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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

A Promise To Protect - 23. Mission - Succeed To Lose It All

Zeke turns up back at the shed, hoping Tyler wouldn't have gone too far from his last location. He blares the car horn to let Tyler to know he was there. He figured even if Tyler was a distance away he’d hear it, and if he was smarter than he was afraid, he’d come to see where the noise was coming from. People trying to kill you tend to not want you to know they are coming, so a horn seemed like an easy way to let him know that he was not someone trying to threaten or hurt him. Zeke knew there was a risk of course, that he might be bringing attention to himself from someone else looking for Tyler, but his gun was fully loaded with real bullets this time, so to was the spare. He was ready to do whatever he had to and felt invincible, he would dare anyone to get between him and finding Tyler healthy and unharmed. He didn't know completely what his limits would be, given that he'd hurt people for what they had done to people he had no feelings towards.

Zeke felt a strange amount of Deja Vu as he headed towards the shed on foot, there was an eerie feeling of familiarity, he almost felt as though he was having some kind of flashbacks, which he'd not thought would have been possible. With every step closer, the rush running through him made him feel genuine unease, it wasn't often that he felt 'fear', not since the night he'd chosen to forget here, years ago. He had hated this place from the moment when he was first brought here. It'd been too quiet up until his discovery of the person inside. He remembered this place and all that he saw within it, like it was a dream or a story he'd been told about someone else's life, after all he had opted to forget whatever trauma had happened here so all he had, was what G had told him about the experience. Still, there was a vague familiarity with the building, like he could remember learning the best way to get in and where he could hide once inside. It was like muscle memory, his body knowing how to get him there but his memories keeping him from feeling the anguish of what he'd gone through or done that night. He seemed to remember that there was a trapdoor, a long tunnel in pitch black, to a dead end. The decoy ending that had tripped up many agents before. Zeke hadn't gone down the tunnel. See, the trapdoor opened downwards, and most people left it open for light and the comfort of an escape route. Zeke had lifted up the door after he'd gotten down, and found that behind the trapdoor was another door. This led down another corridor.  According to reports, he'd found the victim, gagged, stripped down and covered in bruises, a fightless look on their face like they didn't want to be saved, they just wanted to be put out of their misery. G had never explained the mission to him either, just told him to go in and do what felt instinctively right, and so Zeke had returned with the injured victim and left behind a room full of fatally wounded but still slowly bleeding out people, locked in so they wouldn't be able to get to help. He'd chosen to let them suffer, but he'd gotten home and gone straight to Corey for his debrief which he came out of with a new medication. A very low dose of what they used to 'wipe memories' from people. Enough to take away only parts of the night and to fade out what was left. It wasn't the first time Zeke had chosen to lose his memory of something in his life, but of course it'd take reading back through his medical and professional files to see what he had chosen previously to let go of.

G was proud of Zeke's cruel actions that night, and that was the night Zeke realized that though he'd idolized G's strength and control for years, he would never be like him. Much like Corey, Zeke only wanted to help people, he felt no satisfaction in getting revenge. He had gone into every mission since, looking to save whoever he could, instead of looking to kill the enemy. 

Saving Tyler was the first successful save, even the victim from the shed had been too badly injured and died in hospital only days later. 10 years worth of trying to save people and he'd saved one. Zeke was tired, he was so tired of this job, of losing people and feeling weak and hopeless in the face of the dying who he hadn't gotten to fast enough. When he'd started this, he was full of fire, full of hate and fearless. He had this idea that he could rip the world apart to find a killer and he'd tried to pretend that he felt like they were making enough progress for it to be worth it. But it wasn't. It was so far from worth it, especially if Tyler was going to be in danger. Zeke didn't care anymore that he was letting himself get caught up, there had been more than enough suffering, and he'd sacrificed relationships and meaningful emotional connections for his entire adolescence and into his early adult years. It was way beyond time he had some kind of work/life balance.

There was absolute silence in the shed. No sign that anyone was in there at all. Not that Zeke particularly expected to walk in and find Tyler waiting. Cautiously, The circles around the building listening for any sign of someone nearby. All his senses were heightened, he could hear his blood rushing through his ears, his throat dry and even a slight shake in his hands as he reaches for the door. Then he feels as though he's left his body in a split second as his hand touches the doorknob and he hears the horn in his car beeping loudly. Zeke steps back and leans against the shed, take a breath to calm his nerves then peeks around the shed to see his car slowly rolling up towards him in a very stop and start way.

