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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Damian's Wolf - 26. Horny Like The Wolf

The following chapter contains sex between two wolves. If this makes you uncomfortable, I would advise against reading this chapter.

Damian stood in front of Lysander and Jordan, an ear flicking nervously. Jordan thought he looked adorable, but the werewolf remained silent, respectful of his mate. Whatever Damian had to say had the neko nearly wringing his hands.

It had been nearly two weeks since the wild events that had thrust the three mates together. Jordan could feel the moon that night, growing slowly to its fullest. They had another four days before he and Lysander would shift, leaving Damian to watch Dylan. Lysander had already told Jordan they were going for a run on the first night of the full moon.

The elf seemed to be doing better. He was smiling, at least. Jordan took it as a good sign, though they had still to officially mate. The human was waiting for the elf to come to him. He and Damian had refrained from having any form of sex. No one spoke of it, but Jordan could tell Lysander was touched by the gesture.

"So... um, the full moon is coming up, right?" Damian asked.

"It is. You're watching Dylan, remember?" Lysander said.

"Yeah... but I kind of want to go on a run with you two."

"No," Jordan said immediately, knowing exactly what Damian meant.

Damian's ears flattened at the rejection, his tail whipping back and forth.

"I feel like it's my decision," he said. "I want to be a werewolf."

"You're right, it is your decision," Lysander agreed. "It is also our decision not to turn you yet. I think you should wait a little longer. You haven't seen us during a full moon."

"I saw Jordan during the full moon," Damian denied. "I mean, I didn't know him, but I saw him."

The neko sat between the two on the couch, touching their legs.

"Please. I want this," he said.

"You don't know what you're asking for," Jordan whispered, his eyes closing. "It hurts Damian. Every month your body turns inside out. Yes, it gets easier with time, but it still hurts. I don't want to put you through that."

"You still haven't seen either of us shift," Lysander added. "Besides, this close to the full moon, your body will go through adaptations that much quicker with the pull of the moon. If you wait until after the full moon, it will be easier for you. And if you just want sex, that's easy enough."

Damian shook his head.

"No. I mean, yeah, I would love to have sex with you two, but that's not why I'm doing this."

"Why do you want to be a wolf then?" Jordan challenged.

"I want to be able to claim you. Really claim you. You two talk about being mates and this mystical connection. I want to feel that too."

Jordan frowned at the neko.

"You don't think you're really our mate."

Damian shrugged silently.

"We love you Damian. No mate's bond would change that," Lysander said, placing an arm over the neko's shoulders. "We both took your mark. You are as much our mate as we are yours."

Standing, the elf pulled the neko to his feet.

"Why don't we go cuddle for a bit, and we'll talk about this again after the full moon passes," he suggested.

Nodding, Damian allowed himself to be led to the bedroom, Jordan following close behind. As they stepped into the room, Dylan's voice sang out into the evening, summoning his fathers.

"I got this one," Jordan said, stepping back out of the room.

The man entered Dylan's room, pausing at the sight of reflective eyes shining in the dim light of the bedroom. He hurried to the neko's crib, heart pounding, only to find Dylan looking up at him curiously, hazel eyes gleaming in the light from the hall.

"Guys!" the werewolf called, picking the neko up carefully.

He could smell a diaper change in the near future, but right now he wanted to share this moment with the others.

Damian rushed into the room, Lysander hot on his heels.

'What is it? Is Dylan okay?" the neko demanded.


Damian stared at his son, tears glistening in his eyes a moment later.

"Oh. Hey there little guy..." he whispered.

Jordan handed Dylan to Damian, the little neko's hands reaching up toward his father's face. The werewolf felt Lysander's arm wrap around him, the elf pulling him close.

"Such a beautiful moment," Lysander murmured. "It just makes you think about all the good in the world.

Damian smiled down at Dylan. The baby grabbed his finger, an ear twisting experimentally.

"I think we should get him changed though. That nappy can't feel too comfortable right now."


The smell of biscuits filled the apartment. Damian hummed quietly as he iced a tray of biscuits, one of nearly a dozen. Jordan didn't know how the neko could be so happy with so much work, but Damian seemed to really enjoy it.

The bake sale was set for tomorrow. He and Blanche had placed signs out front advertising it the day before, and there had been several questions about it that day.

Dylan lay on the carpet, gurgling happily as his arms moved. Lysander sat in front of the infant, blocking access to the kitchen. It was unnecessary, but he had told the others that it was a good practice to get into. Eventually Dylan would start moving and they would need to set boundaries so he didn't get in trouble.

"I can't believe you like that drivel," Jordan said, staring at the book in Lysander's hands.

"Sometimes I like a little romance in my life," Lysander shrugged without looking up.

"There's romance in there? I thought it was just a bunch of horny wolves."

"Well, yes, but it isn't just the sex I enjoy. It's the emotional impact in the scene, the knowledge that, even if it was started by their wolves, the two are enjoying each other and taking advantage of the moment to reaffirm their love for one another."

