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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Damian's Wolf - 19. Mates' Milk

As foreshadowed by the title of the chapter, this chapter is almost entirely sexual. Reader discretion is advised

Lysander woke Jordan as he got out of bed the next morning. The man watched the shadowy wolf creep out of his room, holding back a low chuckle. It was too late, he was already up. But at least Damian could sleep some more.

He was a little more cautious as he crawled out of bed. Heading into the kitchen, Jordan began cooking some eggs, careful to keep any shell from falling in.

“Now there’s a nice sight.”

Jordan turned, watching Lysander enter the kitchen.

“Morning,” he said quietly. “I figured, since you slept with me like this all night, it would be okay for cooking.”

“I don’t mind it at all,” Lysander grinned, his eyes travelling up Jordan’s near-naked body.

“I’m sorry about yesterday-”

“Don’t worry about it. I was close to doing it myself. If Damian hadn’t been watching…”

“But at least you had the willpower to stop. Not the guy who was in mage training.”

Jordan sighed, muttering under his breath, “Stupid fucking monster can’t even control his own body…”

“You know what? I have some time before I have to leave. I want you to come with me,” Lysander said.

“To… work?”

“No, just to the forest. Come on.”

“But the eggs…”

Lysander shut off the stove, pushing Jordan toward his room.

“There, all better. Go get dressed.”


The two were silent as they entered the woods behind the pack complex. It grew to be oppressive as they walked deeper into the dark forest, twigs and leaves crunching underfoot.

Finally Jordan couldn’t take it anymore.

“So why did we come out here?”

“Because we need to talk.”

“We were talking just fine-”

Jordan gasped as Lysander backed him into a nearby tree.

“This is something I’d prefer Damian didn’t hear. Not yet at least,” the elf said.

“What are you-”

“Shhh. Let the elf speak. You’re so defensive, so certain that your truth is the only truth. Maybe you want it to be the truth. It would make everything easier.”

Lysander ran a finger down Jordan’s cheek, staring deep into the human’s eyes.

“You need that monster, need to be taken, to feel vindicated. I can give you an outlet for those emotions.”

His hand dropped to Jordan’s pants, unbuttoning them. Jordan let the fabric fall, lost in Lysander’s eyes. He shouldn’t do this- they shouldn’t do this. But who would see them? Who would know?

“I can do things to you, be your werewolf monster… And if you ever want me to stop, all you have to say is melur.”

“Stop…” Jordan nodded.

Lysander dipped his hands under Jordan’s shirt, their gaze never faltering.

“Tell me. Tell me this is what you want,” the elf whispered.

Jordan gulped, his heart hammering in his chest. This was his mate, the one he was supposed to love. If he couldn’t trust him, who could he trust?

“I want you…”

His shirt was ripped off over his head, Lysander pressing him into the tree an instant later. The roughness of the bark bit into his back, or were those Lysander’s nails? He couldn’t tell, his mind taken by a sudden kiss from the elf, long and deep. Hungry.

A whimper left him, his knees nearly buckling. He was supposed to be the strong one. But with one word he had given that away. And Lysander supported him, even as he bit at Jordan’s lips, growling deep into his human’s mouth. Hands grasped at his ass, gripping the globes tightly. Oh gods it felt amazing.

And he could feel it, his wolf rising eagerly to the surface. Their mate. It was time.

No… No, he couldn’t…

“Wolf out for me,” Lysander growled.

Warm liquid ran down Jordan’s back, sharp stings spread across his shoulder blades. The scent of blood tinged the air, somehow adding to the moment, the sexual heaviness. If he went wolf now…

“Do it.”

He did it.

In a few short moments, Jordan was lunging at Lysander in all his furred glory. He was going to mate the elf. There was no stopping him as he forcefully shoved against the elf again and again, until his hot seed sprayed out over them both.

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He didn’t want to hold back anymore. Throwing his head back, Jordan let out an ear-splitting howl, his wolf rejoicing.


“You should run every morning…”

Jordan sat under the nearly scalding shower, soaking in the water. He felt calm, sedate. For once, his wolf wasn’t pushing at the forefront of his consciousness.

Lysander had left over an hour ago, wearing fresh clothes. Jordan was grateful the elf had neglected to take his clothes off during their… activities in the forest. If he was going to mate the elf, he didn’t want it to be in some lust driven madness.