"Tyler?" Zeke mutters under his breath, recognizing the choppy driving from their escape from Zeke's house. He remains guarded, unsure whether Tyler would be alone or not but the thought of Tyler being at least alive enough to drive the car took away all the anxiety he was feeling only a moment ago, he was instead, right back to being ready to tear the world apart to protect him. One hand holds his gun and he waits until the car is close enough that he can see into the windscreen. Sure enough, there was Tyler, seemingly alone and glaring at him from behind the wheel. "Tyler, thank god. Are you alone?" Zeke shouts as he steps towards the car but Tyler blasts the horn again as though warning him? The look on his face didn't appear at all afraid, so Zeke doubted he was warning Zeke of danger. In fact by the way Tyler was staring at him with a burning hatred in his eyes, it came across like it had been a threat. 

"It's just me, but it's me you should be afraid of." Tyler shouts out the window, confirming Zeke's suspicion. Zeke steps towards the car and to his surprise, Tyler rolls the car forward, revving the engine a little, stopping short of actually hitting Zeke.

"What are you doing?" Zeke frowns at him.

"I'm pointing a car at you, what are you doing?" Tyler asks back with a cocky smirk. 

"I came back to find you." Zeke states calmly. 

"To... Finish the job?" Tyler asks casually and Zeke feels like an idiot for not assuming Tyler would assume this of him. It had definitely seemed as though he had been set up and abandoned so it made perfect sense that Tyler would be defensive towards him.

"No, to make sure you are safe." Zeke states, his hands up passively and his gun pointing towards the ground.

"Funny you didn't seem to give a shit about my safety last night when you sent me in to be killed." Tyler argues, again revving the engine aggressively.

“Tyler calm down. It was fake. The mission was fake.” Zeke assures him as he steps slowly towards the car, hoping Tyler had at least enough faith in him that he wouldn't run him over before he could give an explanation. “It wasn’t a real mission Tyler, it was fake. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have let it go ahead.” Zeke states as he tries to open the passenger door, to find it's locked. Tyler is staring at him like he's trying to calculate whether he believes him or not, then he leans over to the passenger side of the car and unlocks the door to invite Zeke into the car. Zeke cautiously opens the door and as he does a bullet wizzes past his ear, he looks up mortified as Tyler smiles at him from behind the gun.

“Lie to me, and the next one will be through your eye, I'll let you pick which one. I'm not fucking around, got it?" Tyler snaps. Zeke gulps, nodding quickly and climbing in the car, watching as Tyler calmly keeps the gun pointed at his face. 


"Is there anyone listening in?" Tyler cuts in quickly to ask.

"No." Zeke answers and Tyler looks at him doubtfully extending the gun just another inch closer to his eye, then smoothly pointing it at the other eye to remind him what was at stake if he lied. "Jesus Christ Tyler put down the gun. No one is listening in, it's a fucking recovery mission, not a murder. I came here to find you because you went missing. You weren't in real danger last night. It was a test, a test G wanted you to fail and..." 

"You knew didn’t you? What he was planning. What was meant to happen to me? You knew about it and you didn’t do anything.” Tyler stares into Zeke’s eyes with fierce determination. There was no way Zeke could lie his way out of this. Not even if he wanted to, even with all of his training to be good at lying. Not with him already angry and holding a gun. He was in such close proximity, he would kill Zeke regardless of where on his face he would be hit. 

“It was G’s idea, to scare you out of thinking you could be an agent. No one was meant to get hurt, trust me.” Zeke answers quickly, fairly sure he was the one shitting himself right now because Tyler seemed to have mastered a stone cold expression overnight and being so unpredictable, there was no way Zeke could rule out Tyler snapping any second.

“You know the problem with you, Zeke, is you asked for an awful lot of blind trust and you make an awful lot of empty promises. How can you possibly look me in the eyes and say 'no one was meant to get hurt, trust me', and expect me to believe you anymore?” Tyler asks sternly.

“When we get back to the base I can show you the mission plans. It was all outlined. This was the mission. No one was going to get hurt. It was written down, it looked fine on paper work. In theory it should have worked but... What happened?”

