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Toss-Up Tuesday: Our Heroes



Something a little different this week - Radiant Renee Stevens has complied a great little piece on thanks. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...




Our Heroes


We love when we get messages from Members with things to go into the blog. Recently we received on such message from FleetingRainbows who strongly believes that Readers should not be overlooked, and we agree. Readers are what keeps a lot of the Authors on GA writing. So today, we are sharing a special Thank You from FleetingRainbows as well as a Thank You from Hosted Author: C James!


Author: FleetingRainbows

houses a lot of great talent. That fact is clear every day when you look at the side bar to see which stories have been updated. There are many great authors and poets, who rely on their betas and their editors to make sure their work is fit to be read. While Authors, editors, and betas make up a vast amount of our population here, there is one group that shouldn’t be overlooked. And that is that of the Reader/reviewer.


I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we love getting feedback from all of you readers out there. It makes our day to open up the comments section and find new reviews for the works we’ve crafted. Writers and poets even thrive on constructive criticism and are encouraged by words of glee and your energy keeps us writing more.


Since September of 2010 one such reader has gone above and beyond in her efforts to support
. She is enthusiastic about the story, she offers feedback, asks questions and never fails to comment on every single chapter of a story she likes. Her reviews offer a delightful mixture of constructive critique and genuine enjoyment of the story she has just read. By supporting the authors she is also supporting the site, and for this we wish to thank Lisa for her contribution to the community. She makes us authors smile.


Hosted Author: C James






There's only one way to start this: "Thank you!" Now I'll explain why I'm saying that; I've been offered the opportunity to say a few words about my forum posters, reviewers, senders of e-mails and PM's. So, the very first thing I wanted to say is 'Thank you!', and I'll be saying it more than once, because you're the reason I post stories. Getting feedback is more important than anything else to me, and I welcome it, good or bad. This helps me in a way nothing else can; allowing me to see the story through the eyes of a reader. This helps me improve, and I find it more valuable than I can express. I also get ideas from feedback, and also it allows me to see what parts are coming across well, and what needs more explanation. That's the practical side; how feedback helps me.


Now, for the motivational side; feedback is why I post stories. This goes well beyond the practical help feedback gives me, it's the source of the only enjoyment I get from posting chapters. Without it, I would stop, for I'd have no reason to continue. Oh, I'd still write - I'm addicted to it - it's just the public posting that would cease. You're also why I keep up a demanding schedule; I'm not a fast writer, so for me, a chapter a week is hard. I'm currently nearing the end of the longest (by far!) novel I've ever written or am ever likely to write, and it would not exist without you; you've been my persistence and my motivation more times than I could ever count. So, to my friends - and I indeed consider everyone who comments, in any way, a friend - you are the reason my stories are online, and interacting with you is my greatest joy as a writer. Thank you.



Thank you so much to these wonderful authors for taking a moment to share their thoughts with us on what their readers mean to them. Would you like to give a shout-out to your readers? If so, why not either reply here or you can PM Renee Stevens or Trebs and we could do another Thank You next month! Hope to hear from you soon!!!

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  • Site Administrator

This was a great blog! I can definitely agree, there is nothing like getting comments from readers to keep an author motivated.

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I certainly enjoy getting reviews from my readers.


A big thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed my stories. It really is only the comments, feedback and reviews we get that keeps us posting our stories. I think most, if not all, of us would continue to write, but we just wouldn't bother posting our stories.


I think that is part of the reason why so many new authors disappear or stop posting a story part way through; with a lack of feedback and reviews, it is very easy for a new author to give up.

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To me, a review is kind of like the story of the reader. If a writer puts in the time and effort to put their work out there for us to enjoy, and entertain us daily, the least we can do is take a minute for some feedback. If it is not but one sentence, I try to review what I read here. If I don't catch every chapter, when I realise it, I stop and review the chapter I am reading at the time, and let the writer know that I am still reading and enjoying their story. If I had not said it before, thanks to each of you who writes, edits, etc. It has made my day almost everyday. :) Last but not least, the review does not stop when you write it, it stops when the author responds and lets you know he appreciates it, which I most always get a response from the writer!

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Reviews, likes, comments, are the only thing that keeps me posting, like many others. I could easily just as say I'd rather spend more time with my family, then to write. It's sad to say, but when reviews don't happen, likes don't happen; I tend to shut down and think my work must’ve been crap. Then you get these regulars, AMAZING PEOPLE, that show up and save the day. Those close tightknit folks keep us focused, motivated, and continue to drive us forward.


For some, our story is just that, while others it's their everything; may it be a message within their story, or otherwise. It's something very special to receive feedback. It's the highlight of my day, knowing that people read, and thoroughly enjoyed the story. So, for that, I personally thank all my close friends, readers, especially the ones that leave reviews, and likes. Love you gal/guy's. All my regulars know who they are… Specifically the ones that I know are reading… :) . ~CHEERS~


Nor can I forget Andy and Lisa, my beta and editor. They’re amazing people. :)

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If I take time to read a story, I like to let the author know what I thought but I don't like when I notice authors who don't answer/respond to their reviews. I've had it happen before and it totally turned me off to leaving reviews for those authors.


I love to hear from readers and as a reader I love to discuss the stories that I am very impatiently waiting for the next chapter (I try not to bounce up and down while waiting) :P


Read... review....write! Encourage a new talent, your word could be just what they need to continue :)

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Anyone who knows me, knows I have a big mouth. As busy as I am usually constructing my own work, I also take the time to read the work of other authors on the site. I am not shy about leaving a comment for a story or chapter I enjoy. I wish I had more time to read and review but I try to keep an eye out for new authors or stories. They don't necessarily have to be new to the site though, just new to me. :lol:


Looking at it from the other side as a writer, the review lets me see where I succeeded or failed in a story. Did the readers get the picture I was trying to portray? Are they enjoying it or is a certain character alienating the audience. Reviews are so important. A story that is never read is a sad thing.


Like so many before me I tell everyone, read a tale, leave a comment, and if the mood strikes or the inspiration tempts you then try your own tale.

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I was actually encouraged to write by reading other's story. I was a bit obsessive if I must say so myself. I never read a story and not post a comment, it just feels weird to me..LOL I guess because I know I much time and effort goes into it.


I once considered myself a professional reader, because as I read a chapter I have a pen/pencil in hand jotting down all the parts I like and want to comment on, that way I don't miss anything. :D


I missed a chapter once and the author PM'ed me to let me know a chapter was updated, saying she missed my awesome comments.


After doing so much reading and seeing how much effort goes into it I decided I wanted to give back and try my lot at it, and I've loved it every since...


My stance is "comments fuel the writer's soul and makes this thing so much fun", and as Jammi mentioned it's excited to get notifications that you have reviews it's like opening a gift at Christmas, can't wait to see what's inside.


Thanks so much, it can't get any better than this...

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