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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Damian's Wolf - 40. The Making of a Werewolf

Jordan dug through the dresser, searching for the new socks Lysander had bought the day before. The elf was sitting on the bed with Damian, a palpable tension in the air as his fingers wiped lube along the neko’s tailhole.

They had made all their plans, they had waited until Lysander thought Damian was safe. Today, a werewolf would be born. Today, Lysander and Jordan would finally truly mate their partner. And Jordan took a breath as he searched, remembering that this was what his mate wanted.

“Deep breaths,” Lysander murmured. “We aren’t going to hurt you, I promise.”

A loud crow of victory flew from Jordan as he held up the large socks with rubbery soles. Lysander smiled at the man, wiping his hand off on his shirt before pulling the fabric over his head.

Instantly the lust in the room skyrocketed. Jordan let his eyes run over his mates’ bodies, taking in every little detail.

“Jordan, you know what to do, right?” Lysander asked, stepping out of his pants. “I won’t be able to talk us through this.”

“I know what we’re doing,” the man promised. “No knotting until you’re done, in case Dylan needs something.”

“And don’t forget to put the socks on me,” Lysander added, running a hand down Damian’s back. “Are you ready Damian?”

The neko nodded silently.

“No, with your words Damian.”

“I’m ready,” the neko gasped out.

Jordan shook his head slowly, reaching under Damian to play with his length. The neko’s body tensed, and his hips humped slowly into the werewolf’s hands. Jordan watched Lysander shift, the elf’s body crunching into a wolf, and a moment later, the white wolf jumped onto the bed, meeting Jordan’s gaze.

The man stepped up to Lysander, lifting one of his paws. It took a bit of effort to slide the sock over the paw, but finally Lysander’s nails were covered. Turning back to their neko mate, Jordan took a moment to massage the globes of Damian’s ass, avoiding the slick lube that covered the neko’s tailhole.

“When Lysander’s done with you, I hope you’re ready. Because I’m going to make this hole mine,” he rasped, running a hand over Damian’s back.

The neko shivered as Jordan lifted him up. Making sure his mate was in a comfortable position, Jordan slid underneath him, staring up at the neko’s wet length.

His tongue ran over Damian’s dick, testing the sweetness of his mate’s precum. Jordan let out a soft moan that echoed Damian’s, letting his hands play across the neko’s raised ass. Fingers started working on spreading Damian’s cheeks, letting him get used to the feeling, and Jordan moaned again as a mouth slid down over his own cock.

The bed shifted, and a nose sniffed at his hands. Jordan took a deep breath, fighting the knowledge that a wolf was about to penetrate his mate inches from his face. No… not a wolf, Lysander.

“Keep sucking,” the man said, raising his own hips to remind Damian to focus on his own length.

Reaching up, Jordan licked across Damian’s tip. A second later, the world around him went dark as Lysander mounted the neko. A tail pushed into Jordan’s face, and he sighed quietly.

“Damian, keep sucking. Move your tail.”

“Sorry…” the neko muttered, letting his tail flick off to the side.

Jordan was left with a clear view of a red rocket peeking from Lysander’s sheathe, and he took another breath.

“Sander, get a little closer and higher,” he called, still working on massaging Damian’s cheeks.

The world moved around him, Lysander wriggling closer to his face as the wolf’s covered paws wrapped around Damian’s torso. Lysander’s hips pushed forward gently, sliding a wet dick across Damian’s balls, and the neko moaned quietly, raising his ass a little higher to try to meet the wolf’s cock.

“No, lower,” Jordan called, wondering how he’d gotten stuck in this position.

The werewolf reached up, grasping Lysander’s cock, and he carefully moved it until it was brushing against Damian’s hole. His head lifted, and Jordan finally wrapped his mouth over the neko’s length, ignoring the ache in his neck as he held Damian’s hips in place. Fingers guided his mate into his other mate, and Jordan heard a sharp hiss from Damian as Lysander’s tapered dick slipped into the neko’s hole.

And the hardest part of his job was done. Jordan watched Lysander disappear inside Damian, the wolf slowly entering the neko. He was doing this for Damian. There was nothing wrong with it. It was just Lysander breeding their mate.

Slipping his mouth off Damian’s length, the werewolf muttered, “Make me cum.”

He felt the neko’s mouth envelope his dick, and Jordan humped upward as Lysander pushed their mate into his own mouth. Licking at Damian, the werewolf hummed quietly against the neko, offering a different focus for his mate besides the wolf in his ass. And the neko slid up and down his length, getting Jordan going himself, until he was humping vigorously into Damian’s mouth.

Suddenly, Lysander sped up, still controlled, still buried in the neko. His furred crotch smacked over Jordan’s hands, and the other werewolf pulled his hands away quickly, moving them down to help encourage Damian’s mouth to work more. The neko’s dick was throbbing in his mouth, small spurts of sugary seed spraying into Jordan, and the werewolf licked around the neko, until he was rewarded more fully with the sweet nectar he craved.

Lysander slowed quickly, the sound of wolfish pants and grunts slipping out over Jordan’s head as the wolf shivered. He remained inside Damian, the neko moaning into Jordan’s dick, and Jordan took that as his cue to focus his efforts on the neko.

His dick pushed further and further, humping faster and faster until Jordan erupted inside his mate, the last of the threesome to cum. He echoed Lysander’s shivers, feeling Damian swallow every drop he had to offer almost eagerly, and the thought of the neko going crazy over his seed had butterflies fluttering in Jordan’s stomach.

Reaching down, the werewolf grabbed his mate’s head, his hips moving again, trying to squeeze out another load. A sudden nip brought a gasp to Jordan’s lips, and the man relaxed, letting his aching body drop down to the bed.

“Sorry…” he croaked quietly, as Damian laughed weakly.