There was a knock on the bathroom door. He had left the door unlocked, suspecting this might happen. But the shower curtain was hiding him from view.

“You can come in,” he called to Damian.

The door opened slowly. Jordan could just imagine the neko sticking his head in the steamy room cautiously. He heard a low cough as the cat breathed in some of the steam in the air.

“Sorry, I really need to go,” Damian said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jordan chuckled quietly.

A moment later he heard the sound of the neko filling the toilet. The curtain pulled back quietly and Damian’s head poked into the shower.

“Um, do you mind if I join you?” he asked quietly.

“Please,” Jordan smiled.

There was no risk to Damian now. The wolf was happy and tired.

The neko stepped into the shower, wincing slightly at the heat.

“Do you always take showers like this?” he asked.

“When I can. It soothes me,” Jordan replied, pulling Damian down to sit between his legs.

The neko’s tail flicked at his legs as Damian tried to find a comfortable position. Leaning back with a quiet sigh, Damian closed his eyes as Jordan rubbed his shoulders.

“I’m sorry about last night,” the werewolf said.

“I’m not. It was fun seeing you with Lysander. I kind of want to see you two together again,” Damian smiled shyly.

“And I suppose you wouldn’t mind being in the middle.”


Jordan laughed, and Damian’s ears flared.

“What?” Jordan asked.

“Your laugh. I think that’s the first time I’ve really heard you laugh. I like it,” the neko said.

“Really? I mean, I guess I’m not much of a laugher, but I thought you heard me laugh before now…”

Flipping around so he could face Jordan, Damian smiled.

“That just means you should do it more,” he said, kissing the werewolf.

Reaching past the neko, Jordan shut off the shower. Damian shook his head, splashing Jordan with water.

“Hey! I thought the wolf was supposed to do that!” Jordan laughed.

They scrambled to their feet, Jordan pinning Damian to the shower wall. He gazed at the neko, drinking in the love that poured from the cat.

“You seem different today,” Damian said.

“I feel different.”



Jordan grabbed a towel, wrapping it around both himself and Damian. Their bodies pressed together, Damian sucking in a quiet breath.

“What do you say we get some breakfast, minus the clothes?” Jordan whispered.

Damian’s face lit up with the idea.


Damian stood naked in front of the stove, humming quietly as he cooked some eggs. Jordan looked over at the neko, smiling as he continued to sweep the floor. They had work in a couple hours, but for now they were just a happy couple sharing a glorious morning together.

The only way the morning could be better was if Lysander was there.

Jordan startled as the front door opened, Lysander stepping into the apartment.

“Oh, hey,” the elf said, staring at the two. “Did I interrupt something?”


Jordan wasn’t sure who was blushing more, him or Damian.

“You… uh, you’re home early…” he stammered

“Yeah, I think the pigeon from the other day was a little too much for me. It came back up, and my boss didn’t want to take any chances. Mind if I join you two?”

Damian started giggling suddenly.

“Uh oh, did I break Damian?” Lysander grinned.

Jordan just stared in shock at the elf.

“Oookay, well, I’ll be heading to my room then,” Lysander said.

As he started heading toward the hall, Damian stepped in front of the elf.

“No, stay…” he laughed. “Sorry, we weren’t expecting you…”

“Aw, this wasn’t all for me?”

“You got yours this morning,” Jordan said.

“What?!” Damian coughed.

“Shh, you’ll make te Kalael jealous,” Lysander chuckled.

“Okay, but this isn’t working. Either we all need to be dressed or you need to be naked,” Damian said. “And since you got some Jordan this morning, shouldn’t I get some Lysander?”

“Sure, but you have to unwrap your gift,” the elf grinned, holding out his arms.

Damian leapt at him, the two tumbling back into the living room. Jordan watched the neko attack the elf, wrestling the shirt off the werewolf.

“Aerael, won’t you join us?” Lysander smirked.

“Nah, I’ll let Damian have his prize first,” Jordan said.

“Fair enough. Some rules first, siala Taerin,” Lysander added, pressing Damian back slightly with a hand. “You can have us, but we can’t have you, okay? Not until you decide if you want to be a wolf or not.”

Damian nodded, his eyes trailing over Lysander’s torso.

“What does it mean?” he asked quietly.

“Little tiger,” Jordan said, surprising the two of them. “What? I have an elven friend.”

“The eggs!” Damian yelped suddenly, rushing into the kitchen again.

