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...And they all lived happily ever after.

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It's a bit trite but I've always thought that was a lovely way to end a story.



Things have been very, VERY good with Richard. It hasn't quite been four months yet, so I know that's a bit premature to pin that particular ending to our story, but I truly do believe that'll be the last line.


Things have been great in general. All my personal and professional relationships seem to be going exceptionally well for this particular period of my life. I'm quite optimistic about the future, even by my rosy standards. I'm just taking things one day at a time, but assuming things continue on their present trajectory, I expect them to, I foresee marriage, a couple kids, a dog and a few cats, a close circle of friends, and a satisfying professional career. Sounds boring doesn't it? Oh well, I think I'll enjoy it nevertheless.


Now let's see if I can write that ending.

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Good luck Kevin :D Not that you'll need it because things seem to be going so well for you :)

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^.^ How exciting!! That explains the lack of GA-ing from you (not really sure what GA-ing is.... hahaha) :2thumbs: Kevin!

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"I'm quite optimistic about the future, even by my rosy standards." -- great to hear. ;)

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