“S’okay…” the neko slurred, a hand wiping at his mouth. “You taste good.”

“Just wait, Lysander tastes better,” Jordan chuckled, the wolf letting out a quiet huff above them.

Slowly, Jordan scooted out from under his two mates. He stood up slowly, and patted Damian’s head lightly before shuffling out of the room. Phase one was over. It was time for phase two.


Ice cubes clinked quietly in covered glasses, Jordan carefully stepping back into the bedroom with a tray of water. A straw was stuck in one of the glasses, a bowl of water sitting beside it.

The werewolf moved the bowl first, setting it on the ground out of the way so Lysander had something to drink after his knot slipped free from Damian. Next came the glass with the straw, Jordan holding it under Damian’s mouth so he could take a drink.

“How are you feeling?”

“Constipated,” the neko chuckled.

Lysander moved on his back, the wolf swinging a leg around as he dismounted their mate. Damian let out a sudden hiss, and the wolf backed up quickly, the knot still stuck deep inside the neko’s ass.

“Need a drink Sander?”

Lysander shook his head no, panting quietly as he stood ass to ass with his mate. Jordan shrugged as Damian sucked at his water.

Already the neko’s seed was hitting him. The man felt a little wobbly, but more than that, Jordan felt horny. Another load was brewing, a load that would be swimming with Lysander’s load in Damian’s ass not more than an hour from now, They were going to make their mate a wolf. And it would happen today.

Sitting in front of Damian, Jordan made sure the neko got his fill of water, his cock throbbing all the while. It took nearly ten minutes for Lysander to finally slip out of Damian, and the two collapsed on the bed, tails twitching in tandem. Lysander crawled off the bed a moment later, the wolf lapping up the water Jordan had set aside for him, and Jordan took his place, rubbing his dick across Damian’s weeping hole.

“You ready?” the werewolf whispered, kneeling on Damian’s legs.

“Maybe a bit of a break first?” Damian whimpered, clenching his hole shut. “I kind of hurt…”

Jordan leaned forward, laying over his mate as he plastered gentle kisses up the neko’s back.

“I’m really horny Damian. You got me going pretty good…”

His teeth nibbled at Damian’s ear, the neko letting out a small squeak of protest.

“Does the big bad wolf need to wait to ravage you?”

“I thought Lysander was the big bad wolf…”

A loud snort escaped Lysander, water spraying across the floor. Jordan let out a scoff, sitting up on the neko’s legs.

“Well that was rather mean. I suppose that means you don’t want me to knot you?”

“No no! I want you to knot me!” Damian said desperately. “Just… like… give me a few minutes first? Please?”

“Alright. A few minutes,” Jordan smirked, sliding off his mate. “But remember, we’re trying to get this done today, and it would be a lot more certain if both of us are in your ass.”

His hand patted Damian’s butt gently, and the neko let out a soft whimper. Jordan got off the bed, carrying the tray of water back to the kitchen and grabbing a bag of chocolate covered cranberries. Returning to the bedroom, he pulled out a handful and set the bag aside, before offering one of the cranberries to Damian.

“How are you doing Lysander?”

The wolf huffed quietly, looking up from licking himself. His body shifted suddenly, the elf returning to his normal form with a sigh.

“That was a lot of fun,” Lysander said. “Any time you want to do it again… either of you… count me in.”

“Okay… but you still have enough left to let me taste you, right?” Damian asked.

“Oh sure. Just let me go rinse off so you’re not tasting your own ass,” Lysander chuckled, before leaving the room.

“Does that mean you’re ready? Because I don’t think Lysander can blow you while I fuck you,” Jordan pointed out.

“Gods, I need to feed you my cum more often,” Damian giggled. “You’re so… like, you’re a happy bossy right now.”

Jordan shrugged, swallowing a handful of cranberries as he rejoined the neko on the bed.

“Well maybe you just bring it out in me,” the werewolf smirked, slowly stalking toward his mate.

He pushed Damian onto his back, laying on top of the neko as their lips collided. Hands lifted Damian’s legs, and the werewolf began slowly humping against his mate.

“Ready now?”

The neko nodded wordlessly, his eyes shining in lust. Jordan reached down, adjusting himself before slowly pushing against Damian’s hole. Damian hissed as he was breached, his body clenching around Jordan’s tip. A short retreat had him breathing again, and Jordan slid in again, feeling the warmth of his mate around him.

It struck him dimly that this was his first time on the giving end of sex. The werewolf paused with a small frown, feeling Damian’s hole almost pushing him back out.

“I… I’ve never topped before…”

“You’re doing great… I think…” Damian breathed.

The neko reached up, pulling Jordan down into a burning kiss, and the werewolf pushed in deeper, his cock sliding through the remnants of lube and Lysander’s cum.

“I love you Jordan.”

“I love you too Damian.”

Jordan adjusted his position slightly, scooting up so he could get even deeper into his mate. His hips started pushing harder and harder, until the base of his dick slid up inside Damian. Blood rushed through his groin suddenly, his dick throbbing as the knot grew inside Damian, and again the neko was tied to one of his mates.

“Fuck… I think you’re bigger than Lysander…” Damian laughed weakly. “Um… don’t tell him I said that, okay?”

Jordan laughed as he unloaded inside his neko, his arms wrapping Damian in a hug as the neko’s tail brushed against his own hole.

“Welcome to being a werewolf Damian…”

Copyright © 2019 Yeoldebard; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Oh my, this chapter has my emotions all knotted up! Hmmm 🤔, dogs love to chase cats…and their tails, will Damian’s Wolf be constantly sniffing out his Neko? Sensing, and scenting, but never meeting his Neko.

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Lot of heat in that chapter! Interesting concept of how werewolves come into being. Can't wait to see that happen!

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