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Home :]

Yettie One


Wow, I'm home, lying on my own bed, feeling very happy indeed.


I didn't think that I'd miss this place as much as I did this last week. I was busy, doing exciting stuff, seeing and doing and being...


Yet in as much as I love to travel, as much as I love my work, and as much as being away from home is a refreshing break, it is lovely to come home.


It's the little things that make me smile right now.


I forgot to take nail clippers away with me. I mean, come on, who thinks to pack nail clippers when your too busy checking you got your Dictaphone, or packed your mobile charger, or you've got your rain gear. I'm a little fussy about my nails, something that came about through forcing myself to stop biting my nails, so when they get a little too long, they drive me insane. I was going to go out and buy a pair of clippers, but decided I've done that about five times on other trips, and have a drawer full of clippers now, so i'd force myself to be patient and wait. OMG I nearly jumped out the car window on the drive home tonight. It feels so good to have nice clean trimmed nails tonight! biggrin.png


I'm a pillow man, and have a thing about my pillows. Just the right number, just the right softness, just the right height. You can never get that in a hotel. sad.png

So home now, snuggled into my pillows is such a comforting feeling. smile.png I do love my pillows. I even have a tendency to cuddle one while I fall asleep at night.


I missed this place. I've kind of gotten used to GA, and am forging some great friendships with some amazing people. You get into a comfort zone when you can message and chat to people you like when you like. When that freedom is restricted it is kind of like being a little boy not quite tall enough to reach the cookie jar. Damn, it was not a good feeling. Grrrrrrrrrrrr! thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif

Despite the fact I was able to jump on now and again, I still had to be mindful that I was not at home, and on a private wifi connection that was not their to be abused. It's not easy suddenly feeling cut off. I missed my access any time I wanted, visiting where ever I wanted. Plus I got home to an email advising me that BT Infinity is now available in my area. BONUS. biggrin.png


But aside from all of that, the best thing to come home to was a massive great big hug from my mom. biggrin.png

Argh, I guess I'm still a mommies boy at heart.

In these days of precious time we get to spend together, I treasure these moments, and to sit with her and listen to her excited babble, even though she had a lot of difficulty remembering things, made my heart feel warm. I missed her, and I'm glad to be here near her for a few days again. smile.png


So yeah. Home it is, and James didn't spare the horses on the way home either.


I'm off again later in the week, back down to London to be in place for everything to kick off on Friday next week. Olympics 2012, here I come.


Hugs to all you wonderful people, you'll probs all get a hoard of messages from me now I'm back. Hope you don't mind me filling up your in boxes. wink.png xx


Thought for today - "Love begins by taking care of the closest ones, the ones at home." Mother Teresa


Song for today - Free the Flame by The Sound of Cathedral House

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hey! welcome home. i always forget the nail clippers when i go away and immediately need them. really recognised that point. i love getting home after a trip. now where are all my messages .... and that picture you promised! :)

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Your going to hound me for this pic now ain't ya Mr??? :P


Ok Ok, I'll have to sort one out for ya. :P


I assure you it is not of me in a Nik or even in the Nik! :D



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home is where the heart is! Or it should be, might I say. One becomes very accustomed to the precise creature comforts of the lair.


I am a terribly light sleeper, and any bed other than my own tends to give me a terrible night's rest. Whenever I'm away, I always miss that most I think.


Anyhow, nice to see you back!

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Welcome home honey. How was your trip? lol Nail clipper huh? I am a q-tip carrier. Can't function without them. Know your mom, AND your pillows was glad to get to cuddle with you. Seriously, glad u are home safe. Hugs.


P.S. I want to see the pic also, and want the name of the new deo. LMAO

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Awww thanks Stellar. I know what you mean about craving a good nights sleep.


Always best to be in your own bed for one of those. :)

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You should stay at a hotel like Holiday Inn next time, they have a pillow menu, and they'll even help you choose. Just be careful not to tell your cuddle-pillow back home, or you might get shoved out of your bed when you're back home :P

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Hiya Joann

Thanks for the greetings, good to be back chick :)

Erm I can't say the name of the deo for fear of some endorsement infringement, but it sounds very similar to Pure, and is advertised with a tick! ;)


Erm I really should get cracking with this pic thing shouldn't i? :/

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