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Feature Story: Kombat Kids



by Ghost Ryder

Length: 283,898
Status: Complete
Review by andy021278


When I was first thinking of reading Kombat Kids, I was initially apprehensive as I am not a fan of the military genre in any format; I never even got into TV series such as JAG, NCIS, North and South, and SeaQuest. However, I was pleasantly surprised not only by the story, but even found myself being drawn into the genre. Also, when a new military term is introduced in the story it is explained, which makes it easy to follow the use of these terms and they eventually become familiar.


Kombat Kids is set in Washington State near the Columbia River, and focuses on Unit One. The local area has a number of church-run groups and of course there is Boy Scouts; however gay children have been made to feel extremely unwelcome and have been left feeling ostracised.


The story starts with Phillip Martin (the son of the town’s sheriff) telling his father that he is gay. Sheriff Martin has no idea how to help his son through this time, and feels unable to answer his questions. So he turns to Matt and James Bateman for help. Both brothers are openly gay and are ex-military; Matt having been a SEAL, and James having served in army airborne.


After uncovering the rampant homophobia in the community’s children’s groups, James and Matt decide to form Unit One, which the Bateman Brothers decide they will run like a military training camp; complete with weapons training, fitness training, and even its own Judge Advocate General group. Phillip becomes the poster child for, and a very prominent member of, Unit One.


Although initially the Bateman brothers keep Unit One independent without any external support, they soon attract the attention of Sheriff Martin’s brother-in-law, a US marine general. Once he gets involved, the story goes from strength to strength, and in my opinion is the source of some of the best overall plotlines in the story.


Not everyone in the community is happy however with the formation of Unit One, and they go to extreme lengths in order to try to close down the unit; lengths which have dire consequences for several of the kids.


There is a lot of sex in the story, probably the most I’ve seen in a story here on GA given its length. Though, as with other authors here, GhostRyder15 has managed to avoid it reading too much like smut. However, the way some of the couples first come together, and some of the sex scenes do have a very Nifty-esque feel to them.


There are a few negatives with the story; however they are all technical issues. The speech tags are poorly punctuated, and there are minor issues with spelling, continuity errors and general formatting. Whilst these issues are numerous enough to be obvious and are a frequent stumbling block, and numerous enough for me to usually move on to a different story, the story itself is of more than sufficient quality that any reader should try to, if not forgive these errors, at least overlook them.


Forgoing these technical errors, I’d give the story itself an 8 out of 10.

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Sounds pretty interesting Andy. I am like you, a great storyline makes it easy to overlook or igore errors. Will definitely give it a shot.

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I'm an old fan of this story. Squint and most the errors are invisible.

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No new chapters neither here nor in Nifty since January 2011.


It seems that Ghostryder15 doesn't write any more.


Does anybody know what happened with him ?


I found this in Nifty :



BEFORE YOU READ THE FOLLOWING CHAPTER, I would like to apologize for the

length of time between the chapters. Spring of 2008 through last August I

suffered several small heart attacks (unbeknownst to me). On last August

11th, I suffered a major heart attack, resulting in surgery and causing me

to spend over two months in the hospital. I am finally feeling better and

hoping to get Chapter 8 completed much faster.


apparently, his health had continued to decline sad.png .

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I have seen this story a few times and have never been tempted to read it, the description just dint appeal. But reading the review I thought I would give it a go and I am really glad I did. Defiantly worth a read :)

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