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Why do so many people live in Houston?



I just checked. The heat index there is 115 F compared to 96 F here. It blows my mind. It has to feel like a constant steam room in the summer. I think I'd develop a freaking migraine disorder if I tried to live there. It's actually a beautiful city, but summers there are horrible. So how do so many people stand living in the largest city in Texas when the heat and humidity is that horrible?


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Easy answer: A/C.


As a foreigner visiting Houston, what amazed me most was the drive-thru everything, from US Postal Services to banks (I'm not even talking about fast food joints). You go from your air conditioned home to your air conditioned car, and then from air conditioned offices to air conditioned shopping malls.

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Plus: you get to miss out on all that snow covered nonsense that the rest of the country must endure.


Relax. If you live through August, it all downhill from there.

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Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning, Air Conditioning. Homes, cars, buildings, offices, stores, shopping malls, movie theaters.


If memory serves, Houston was and likely still is the most air conditioned city in the world.

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I'm from Phoenix, so I think I could handle Houston. Dry heat, wet heat, it's all the same once you start sweating.

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