“What happened is, I walked into an ambush, three men with guns, I fought back. What the hell did you think would happen? That I would just fall apart in the face of fear, seriously? Did no one consider that I would stand up for myself?" Tyler demands, leaning back in his seat a little, insulted to hear that everyone had thought so little of him.

“We expected you to fight back, but... Your gun had blanks in it, so you were gonna shoot, and no one was gonna get hurt. We thought you would be afraid and think that you were missing and just run back to me for back up.” Zeke continues the explanation, though it's doing absolutely nothing to calm Tyler down.

“Seriously, this whole plan is offensive. Is that how pathetic you really think I am?” Tyler asks with a scoff.

“No, not at all.” Zeke answers and he can see from Tyler's amused expression that he thinks that Zeke's only saying that because there was a gun pointed at him. "We underestimated you, I am really sorry about the position it put you in. You're right, we should have had a back-up plan for if you managed to get your hands on a gun. We just didn't expect that would happen."

"So no one was meant to get hurt, huh?" Tyler asks and before Zeke can answer Tyler poses another question his way, as he looks at the gun in his hands with consideration. “Then why did they have real bullets?” The question seems to hang in the air as Zeke realizes he'd completely overlooked that factor. Giving the trigger happy newbie agent a gun with blanks was a good idea, but why did the other agents have real bullets when they were confronting him in this 'fake' mission. They wouldn’t have needed them for anything, so why were they sent with them, especially since Zeke wasn't? “The guy I shot?” Tyler starts his question but doesn’t need to finish it, the look on his face softens as he now knows that he'd shot a fellow agent.

“He’s fine, you scared the crap out of him though. They very nearly lost their jobs from this disaster, I am so sorry about everything.” Zeke sighs, hanging his head ashamed at his part in all of this.

So you knew from the start, that this was a set up? That I was meant to fail.” Tyler asks, frowning at the fact Zeke had taken his eyes off the gun, like he wasn't afraid of being killed, either doubting Tyler would do it, or feeling he deserved it if Tyler did decide to end him right here and now.

“Tyler I.” Zeke starts, but he’s at a loss and doesn’t know what to say next. He looks back up at Tyler with sincerity. Tyler rolls his eyes and puts his gun in his holster, much to Zeke's relief, though he doesn't dare show it. He was well aware he was still on the tightrope of maybe never winning Tyler's trust back from this.

“I knew it. Fucking, damn it. I knew it and I wished I was wrong.” Tyler shakes his head and looks away from Zeke, staring back out the windscreen with his hands on the steering wheel. He felt stupid more than anything. Stupid that he’d let himself get wound up with all these extra feelings. Stupid that he’d let it get personal. Zeke was a lot of things but his title made it clearest. He was not someone Tyler needed to be getting attached to. Unless Tyler was one of Zeke's 'jobs' he didn't have a hope in hell of being important enough to him, to be protected during missions. He had taken the job to prove himself to Zeke, but now he realized he'd made it even more impossible for anything to happen between them. He was actively getting in the way now, and Zeke was loyal only to his work. “You don’t have any control, do you? I mean you act like you do, but you really don’t, you can’t. You can’t choose anything you do. You just have to do as you’re told. Do as G tells you. Keep him off your back. It doesn’t even matter who gets hurt along the way, right?” Tyler didn’t want an answer, he just wanted to be heard. To have the chance to say all the things he was feeling, all the thoughts that have been racing through his head since the mayhem had unfolded last night. He'd dreaded having to find out if Zeke would throw him under the bus, whether a circumstance would come along where Zeke would have to make that choice of him or the job. “You know, the thing is. I’m not even mad about it.” Tyler admits as he looks over at Zeke again, confused. “In fact, what I feel... Is sorry for you. Because I don’t think you’re a bad person. I don’t think. I don’t think you wanted me to walk into that situation. Right?” Zeke shakes his head quickly. He felt so relieved that Tyler was trying to understand his side of it all. It was more than he felt he deserved, to be given the benefit of the doubt from Tyler.

"I can't tell you how many times I've considered just running away with you, in the last 24 hours. Because you're right, in this job, we don't have control. I want to live my own life..." Zeke tells him gently.

