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Do You Ship Us? - 63. Refresh

“Jasper! You’re alive! Where did you disappear to the other night?” Simon asks in an unusually peppy tone, the moment Jasper walks in the room. Jasper checks the time on his phone and frowns at Simon, he was definitely late and yet not getting a lecture today.

“I felt like I was 7th wheeling with all of you making out around me, decided to skip the orgy.” Jasper jokes, hoping to distract them from where he had gone.

“That’s what the party was missing! I knew there was something.” Luke says sarcastically, throwing his arms up in the air dramatically.

“Well something obviously went down because you two are weirdly happy this morning.” Jasper comments, turning his attention to Blake and smiling as he sees how he’s dressed, in the time they’d worked under Chris’ label, he’d seen Blake slowly toning down his style but today he’d gone all out with his hair freshly dyed red, his fringe straightened and swept across his eyes. He had a smokey looking make-up style around his eyes, his face slightly paler than usual. His choice of clothing was fairly out of fashion, definitely the style from the early 2000’s, a black leather jacket, over a half buttoned white shirt, his usual skin tight jeans were covered in silver chains going from one pocket to another. “Emo Blake, long time no see.” Jasper holds his fist up, the index finger and pinky raised in the metal horns sign which Blake replicates.

“Most disappointing orgy I’ve ever been to.” Blake smirk as the other three give him weird looks. “What, neither of you went to frat parties?” Blake looks from Luke to Simon who both appear now more shocked at the thought that Blake went to college.

“You went to college?” Simon asks astonished.

“God no, I just went to the parties, you don’t get turned away from many places when you look this good.” Blake winks, gesturing at his face.

“Yeah if you turned up looking like that, people were probably too scared to turn you away.” Jasper teases.

“I like to instill fear in people, it’s true.” Blake shrugs.

“Wow. This is what we are going to learn about you huh?” Luke gives a nervous laugh.

“You can’t teach this level of narcissism, sorry. This is the result of someone being born to the Black Parade album.” Blake announces proudly. Jasper frowns and takes his phone out, on a mission to fact check his friend.

“Wasn’t that just like, 14 years ago? They aren’t that old? Or are you telling us you’re actually only 14, in which case that answers a lot of questions.” Jasper laughs, pocketing his phone again smugly.

“You do not understand. This was the moment the person you see before you today, was born. There was a 7 year old me begging to understand the world and then this album came out and I was born. Ok. Is everyone clear? This was the album that gave me the last 14 years of my life alright. You’re about to be born too. I’m turning you all into dollar store versions of me. Eyeliner and all.” Blake points at his eyes which he was clearly most proud of.

“I am not wearing eyeliner.” Luke shakes his head, incorrectly assuming he had a choice in this.

“Not just eyeliner my friend. We’re going full on Emo make-overs. Just you wait, you’ve got to look the part to get into the zone here.” Blake informs him, Jasper smirking at the discomfort on Luke’s face.

“Oh come on, we wear make-up during concerts, what’s the problem?” Jasper reminds him.

“That’s different, that’s part of the performance. Don’t get me wrong, you look cool and all, it’s just not my thing, I’m not sure that look would suit me.” Luke argues desperately wishing for a way out.

“Oh yeah? Well you might just change your mind in a second when you see who’s helping us.” Blake turns to the door and raises his voice as a cue to his helper. Fi walks in the room, her hair was coloured black and styled in a messy ‘scene’ look. Dark, dramatic eye make-up was polarising to the much more pale than usual foundation, black lipstick finishing the look. Luke gapes on in shock, having not seen her like this before. His eyes scan down her outfit, she had a mid-thigh length dress that was black with silver skull prints all over it, her boots nearly went all the way up to where the dress stopped, but in the small amount of space between the boots and the dress, he could see she was wearing fishnets. “Still not your look?” Blake asks in a fake whisper.

“Fi.” Luke breathes then blinks a few times and turns to Blake. “Is this what you needed to talk to her about at the housewarming party?” He asks, Blake just nods.

“You look wicked.” Blake tells her, Fi smiles at him and it’s then that Luke notices silver diamonties in her dimples.

“What is that?” Luke walks over to her and looks closer.

“Don’t panic, it’s just stick on. Cute though?” Fi asks, absolutely beaming now.

“God I thought you got them pierced, wow, I don’t know what to say.” Luke scoffs, confused by his own changing opinion. “Ok.” Luke looks over at Blake. “I’m not getting out of it now that you’ve dragged my wife into it.”

