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Writing Prompts #180 & #181



On the day of the dead, where the year too dies, must the youngest open the oldest stones...


So - did everyone have a great Día de los Muertos yesterday? Here at GA News Blog world, we received two great new prompts from our prompt-guru Comicfan that I hope you'll enjoy. Take a look and try them out - and please share what you come up with, with the community in our Writing Prompts forum!


Prompt 180 – Creative
Tag – List of Words
Use the following words in a story – ripped pants, Pilgrim outfit, sultry singer, dog toy, and an apple.


Prompt 181 – Creative
Tag – The Book
After years of trying you get a letter from one of the many publishers that they love your book. It goes on to say they want the options to publish it and possibly even make it into a movie. As you read through the contract and the description of the book you realize that the book they have is not one of the ones you expected it to be. Instead of one your manuscripts, they have somehow been sent your journal. Will you allow it to be published and expose your every secret or turn the whole thing down?


We all love a good story, and here we love it even better when it came as a prompt response. In response to prompt 172 "Use the following words in a story – pillow, evergreen tree, rabbit, storm cloud, and fishing rod.", Andy021278 came up with a Halloween story.

It was Hallowe’en night, and Suzie McNamara had been working since six o’clock that morning. She drove bus route number 391, and was just about to start the eleventh and final run of her route for the day; only another fifty minutes or so, and she would be able to clock off. She had quickly done her shopping before she was due to make this final run, and she had a carrier bag with her dinner in it, sitting underneath her seat. She had picked up a couple of saddles, and was planning to cook a rabbit and prune stew.


The first part of her route from George Street to Richmond train station was always on the quiet side, but tonight was quieter than usual; she didn’t have one passenger to pick up. She actually arrived at Richmond station about five minutes early, so there was a wait until her scheduled departure time.


A few people boarded her bus at Richmond train station, including one rather bizarre trick or treater who was dressed as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, and he was actually brave enough to travel via public transport in full garb; fake razor glove and all. In spite of how realistic ‘Freddy’ looked, Suzie had actually been narked when he first boarded the bus, as all he had to pay his fare with was a twenty pound note; and not the correct fare in exact change. The one thing guaranteed to royally piss off a London bus driver is to try to pay your fare with a twenty pound note.


Interested? I was - so here is the link to the rest of Andy's story. Enjoy!


Recommended Comments

We actually observe All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day separately (All Saints' Day was yesterday, and All Souls' Day is today). My great-aunt (who is deeply religious, yet very supportive of my partner and I) has been making soul cakes all day long ahead of services this evening.


I really enjoyed writing this Hallowe'en story, so thanks for featuring it :)


Wayne! Seriously!

ripped pants, Pilgrim outfit, sultry singer, dog toy, and an apple
:lol: **goes off muttering obscenities to itself in as many languages as it can think of**
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I love the idea of #181, that would soooo be my luck! I started laughing just reading it. I just might have to try this out :)

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So Andy - do you actually speak Welsh?


My Welsh is conversational at best. Since my mum never bothered learning the language, and with being raised in London, I never had the chance to learn it as a child. I've been learning it over the past couple of years, but I really only get the chance to use it when I'm with my cousins and their kids (since they live in Wales, they are required to learn Welsh at school). So, sadly I'm not as fluent as I'd like to be.


I do know a few obscenities in Welsh (and some more in half a dozen other languages) that would most likely get me banned from GA for life :lol:

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