“Breakfast does not like to be finished around here,” Jordan noted as Lysander sat up.

“Not since you two arrived. And here I used to think my life was doomed to be boring.”

The elf stood, walking to Jordan.

“Would you like to help me with my pants?” he asked, hands brushing Jordan’s hips.

“Mmm,” Jordan murmured, kissing Lysander.

His fingers worked at the elf’s button, his hands sliding the pants off Lysander’s body a moment later. Dimly Jordan realised this was the first time he had actually touched Lysander like this. Their earlier forays with his wolf didn’t count.

“Does this mean you’re my Aerael?” the elf breathed.

“I think it does,” Jordan admitted.

There was no point denying it any further. They were mates, and he was in love with both Damian and Lysander. Oh how quickly a werewolf falls, he reflected, fingers slipping into Lysander’s underpants.

Hands wrapped around Jordan from behind, Damian’s rigid staff pressing against him. He saw Lysander wink, and suddenly Jordan was lifted off his feet.

“What the fuck!?” he yelped as he was carried from the room.

Falling onto a bed, Jordan stared up at his mates.

“What should we do with him?” Lysander grinned, his body on full display.

“What does a werewolf usually do with his mate?”

“Why mate him, of course. But I don’t think we have the time for that.”

“So, improv then?”

Damian crawled onto Jordan’s body, pinning the human down. Not that Jordan planned on going anywhere. He was enjoying this, now that he wasn’t floating through the air.

“I think I get what you’re going for Kalael,” Lysander chuckled, following the neko.

Jordan’s eyes crossed as he watched Damian’s dick bounce over his mouth. The neko looked down at him, silently asking, and the werewolf smiled. Lifting his head, he gently took Damian in his mouth, pulling the cat down over his head so he could breathe in his scent.

A warmth enveloped his own dick, and Jordan moaned into Damian. His hips lifted and were forced back down, Lysander setting his own rules as Damian allowed Jordan to set his pace.

For once, Jordan found himself hungry for the milk of another man, craving the essence that was Damian. His pace was long and drawn out, working the neko over until copious amounts of precum dripped into his mouth.

A nip at his own dick caused Jordan to yelp around Damian, the neko pulling back slightly in concern. Jordan didn’t let him go, sucking deep at the cat’s rod. No, he was enjoying Damian too much to worry about what Lysander was doing. Besides, the bite had surprised him, not hurt him.

Still, he was definitely reacting to Lysander’s attention, a small knot growing near the base of his dick. If only he could bury that in Lysander. Now he realised why the elf had said there was no time for proper mating. If they started doing that, there was no way either he or Damian would make it to work that day.

Speaking of Damian…

Jordan raised his head again, his hands running over the neko’s ass. He squeezed Damian’s cheeks a few times, the neko moaning in ecstasy. Damian began thrusting faster and Jordan felt the neko hitting the back of his throat. Dropping back down, Jordan sped up his own thrusts, trying to match the cat.

Sweet syrup exploded in his mouth, Jordan catching it all. Gently pushing Damian away, the werewolf sat up, reaching for Lysander. The elf moaned quietly as Jordan kissed him, Damian’s seed flowing between their mouths. Pulling back, Jordan kissed Damian, letting the neko taste his own seed before finally swallowing.

“Fuck Damian, I could get addicted to that…” he murmured.

“Best you don’t get addicted to it now,” Lysander said, kissing them both. “I believe it is nearly time for you two to go to work.”

I apologise for the lengthy downtime. I have been bouncing between stories. Thankfully I have figured out the direction I want to go in for both LJD and The Alliance. So with faith, luck, and a healthy amount of fairy dust, I should get chapters coming out a bit faster soon enough.

Copyright © 2019 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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5 hours ago, Tsukihana said:

She’s definitely making excellent ‘headway’ in her writing, she is definitely a worthy rival and I glory in seeing her grow in style and putting herself out there to tackle new situations 

"Headway" giggity...

Thank you :) you inspire me to better my writing.

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Ah. I think these guys are sorting things out. Jordan needs to make peace with himself, and has taken a step towards that end. Damian also needs some help in the area of self-acceptance. What we don't know about his past needs to be revealed. Lysander seems to know what he wants, but will he get it?

So...uh...I guess I'll go read some more and find out!

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I love that I don't have to wait for new chapters, but feel a bit out of sorts when all the good comments have already been made.  Great chapter that inspires hope for the future of these three wonderful characters.

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