“He didn’t have to drag me into it, I’ve always wanted to try out this look. I might keep it.” Fi shrugs, holding the sides of her dress and playfully swishing it.

“You definitely should. BUT right now we need to get started on bringing out the inner emo in all of you. Fi, who do you want to start with?” Blake claps his hands and rubs them together excitedly.

“I think Simon and Luke will be the most interesting make-overs, but I had the most fun coming up with a style for Jasper, so Jasper, you’re my first project.” Fi gestures towards a single chair, next to a desk with just a big box on it.

“Shit yeah, I’m pumped to see you Emo-fied.” Blake nudges Jasper in the direction of the chair. Fi struts over to the desk and pops open the box, pulling open the lid and as it opens, shelves of make-up spread out. As Jasper takes a seat in front of Fi, Blake starts cranking music, starting of course with the album he found the most influence from.

“So.” Fi starts playing around with Jasper’s hair. “We’re good aren’t we?” She asks quietly.

“Yeah of course.”

“Oh good, it’s just at the wedding you seemed a little put off.” Fi sighs.

“It’s not personal, it's just weddings aren’t my thing and it seemed really sudden.” Jasper answers.

“It was sudden, I’m still getting use to it but Luke’s a great guy and he and I have always gotten along. He’s so sweet and wants to protect me and make me happy so even though I feel woefully unworthy of him, I figured if he saw something in me, maybe he could show me how to see worth in myself too.”

“Can I ask you a question? It’s a bit personal though.” Jasper asks, biting his lip as he considers whether it was even appropriate to ask.

“Sure.” Fi answers, sounding anything but.

“Is it hard to accept how different Luke is from your ex? Do you compare them or anything?” Jasper asks and for a few long moments Fi doesn’t speak. Finally she lets out a heavy sigh.

“Its so much harder than I wish it was. Luke’s wonderful and he’s nothing but considerate of me, but I project a lot and I expect the worst and I know it’s not fair but it’s something I am working on. He’s being patient but I can see that it hurts him when I react badly to things. Why do you ask?”

“Asking for a friend.” Jasper says vaguely. Fi gives an amused laugh, clearly onto him.

“On a different note. Just how much can I get away with in this make-over?” Fi had a cheeky tone in her voice.

“Go all out.” Jasper shrugs.

“Really!?” He could just about feel her excitement. “What would Ryan think of you getting a completely new look?”

“It’s not up to him, I’m saying go for it. My family were really strict on any kind of change to your natural look, but I’ve always wanted to change it up a bit. This seems like a perfect time to change things up.”

“You know, I get the feeling you’ve been keeping a bit of a normal ‘facade’ but you know this has been a massive year for you. A bit of a style change might help you feel a bit more refreshed and I know the whole ‘find yourself’ thing is a cliché but when you think about it, every single cell in your body changes every 7 years so when you think of it that way, you’ve just turned 21 right? That means you’re now just at the start of the fourth version of yourself, the last three versions were under the influence of your parents, you get to choose what this version of you is going to be.” Fi’s statement sounded almost rehearsed, and Jasper wonders for a moment whether that was something she told herself about taking this big step with Luke.

“New cells, new me huh?” Jasper says, flicking his hair.

“Exactly!” Fi claps excitedly. “Ok, trust me, I have great ideas for you so just relax.” Fi orders, spraying Jasper’s hair and getting straight into massaging some cream into it.

“So you relate to this stuff?” Simon quizzes, listening to the music Blake was playing, while reading the depressing lyrics.

“Oh hell yeah.” Blake says before singing the chorus aggressively.

“I can’t imagine that, weren’t you the popular kid in school?” Luke comments.

“In high school, yeah. When I was a kid, I struggled with my seizures to the point where somedays it wasn’t worth me getting out of bed because I’d have like 10 a day, I got picked on at school because kids are just dicks about stuff and I’m pretty sure my parents divorced because of the stress, so yeah, I had some pent up angst that felt every word of these songs, plus Flynn was really into them because I guess he felt like I took up all our parents time and so he was pretty mad at the world but we bonded over listening to this on repeat.” Blake explains calmly, seemingly unphased by how sad that was.

“Woah, I didn’t realize you had such bad seizures, you don’t still have them do you?” Simon asks concerned.

“Rarely, I’ve been on medicinal marijuana for years which helps but I still have the occasional one. Still not sure what triggers them though so it’s a bit unpredictable.” Blake shrugs.