"You can't run away. They track you, right?" Tyler asks, looking at the scar on Zeke's neck and gently circling his finger around it. "They own you Zeke. Is it worth it?" He asks in a calm and sympathetic tone. Zeke places his hands on Tyler's, enjoying the soft touch of their hands together, the compassion in Tyler's eyes making him feel a burn of hope that Tyler could understand and forgive him.

"Do you regret taking the job?" Zeke asks softly.

"I bet that makes you so glad." Tyler scoffs, pulling his hand away wiping his hands over his own face.

"Relieved that you won't be hurt by someone actually trying to hurt you, yes. Glad you did get hurt in the process? Absolutely not. Like I said on the way, I know everyone is a little coerced into things around here because of G. He's in charge of it all because he's very persuasive." Zeke reaches over and rests his hand on Tyler's back intending on it being comforting.

"I know." Tyler shrugs Zeke's hand off and opens the car door, getting out without another word.

"Where are you going?" Zeke gets out of the passenger seat instantly and races after Tyler who had started walking towards the shed door.

"I think I'm better off on my own." Tyler states, not stopping.

"You have to come back to the base..." 

"They aren't tracking me, I can go where ever I like." Tyler shrugs.

"It's dangerous out here." Zeke argues, only making Tyler laugh.

"More dangerous than at the base? If you feel safer locked in an underground prison with a manipulative leader, then good for you, I'd rather take my chances out here." Tyler snaps, unreasonably confident in his ability to survive against the odds. Although he had made it through more than anyone expected and at this point Zeke felt that he was almost hoping Tyler would stay out of his own selfish reasons. Still he tries to rationalize.

"The base has weapons if something goes wrong..."

"On the top floor." Tyler turns to Zeke with his arms crossed. "Doesn't it worry you, that if something actually goes wrong and you become trapped, the only way in is through the top floor, where all the weapons can be gathered and used against you? You'd be down in your little window-less room, none the wiser that you're about to be slaughtered. Doesn't it bother you at all? Do you have a plan for if that goes wrong? Or are you all just going to run around with your arms up in the air going 'this wasn't the plan, no one was meant to get hurt!' when the big baddies you keep preaching about but I'm yet to come across, do finally track you lot down and break in?" Tyler asks and again, Zeke has no answers. Corey was right about Tyler being good at surviving, but it wasn't just that he fluked his way out of deadly situations, he seemed to think it through and weigh up his options and maybe he just did that at the speed of light. He was extremely survival focused, he saw flaws in things and Zeke couldn't help but think Tyler, a literal 19 year old, seemed to be more forward thinking that G. Maybe G was the one losing focus and making these mistakes, and his leadership needed to be reconsidered. If someone half his age was able to think realistically about the dangers they were being faced with, then was the one who had been shown up by Tyler. Maybe G knew this from the tests he put Tyler through, the mental health assessment especially. He would know how competent Tyler was at making quick and logical decisions, no wonder he wanted to get rid of him. Tyler was a threat to his authority.

"Please come back with me." Zeke urges as he reaches a hand out to Tyler, hoping Tyler would take it.

"Why would I? You were all in on a plan to psychologically fuck with me. Do you think that sounds like good company?" Tyler rolls his eyes and crosses his arms defiantly.

"Because I care about you Tyler." Zeke lays it out for him, but Tyler doesn't seem to be interested in his reason now.

"Well congratulations, I'll make your life easy and be out of it. You don't have to care about me anymore. You can focus on your own life now, and not be worried about me stuffing up your 'plans'." Tyler says sarcastically.

"I'm not letting you go off on your own please come home with me." Zeke urges.

"Just forget about me. Why should you 'caring' about me, change what I decide to do with my life?!" Tyler snaps at him. 

"Goddammit you drive me absolutely insane." Zeke steps forwards and grabs Tyler by the hand, he presses him back against the cold metal of the shed and for a moment he hesitates, his lips only an inch from Tyler's.

"Do it then. Prove it." Tyler challenges him and it's all the permission Zeke needed. He moves one hand behind Tyler's neck and kisses Tyler hard with a swell of relief and passion running between their lips. Tyler isn't at all caught off guard by it and Zeke can't help but wonder if Tyler had been walking off to force his hand, to make a move now or risk losing him completely. Tyler lets Zeke lead the kiss, and doesn't dare to be the first one to pull away. "What was that about?" Tyler asks when Zeke pulls away sooner than Tyler would have liked.