"Hey, I bagged a poet!" Damian laughed from the kitchen.

"Stick around Kalael. You'll find I'm full of surprises."

Jordan snorted.

"I seem to recall a particular surprise in a forest," he said.

"Oh, that's no surprise mei Aerael. That was just me trying to help you."

"It hasn't helped yet."

"Well perhaps we need to try again," Lysander said, setting his book aside. "Damian, you think you can watch Dylan while you frost those cookies?"

"Sure thing," Damian nodded, turning so he could see his son.

Lysander took Jordan's hand, leading him toward the bedroom. Jordan felt his heart flutter. 

"Are you sure about this?" he asked.

"You and Damian have given me my space. I'm grateful for it, believe me. But I think I can start having more carnal interactions," Lysander smiled, pushing the bedroom door closed.

"I'm not shifting for this," Jordan warned.

"Who said I needed you to?"

Lysander suddenly lifted the man, his arms wrapping around Jordan's waist. They fell toward the bed, Jordan bouncing on the matress as Lysander landed over him.

Jordan's hands cupped Lysander's ass, and the elf moaned appreciatively as the man massaged him. Their lips met, Lysander thrusting gently against Jordan. Hands worked their way under Jordan's shirt, the fabric being yanked away from his body. Jordan pulled his shirt over his head, removing it so Lysander could skip his fingers over the werewolf's torso.

The elf's lips moved to his neck, a sharp nip making Jordan hiss even as his body reacted.

"Fuck..." he breathed, head flinching slightly.

Lysander sat up, tearing his shirt off before attacking Jordan again. Their lips clashed fiercely, both moaning their pleasure into the mouth of their lover. Jordan suddenly found his arms pinned over his head, hands hanging off the side of the bed. His body arched upward as Lysander nibbled his way down the man's torso, coming to a stop right above Jordan's pants.

Hands slipped under his pants, tickling him, and Jordan squirmed. Lysander pinned him to the bed again.

"No moving," the elf whispered, biting right above Jordan's navel.

He pulled at Jordan's pants, dragging them down until Jordan was bare to him. Jordan stopped him before Lysander could put his mouth around the man's dick.

"Don't bite it off," he joked.

"And ruin such a perfect toy? Never," Lysander grinned, before nipping at Jordan's foreskin.

Jordan yelped, pushing up against the elf.


A warm tongue wrapped its way around him. He reached down for Lysander's head, only to have his hands knocked away. There was the sound of crunching bones, and white fur fell across his body, a wolf tongue licking at the man.

Whimpering quietly, Jordan rolled over, letting his wolf out. He couldn't handle having sex like that. It would be better if they were both in wolf form. Not that he'd ever had sex as a wolf before. That time in the forest didn't count.

He stood on the bed unsteadily, all four legs wobbling as Lysander moved up to him. Strong legs wrapped over his body as a heavy weight fell across his back. A sharp rod prodded at his entrance, and Jordan moved his tail, granting Lysander entrance to his body.

With a rough thrust, the white wolf breached him, Jordan letting out a whine at the sudden pain in his ass. As Lysander pushed deeper into him, humping fast and hard, the wolf took a shuddering breath, waiting for the pain to turn to pleasure, as he knew it must.

Teeth bit into the back of his neck, holding him in place and distracting him from the pain behind him. He could feel Lysander's thrusting getting more and more frantic, until something pushed through the ring of muscles around his ass. And it hit him. He was mated now. He and Lysander were mated.

And Jordan let out a howl, celebrating their union. Lysander joined in, falling off of his mate. The bedroom door flew open, Jordan taking in Damian's look of fear. A look that turned to something akin to lust as the neko realised what was happening.

"Could you two be any louder?" he giggled, crawling onto the bed.

Jordan licked the neko's face, before making a pointed look toward the door. Damian was supposed to be watching Dylan.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I should be working on the biscuits," Damian sighed, getting off the bed.

Close enough. He could still feel Lysander pulsing within him, the hot essence of the wolf filling him. The wolf felt stuffed, a knot holding them together. It was a feeling of closeness he relished, even if it was slightly painful. He moved slightly, Lysander growling quietly as the knot moved with him. Jordan let out a quiet huff, trying to get into a comfortabe position. But everything he tried seemed to make the pressure inside him even worse. It was like he was constipated.

Finally, he felt Lysander tug at him, and the white wolf pulled away with a quiet plop. Lysander immediately began sniffing at Jordan, the man not hesitating to shift back into his human form.

"Never again," he grunted, falling onto his back.

Lysander shifted with him, laying beside Jordan.

"You didn't like it?" he asked.

Jordan shook his head.

"I liked being close to you, but did we have to do it in our wolves?"

"You could have stayed in this form," Lysander grinned.

"That will never happen. Not with you and me," Jordan denied sharply.