“That’s full on, I had no idea.” Luke admits.

“Really? Jasper knew. I assumed you all did.” Blake comments.

“When did you tell him?” Simon asks.

“I think he came with me to get a new dose from Flynn one time early on and I just told him straight what it was and what it was for.” Blake shrugs. Jasper who was at this point getting make-up done just gives a thumbs up to show Blake was right. “Oh we can all talk shit about him since he can’t talk back right now.” Blake teases. Jasper gives him the finger but the conversation went to what they should do if Blake had a seizure, which was now Simon’s biggest concern.

After what felt like hours getting his hair styled and make-up put on, Fi ushers Jasper behind a divider and hands him a bag with his name on it. The final part of the look was clothes she’d picked out to suit him. Jasper excitedly gets changed, he was looking forward to actually seeing what he looked like since he’d yet to have been given the chance to see himself.

“I’m done.” Jasper calls out.

“Ok, come on out! Lets see the final product!” Fi claps her hands and all eyes are on Jasper as he steps out from behind the divider.

“Oh shit yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Blake grins, walking over and hi-5-ing Fi. “Check you out, you look proper badass now!” Blake pushes him towards a mirror. Jasper barely recognized the person he was looking at, his hair had been dyed jet black, but had flecks of blonde throughout it, it was swept across his eyes at the front with the back teased into a mess that went in all directions. His face was slightly paler than usual, and his eyes were thick with black liner and eyeshadow that was both perfectly drawn in parts and purposely smudged for effect on the outer corners, some trickle effects that looked like they were slightly tear streaked. Fi had even put an array of clip on diamond cuff and stud earrings on just one ear that covered the entire side. His clothes weren’t far from what he’d usually wear, so he was more than comfortable in them, he wore a black shirt that was buttoned with large silver buttons that were matched with a silver pocket square and tie, that Blake was now loosening so it hung lower and lopsided. The black skin tight jeans were ripped at the knees and had a silver chain hanging from the belt loop to the pocket on the opposite side to the ear that was decorated.

“You are not putting earrings on me.” Luke tells Fi who just laughs and nudges him.

“Oh I have plans for you, don’t you worry.” She winks. “What do you think Jasper?”

“My parents would be mortified. I feel angsty. Is this how you feel all the time?” Jasper turns to Blake.

“All the time, yes. Just constant angst. I need a photo of us while you look like this.” Blake orders, pulling out his phone and getting the camera up, he and Jasper sneer at the camera and he snaps a photo, immediately Blake runs across the room and starts laughing to himself as he types.

“Oh no what are you doing?!” Jasper chases after him worried.

“Nothing! Nothing! Just hold on! Check your twitter!” Blake locks his phone quickly and pockets it with a suspicious smirk. Jasper rushes back to grab his phone from the pockets of the pants he’d changed out of. Meanwhile he hears Simon, Luke and Fi all making comments about how much trouble Blake was causing. He opens his phone and has a notification that he’s been tagged in a post by Blake. The photo loads with a caption that he reads out.

“Dear BlaSper fans, now he’s my type. Don’t tell @TheRealRyanKurtis. #emosTogether #Blasper #FinallyMyType #writetheFanfics.” Jasper looks over at Blake who had a smug smirk on his face, unlike Jasper who was trying not to be amused by Blake trolling the fans. “Are you trying to start rumours here?”

“Yes.” Blake shrugs carelessly and takes his phone out again, looking at it as it buzzes with an eruption of notifications. “Ooooh Ryan retweeted it.” Blake teases Jasper, who at the thought of Ryan having seen the photo and caption, was immediately anxious to know what he’d said. Jasper refreshes his page and sees Ryan’s retweet at the top now.

‘Enjoy the fantasy while it lasts BlaSper fans. #ForeverMyType’ Jasper smiles to himself as he reads the post from Ryan, he wanted to know what Ryan really thought of the new look but before he even gets as far as opening up a text, Blake interrupts his line of thought.

“Right, now while Simon gets his make-over, you and I need to have a chat.” Blake sighs, hinting Jasper to follow him to a decent distance from the others.

“What’s up?” Jasper asks when they get to the other side of the room.

“Are you all good?” Blake asks him quietly, his expression serious.

“Yeah, why?”

“You disappeared last night, I know you were a bit stressed about Ryan and all that, so where’d you go?” Blake crosses his arms.

