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Blast From The Past

Renee Stevens


Saturdays can be so many things to so many people. To some it is a chance to get that stuff done that you haven't had time (or have put off) during the week. Others it's a great time to just sit back and relax and forget about the stress of work and/or school. For us here at GA, it's a chance to look back into our past and bring you something from either an old Newsletter or an old Anthology. Today we're looking at a story from the 2007: The Road Not Taken Anthology. Enjoy!

The Key


Reviewer: Renee Stevens
Anthology: 2007-5 The Road Not Taken
Word Count: 2,510


First off, let me say that I love reading Lugh’s work. He always throws in something that I’m not expecting, and his story “The Key” is no exception, though it isn’t the story I usually expect from Lugh. I went looking for an older anthology to be used for the “Blast from the Past” and I came across this little gem that, surprisingly, I had not yet read! I was not disappointed.


The story joins Chester at his great-grandfather’s bedside as the older man lay dying. When they have a heart to heart Chester finds out things that he never expected! This was a very touching story that just begs the answer to the question of “What if you had done something different?” I thought that Lugh handled the topic of the anthology very well. He really showcased what is possible just from doing something that you didn’t really want to do.


I also really enjoyed the way he wrapped this story up. He really showed how some things are just meant to be and gave it an ironic twist that kept me going "awwww." Also, those who know Lugh knows he rarely likes his own work, in his replies to the reviews on this one, HE even said he likes this one!


Like I said, it’s a bit different than the majority of his other stories, but it really showcases the skill that Lugh has for writing. Even with only 2,500 words, I didn’t feel like he left any loose ends, though he did leave me wanting more. I wouldn’t be adverse to the idea of reading another story about these characters!


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I haven't read many of Lugh's stories, but I love his anthology entries. He manages to write so much with so few words.

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