"It's not like I have the mind of an animal. But if you don't want us to do anything sexually in our wolf forms, that's okay."

Jordan sighed and stood up. He could feel Lysander's essence threatening to leak out, and he made his way to the bathroom, not bothering to dress.

"What, no cuddling?" Lysander called after him.

Jordan was happy they had mated, but fucking as wolves didn't really sit right with him. It was weird. Lysander was right, they were still themselves in wolf form. It wasn't like he had let an animal fuck him. So why was this such a problem?


He could feel both Damian and Lysander staring at him. Jordan ignored them, focusing on the book in his hands, some history lesson on General Aithin, the hero of the Neko Rebellion. It was a childish move, he knew, but he had no idea how to handle the thoughts running through his mind. If Jordan had known he'd feel like this, he would have told Lysander not to fuck him.

"Okay, you need to talk to us," Damian said suddenly. "What is going on Jordan?"

Lysander picked Dylan up off the ground.

"Come on siala kalael. Let's get you to bed," he said, leaving the room.

Damian stood in front of Jordan, looking down at the man.

"Are you upset at us? Did Lysander do something wrong? Or are you mad that I walked in on you two?"

"I don't know," Jordan muttered, setting the book on the couch. "I honestly do not know why I'm upset. Why do you want to be a wolf so badly?"

The question caught Damian off guard, the neko hesitating.

"I like wolves..." he said slowly. "And I want to feel more like your mate. I know you wear my mark, but I want what you have with Lysander."

"What Jordan and I have will always be different from what either of us have with you. And that's what makes you special Damian," Lysander said, approaching the neko. "Honestly, Jordan is a bit of an ass. But he's our ass and I love him for it. You are sweet and innocent. Well, innocent like. The two of you are like night and day, and I get to have you both."

The elf turned to Jordan, a stern look on his face.

"Now, your anger has to do with me, doesn't it?"

Jordan shrugged.

"I promise we won't ever have sex like that again. What happened, happened, and there's no use getting upset about it. We both learned something, and it won't be repeated."

"I thought it was hot," Damian said. "You guys were twisting your tails together. It almost looked like a heart."

Jordan frowned at Damian.

"I don't get why you'd want to deal with being a wolf," he said.

"Because of the way you were turned," Lysander replied. "You didn't have the chance to decide for yourself. Damian does. If he wants to be a wolf, he'll be a wolf. I'm just trying to do this safely for everyone involved."

"Isn't there anything you like about being a wolf?" Damian asked.


"I enjoy running through the woods, and smelling things that I can't smell as an elf," Lysander said. "Rolling on my back without people looking at me strangely. Oh, and in wolf form, I can lick my own dick."

Damian barked in laughter, Jordan staring at Lysander in shock.

"What? You haven't tried?" the elf challenged the man.

"Never," Jordan denied.

"You don't know what you're missing."

"That settles it for me," Damian said. "I want to be a wolf now."

"Patience Kalael. Wait until after the full moon and you'll get your wish," Lysander smiled.

"If you really want to be a wolf..."

Jordan sighed. He had sworn he would never make a wolf. But if Damian wanted to be a wolf, it was okay, right?

"We can do it together," Lysander said gently. "This isn't on you Jordan. And you are nothing like that akerasel who raped you."

"You know, I don't even think it was rape," Jordan said. "I wanted to have sex with him. I practically begged him to fuck me."

"But you didn't know he was a wolf. That's rape as far as wolves are concerned," Lysander replied.

"Fine. When would be the safest time to... to turn Damian?"

"Two days after the full moon. It gives the moon time to settle, while leaving enough time for the changes in his body," Lysander said.

Jordan closed his eyes, praying they wouldn't regret this.

"Then you have until the thirteenth to decide," he said to Damian.


Copyright © 2019 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Chapter Comments

Some big changes ahead because of this chapter. Jordan and Lysander have wolf sex and Damian has decided that he wants to be turned and Dylan opened his eyes.

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I'm interested to see what happens when a neko is turned into a werewolf! As doc asked, I'd love to see a calico wolf... or would Damian turn into a panther or lion?

Thoroughly enjoying this story! Off to blast through more chapters!

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On 9/9/2021 at 11:20 PM, astone2292 said:

I'm interested to see what happens when a neko is turned into a werewolf! As doc asked, I'd love to see a calico wolf... or would Damian turn into a panther or lion?

Thoroughly enjoying this story! Off to blast through more chapters!

Spoiler alert, Damian's wolf is revealed in System of a Wolf and early in Brothers. And he is very much a wolf. I love my little catdogs :)

Edited by Yeoldebard
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I am liking the way this story is going but I have a bad feeling something will happen. Hope I am wrong!

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I’m disappointed their mating wasn’t spectacular. That should have been a magical moment not one jaded by an animalistic mating (which I thought was hot!) Lysander should have known given how uncomfortable Jordan is with his wolf.  Nothing seems to go well for Jordan 😞

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