“For a walk.” Jasper shrugs.

“A walk where?”

“I don’t know, around. There was a bar a few blocks away that I stumbled across.”

“I knew it! You went off to drink!” Blake rolls his eyes and crosses his arms. “I’m trying to be a good friend here, I’m trying to find the balance between letting you have a drink and stopping you from getting drunk because that’s what you want me to do, but...”

“I know, I know. I didn’t mean to. I was looking at Ryan’s photos with Kelsey and found myself at a bar, it turned out to be a very interesting trip because I found out what Damien does for a living, turns out he frequently went there to meet up with the guys that he ‘worked’ for.” Jasper tells him, needing to share the gossip with at least someone.

“That doesn’t sound very professional, I thought they’d meet up in private.” Blake replies casually, Jasper frowns at him.

“You knew?” Jasper asks.

“Flynn told me back when he realized Douche’ bag had drugged you. Apparently he offered Flynn an arrangement of sleeping with him for free drugs and Flynn turned him down not so long ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” Jasper snaps.

“I thought you would have already figured it out or that Ryan might’ve told you.” Blake answers with an innocent shrug.

“Ryan doesn’t know, and I would ask you to keep it that way, but obviously you’re cool with keeping secrets so I guess I don’t need to tell you.” Jasper rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

“Like you’re any better, sneaking off to get drunk. I’m pissed at you for that. You wanted me to keep you accountable and then you run off and drink behind my back. Flynn and I are coming over for dinner tonight to keep an eye on you.” Blake announces.

“Why would Flynn want to come too?” Jasper frowns.

“He’s got a thing for your sister.” Blake replies, smirking once again as he knows he’s stirring Jasper up.

“What? He knows she’s really pregnant right? Like he’s aware there’s a human that is going to come out of her and stop her from sleeping and cry and poop and that’s her very near future.” Jasper states, concern dawning on him that with Grace living in his place, that was also his near future.

“Yeah but he likes kids. He said they got along really well and that he wants to get to know her more.” Blake defends Flynn.

“And you’re encouraging this why?”

“He hasn’t dated anyone in ages, he’s a good person at heart and he’s working on bettering himself. Come on, why do you have a problem with it?” Blake asks.

“Mostly just because it’s my sister and I don’t want to have to punch Flynn for touching her.” Jasper shrugs.

“Just because you look badass, doesn’t mean you actually have the guts to punch Flynn. He’d break you in a second. He’s had proper fights with tough guys and come out with less than a broken nose, I wouldn’t go threatening to hit him.” Blake teases.

“Fine, he can have her. She can cry to him about how the fucking horse that’s being retired from racing ‘doesn’t know how loved it is’, that will put him off. I give him a week dealing with her hormones and he’ll not only not want Grace, but it’ll put him off ever getting anyone pregnant. I’ve only spent a few days with her and any part of me considering ever trying to make my parents happy by marrying a woman, packed up and left the time she yelled at me to add bacon to something that bacon did not go with, and then cried when I asked her if she wanted more or if I should put the leftovers away and she just ‘didn’t know’ if she was still hungry or not.” Jasper complains, while Blake is hanging on every word of his stories and laughing at the dry delivery from his friend who was not amused by it in the slightest. “You laugh now, but I’ll be laughing at you when you and Beth are onto baby number 4 and you’ve not slept in 8 years and you don’t even notice the smell of vomit and poop because that’s just the scent of your house now and she’s crying about something completely trivial, while I’m living in a clean house, well rested with my sanity.” Jasper reminds him. “Seriously, why would Flynn like my sister? He barely knows her.”

“Well yeah, that’s why he wants to come over for dinner, to get to know her. Come on, imagine if one day they got married, we’d be actual brother’s in law. That’d be rad right?” Blake suggests.

“Oh god.” Jasper sighs. “Imagine the fanfics then.” He jokes.

“It’s not incest if it’s in-laws.” Blake winks.

“You’re gross. Why are you the way that you are?” Jasper asks in a serious tone, though he wasn’t able to stop himself from smiling.

“Years upon years of covering for my shit with a bad sense of humor. But thar’s tomorrows’ focus point.” Blake shrugs. “Anyway, we’ll be over at 6. Flynn said he’s going to cook so be prepared to order food and replace whatever utensils he destroys.” On that note, Blake walks back over to see what progress was being made to Simon’s appearance.

@Copyright (2018), Claire Rosalind; All Rights Reserved.
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