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  1. Phoenix Lights

    By Milos, in Fiction. 05/20/2018 (Updated: 07/24/2018)

    Jeffrey meets Sean under strange circumstances, while the lights of an Unidentified Flying Object twinkle overhead. Although they've never met, they know everything about each other. As they begin to understand their connection, they start to uncover strange memories from their past.

  2. die catfish, die.

    By Milos, in Fiction. 02/13/2016 (Updated: 07/20/2018)

    Jacob left Eli with more questions than answers when he turned the gun against himself.

    Now Eli, quiet, docile and transparent, tries to pull back the layers surrounding his boyfriend's sudden death, and the people responsible -- accidentally finding love, losing love, and hiding in the shadows of a murder investigation.

  3. Lem 1. The Backdraft Engagement

    By Milos, in Fiction. 07/30/2011 (Updated: 08/14/2012)

    Lem and Mattie have been best friends, and neighbors, since they were little. Both raised on Montana ranches, they grew up in a world of 4H and Rodeo, but Lem finds himself insatiably attracted to Jeff, an older boy that just moved in.

    Lem soon after discovers that he is also the object of his best friend's desires. It's a truth that blows up in both Mattie and Lem's faces, as Mattie finds himself seriously depressed, and Lem finds himself lost without his best friend.

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