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Life as it happens



Just figured I would update and fill in a few blanks.


I have been trying not to stress about work. We are going through a restructure and who knows what that is going to entail all. I am suppose to find out tomorrow morning at a meeting. Yeah, I'm really happy to get out of bed at five am to make this thing. Love all store meetings.


Also dealing with work has been the tragedy of one of our district managers. He was out with his family on a boat on the North Shore of Long Island. The boat flipped and three children were killed. One of them was his daughter. The tragedy is one no one completely understands yet, but we are saddened to find out one of the children killed was his daughter.


Then Long Island like most of America has been hit with this outrageous heat. Watching the news they keep telling people to stay in the shade or inside. Drink plenty of water and don't go out in the hottest part of the day. Seems no one listens. The heat and humidity tonight is making it uncomfortable to even sleep.


Personally just been having a hard time getting things going here. I don't do well in heat and can't completely focus like I would like to on my writing. I do apologize for not getting out a chapter of Jonas, but to be honest it is low on my list of priorities at the moment. I have expected company at the end of the month and I have so much to do and finish before she arrives. So you understand this is one of my best friends from when I worked in Connecticut. I sort of adopted her and she was at my side when my mother passed away three years ago, A better friend you could never ask for.


With all the changes and tragedies happening both here and in my life in general it reminds me of one important thing. Don't allow yourself to get bogged down in the details and forget to live. People won't remember that you cleaned your toilet or washed your car, but they will remember the times spent together and the memories you make with them. The best present you can ever give another person is a memory of time together that they can treasure.


Enough for one night. May you all be safe in this heat.



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We all know sometimes our daily lives become top prority Wayne, and sounds like you have had a full plate. Sorry for the loss, and hope everything at works lightens up, and is to your advantage, meaning less stress.


As for the heat, I definitely know where you are coming from, because that in itself takes the umph out of a lot of us. :)

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