"That was the answer to your question, the one I've been avoiding. I'm done avoiding it. Please come back with me." Zeke pleads as he rests his forehead against Tyler's, every part of him wanting to kiss Tyler again but he needed to get him safely back to the base before he'd risk it again, they were too open out here and he knew next time his lips were going to touch Tyler's he wouldn't be wanting to stop it for anything. As it was he was barely able to pull away this time, it'd just be a huge pity for them to be shot now after that kiss, without another chance. He wanted to take full advantage of at least being able to lock themselves in a room, even though he now felt remarkably less sure about his safety since Tyler had made his comment before.

"Zeke..." Tyler breathes out a sigh, his name sounded so smooth and dreamy that Zeke wanted to do absolutely anything to hear Tyler say it like that again. “You’re a good person, Zeke. You just can’t control it right now. And that scares the hell out of me because the person you are is so... The person you have to be, I can’t, I can’t be around that person. I understand it’s work and it’s important and you have to keep secrets and all that but I just can’t be around that.” Tyler hangs his head, disappointed and Zeke steps back from him, he'd not expected to be turned down now, and he wasn't going to give up that easy. 

"Let me show you the person I want to be then. Please." Zeke whispers, stepping in close again, he touches his lips gently to Tyler's for another kiss, this one less urgent. It was soft and vulnerable.

"It's probably too late for that. You take me back there, and I can assure you, you will feel differently." Tyler whispers sadly.

"I promise you, I won't." Zeke smiles, holding Tyler's chin and looking into his eyes.

"There you go again, making promises you can't keep." Tyler gives a fake smile.

"Come on." Zeke runs his hand down Tyler's arm, reaching his hand again and taking a step back. Tyler reluctantly lets Zeke start walking him back to the car, much to Zeke's relief. "I'll drive." He states. 

"Of course, you're the one with the car keys." Tyler replies as he lets go of Zeke's hand and walks over to the passenger side of the car, getting in and buckling his seatbelt. Zeke takes the car keys from his pocket and frowns at them, then at the car that was still running from when he and Tyler had stormed off for that brief fight turned kissing session.

"Did you hotwire a company car?" Zeke asks, looking down at the wiring he could now see Tyler had played around with. Tyler gives an innocent shrug as Zeke climbs in the drivers seat. "So, you disarm an agent, outsmart the bad guys, hotwire a company car, deliberately shoot an inch beside my face..." Zeke pauses as he looks Tyler up and down, considering him again curiously.

"Have I impressed you yet?" Tyler asks jokingly, completely smug.

"You have me completely intrigued." Zeke shakes his head amused then does up his seat belt and starts driving them back to the base.

Tyler is silent for the rest of the drive, a concentrated expression on his face that Zeke couldn't even begin to read. He was almost certain even Corey wouldn't be able to tell what the hell Tyler was thinking with this kind of poker face. The whole drive, Zeke was thinking of 2 things, 1; How much he wanted to kiss Tyler again when they aren't completely exposed and in possible danger, and 2; that he'd not let G send Tyler away. There was no way in hell Zeke was going to let this opportunity go. Tyler could possibly be a good member of the team with the way he was able to think on his feet about possible dangerous situations that could be worked around, avoided or have contingency plans put in place to keep everyone safe. He's fairly sure he can sell the idea to G, that way Tyler can contribute to behind the scenes planning within the organization, without having to be out being possibly shot at.

By the time they arrive back, he had parts of the conversation worked out already, but the rest he could bullshit into sounding like a legitimately professional plan. Zeke gives Tyler a confident smile as he leads the way to G's office, but Tyler doesn't so much as glance in his direction. As Zeke knocks on G's door, he looks back at Tyler who is looking slightly uncomfortable being back here, about to face the man who plotted this against him just to tear him down.

"You'll be fine. I've got your back." Zeke promises quietly. G invites them in, looking genuinely pleased to see Tyler back safe and sound.

"Right, this should be interesting." G puts down his pen and sits back in his chair, eyeing Tyler proudly. "You've caused a lot of trouble here." He tells him with a smirk.

