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blog # 198, by He Who Talks Too Much

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I recently caught the spawn of Satan flu. sucked monkey butt. But, I feel better now.


Speaking of Satan, I just figured out I

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Here, here on the older guys are hot.................I tend to think so anyway.

Nothing wrong with a Satanist....as long as he respects your beliefs as well. It has to work both ways.


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On behalf of older guys everywhere, I thank you.


I don't get paid for preaching, so I'll be brief. Just keep your eyes open for the "roaring lion" thing. If you see it, run like hell. End of sermon.

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Although it often conjures images of worshiping the devil or demons and black magic, Satanism actually has many different meanings so that it can't easily be generalized about. I would offer a simple word of caution. It takes great skill and careful guidance when one is dealing with non-corporeal entities and manipulating energies - especially those that are not sourced in the "light". There are things out there that you seriously do not want to piss off or even get the attention of. Be careful.

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he who talks too much?


Funny, I think if I setup a poll, the majority of people would think you didn't blog enough laugh.gif .


Good luck with the new guy. Don't go looking for reasons to not like him.


I worry about explaining GA and being a Domaholic to the next guy I date. I hope that doesn't scare him off :(

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Are you sure he wasn't kidding with you? That does seem like the sort of thing that would make an interesting joke... :P


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Personally, I'm an atheist. I generally get along fine with religious people so long as they aren't preachy and they respect my right to disagree with them.


From experience, Satanism can also mean a form of selfishness or hedonism. May not be about the big dude in red at all. But then that presents a problem in itself; selfish people don't make good boyfriends.

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