That is a well-documented fact. That being said, this story was an exception to the rule as it was a tribute to a friend. Thank you for reading. I'm glad you could look past the feline cooties and enjoy the story!

  • Love 5
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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

And now folks, something completely different from our esteemed author...A true delight to read!!!

It's got 5 stars despite the fact there's a...shushhh...a cat....

Response from the author:

Thank you. 

It's always a pleasure when I know my readers enjoy one of my stories. This one was a joy to write, despite the feline presence. But considering the reason for the cat's existence, I'll acknowledge that for this one story the creature is tolerable. Lol.

  • Like 1
  • Love 5
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Sherye Story Reader

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

5 stars for this short story. @kboisdid a excellent job on getting this romance started. The teenage crush relit. With even a fluffy cat with the adorable way she got her name. A must read for anyone. 

Response from the author:

Thanks StoryReader! It's always good to hear from you! I'm glad you enjoyed this quick little tale!

  • Like 1
  • Love 7
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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

It's a 5 from me!

A quick trip in to the world of Nick, Brock & a cat called Martini.

Not the usual @kbois maelstrom of cliffhangers, love, death, betrayal & shifters!

I really enjoyed reading this story and even though it's only the one chapter (restricted due to the anthology rules) you can still imagine the characters in your own mind.


P.S. Cats - meh! (A personal view)

Response from the author:

Yes, this was a little different for me. It was fun to write, despite the cat. Lol

Glad your on #TeamCanine. 

  • Like 1
  • Love 8
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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

@kbois has done it again! A fantastic story about how one little decision can bring about life-altering changes. Two likeable guys, a mom who doesn't take any crap and a cat with a cute name. 

What more can you want? 

Response from the author:

I'm never going to live down this cat thing am I?

Thanks for reading Alex! I'm happy you enjoyed the story. 

  • Love 9
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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Leap of faith, mum’s intervention and final courage to hint a send button, make the recipe for HEA in this story.  Nick is living ordinary, boring life as adoption of a cat is only adventurous thing he did. As it happens, a long time no seen crush appears, and it takes one day for a life change. @kbois wrote a beautiful short story in her unique writing style, filled with humor, intelligent dialogs and optimism. Only problem is that this kind of stories always leave you longing for more!

Response from the author:

Thank you Cane! 

I'm happy you found your way to the Krew. I always appreciate the feedback!

  • Like 1
  • Love 8
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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Another amazing read from @kbois.

The best part for me is the adorable and fluffy cat.

But beside the cat we have Nick, who is living a boring life.

You need to read on to discover more.

Response from the author:

And there we are with the cat again!!

Thanks for reading Chris. Your input is always welcome!

  • Like 1
  • Love 8
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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

A wonderful tale excellently developed.  It's a light and fluffy romance filled with everything you could want.  The humor is often subtle, so read carefully.  The details created a wonderful, textured setting and mood.  This is kbois at her best with a definitely must read tale!

Response from the author:

Thanks Raven! I really appreciated your help with this one. It's nice getting a fresh perspective! 

  • Like 1
  • Love 8
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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

Another great read from kbois. Nick is a relatable, albeit boring, character that has a smirk-creating sense of humor. 

But the most important fact about this awesome anthology story: there's a cat, and it's adorable and floofy. 

Response from the author:

The cat is most important? Really?

Just goes to show you can't trust all the reviews. 🤣🤣

  • Like 2
  • Love 7
  • Haha 1
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