"I'm not sorry, if that's what you're hoping I'll say." Tyler crosses his arms.

“I think we've all learnt a lot about you..."

"You don't know anything." Tyler cuts in annoyed.

"Oh is that what you think? Haven't we learnt yet, not to underestimate each other?" G states with an intimidatingly confident smile. "So tell me Tyler, how did your mission go? What did you find out?” Tyler glances beside himself at Zeke then back at G nervous for the first time since Zeke had found him. G smiles at his hesitation. “The thing about being an agent Tyler, is that you have to get used to talking about things you may not feel comfortable talking about. Including your colleagues and their behaviour. I need to know I can rely on my team." He challenges.

“It appears.” Tyler gulps. He had felt betrayed by Zeke tonight, and he'd hoped to never have to face the hypocrisy of that. Beside him, Zeke gives him a comforting smile, which only fills him with more guilt. “It appears to me that Zeke." Tyler pauses, feeling the atmosphere in the room change as Zeke realizes he was Tyler's mission. "Was not focused on the mission. In the time we were on the field, Zeke tried to talk me out of it, he did not trust me to be safe and he was willing to back out of the mission to keep me from getting hurt. He showed signs of care and consideration towards me, and concern for my safety above all else, even the mission we were sent on. It came across as him being distracted and I interpreted it as personal.” Tyler glances beside himself again at Zeke.

“It’s ok.” Zeke tells him with a polite smile, though deep down Tyler was sure that Zeke was feeling his own sense of betrayal.

“However.” Tyler continues. “His concerns were valid, I was not competent to be out on the field. And I do believe that he would show that same level of concern for anybody sent out with him, without the proper training. Just as you need to be able to trust those that work for you. He needs to be able to trust that his partners will have his back." Tyler feels an ache of guilt that Zeke had only minutes ago assured Tyler of that, only to have it thrown back in his face. "He couldn't focus on the mission, because he didn’t trust me to be safe as I carried out my part. Despite how he felt about me being incompetent, he did not try to stop me going into danger. He let me do that regardless of any conflicted feelings he may have had, and I now understand that he was being completely loyal, to your demands of him. ” Tyler concludes with a shrug. There’s a moment of uncomfortable silence between the three, Zeke had expected he was being tested but he hadn’t expected it to be Tyler carrying out the test and reporting back to G. Mutual betrayal.

“Well congratulations on both passing your little tasks.” G states with a thoughtful hum to himself. "Now go and get some rest. You'll both be hearing from me again soon." G waves them both out, slightly pleased with himself as he watches the two of them turn and walk out of the office, uncomfortably distant.

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The more I read this the more I wonder what is this organization?I don't trust G Maybe Zeke has to consider a plan where he and Tyler go AWOL.

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4 minutes ago, weinerdog said:

The more I read this the more I wonder what is this organization?I don't trust G Maybe Zeke has to consider a plan where he and Tyler go AWOL.

Before Zeke can escape, he will have to get rid of the tracking device.  Additionally...I wonder what drug allows for selective memory erasing...?

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Interesting chapter, g is a minipulative idiot who I think that he needs to taken down a few notches, playing the two of them against each other, is just plain evil

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G is a psycho. This exercise doesn’t built trust in the team, the leadership, or even the individuals themselves. It’s all just mind fukn and very much undermines all that is really important.

As Tyler says, Zeke WAS faithful and loyal to G’s plan, but then he now has distrust and is less likely to even repeat the same level of loyalty and will second guess missions for hidden agendas. Tyler is a smart cookie and I believe he is still in character for his own objective; perhaps to expose Zeke to the sad reality he already knows but hesitates to leave because of his commitment to ....the mission against the bad guys, not G.

Likewise, he has made Zeke see him as a more capable and once back-briefed, Zeke will also see him as a more equal partner in his overall mission; not G’s. Tyler has focused his time with Zeke to better understand his crush. I believe Tyler is still committed to Zeke but in a way that can break him away from the caustic environment of G.

Fantastic suspense and surprises for us @Littlelovestories

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Tyler has a logical point as anyone being armed with lethal weapons during a supposed fake mission is ridiculous and also um the guns are located where? That’s a terrible security layout. Is G simply a fool or is there a method to his madness? I’m betting it’s a mix of both.

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