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Weekly Wrap Up!



We started our week looking at a delightful story by Hosted Author Libby Drew. Radiant Renee Stevens gave us a great review of Libby's Spark and sat8997 and Mark Arbour both chimed in with their praise for Libby's works.


Our Tuesday Toss up looked at heroes - specifically various readers from the perspective of two authors, FleetingRainbows and C James. The comments on this blog are as valuable as the entry itself, IMHO.


For our midweek Author's Showcase, we had a review of Promising Author Dark's Butterflies of Death as well as a great review of Author Cehammock's Gaze. Getting these glimpses of stories people might not normally come across on their own is one of the things for which I'm most proud of the GA Blog.


Our Tip Thursday was the conclusion of the two-part "Breaking Through" - a compliation of how various authors attack the dreaded writing block.


For our Weekly Writing Prompts, Comicfan gave us both Prompt 160, a creative one called The Dog, as well as Prompt 161, a Challenging one called Story Time. We also took a look back to last summer to see how Dolores Esteban responded to Prompt 47 with her alternate take on The Frog Prince fairy tale.


Then we ended the week with our Blast From the Past - this time looking at a February 2007 newsletter article about upcoming site features - like a gallery!


So - how was your week?


Anthology Announcements:
There was a little bit of back and forth last week with our future anthology announcements. We have it solid now with two anthologies due in December. Sorry for any confusion as we worked the schedule out.

  • Fall Anthology Friends and Enemies– Due Sept 4th
  • Winter Anthology "Desperate Ends" - Due Dec 8th *NEW*
  • Special Mayan Tribute Anthology "End of the World" - Due Dec 14th *NEW*



In Premium this week:


Chosen of Honorus by Quonus10, Book 1 of Champions of The Gods


By our Hosted Authors this week:


Paternity by Mark Arbour, Book 12 of Chronicles of An Academic Predator (CAP)


Kiss of An Angel by Comicality


Adverse Effects by Cia, Book 2 of Saving Caeorleia


City Under the Waves by Nephylim


By our Promising Authors this week:


The Pink by comicfan


GA Writing Prompts by Dolores Esteban


Footsteps of Giants by wrathofmagneto


Angels Ascending by JMH, Book 3 of The Centurion Cycle


Reach by CassieQ


Have a great week everyone! Read, Write, REVIEW!!!


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I like Baileys. But would that be plain, coffee, mint chocolate, toffee, hazelnut or biscotti? Or, like me, is just whatever bottle happens to be closest? :lol:

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Check my blog for unofficial Easter eggz.


The War Inside- when you make super-soldiers to save your civilization, what do you do with them when the war is over?


The Inquisitor- the world has gone downhill after a near apocalyptic war.


Coming soon: First Night


The opening hours of the zombie apocalypse!

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  • Site Administrator

The Mayan Tribute Anthology totally intrigues me. I've already started a story. Are there any word count limitations?


There was when we discussed it Dolores, but I think Renee has the exact numbers. I'll have her message you and remind her to put more info up in the anthology forum!

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