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Fittest Looking Men

Yettie One


I was chatting with a young DJ that I am working with today about travel, and the delights of getting to explore our world a little at a time. While we were talking Rob asked me where I thought the best looking people in the world lived, and I couldn't answer. It got me thinking and I have to admit, it is a really intriguing question.


I suppose that the answer to this question is subjective as each of us has different tastes, sees attraction on a different level, and will each be looking for quirks that other people will consider strange or slightly weird. But that is all well and good, as it means that there is someone there for everyone, and beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, so in a way it is a good thing that we can all rest easy in that somewhere out there a soul mate awaits us all.


But I have to be honest, the more I've thought about it today, the more I had to say that while there are stunning examples of great looking people in every place I have visited, there are definitely some places that have a larger proportion of good looking men than other places. :P


Ok so yeah, I am zeroing in on the male of our species. Awwww are you surprised! :D


I have been lucky to have visited a good number of places. Not everywhere sadly, my tour of this world continues a little at a time, but of the places I have visited, one place stands out as having the largest population of damn fit men! :P


But before I share with you the place I reckon has the most stunning looking men among its population, let me talk of some of the places that I have managed to enjoy a good few hotties strolling past. :P


The 'Gay Scene' in Holland was amazing. Although I can't really say that the guys I was admiring were Dutch, as it is such a diverse cosmopolitan society in Amsterdam, that I was very possibly drooling over men from every nation around the world. But for a great night out in the one of the finest cities in Europe, with enough eye candy to last a life time, Amsterdam is it.


There is something about the Irish that I can't quite put a finger on. I think it is their accent. Actually I am pretty certain that it is their accent. They say the language of love is French, well I am convinced the language of lust has an Irish accent. :P I can definitely say that on each of the four times I have visited Ireland, I have always been smitten by the beauty of an Irish man talking in a broad Irish drawl. Having said that, the one unattractive thing I found, especially in Dublin was a drunk Irish man slurring in a broad Irish drawl. :P


I was lucky to live in Wales for seven years, and would love to move back down that way someday. If there is one thing I loved about the country, it was the Welsh men. The Welsh get a lot of stick here in the UK, they are often regarded as the underdogs of the four British Unions. However, as much as they are teased, they have the looks that the rest of the British Isles lack, and that is a fact. Welsh men are hot, simple as that. I can't say too much about the accent, it sounds like they are singing all the time, but put a Welsh man in rugby shorts, and put him on the rugby pitch and I'll swoon all day long. :P


But even the Welsh don't compare to the men of the nation that had me dribbling at the lip. I Have been lucky to visit this country on a good many occasion and I guess one city more than any stood out as the home of the perfect male. Looks wise this is now, I am referring to the most shallow of attractions, the beauty of sight, the attraction of appearance, the desire of the flesh. And for this and this alone, the one country that in my opinion has the highest concentration of hot men, of course reminding you all I am speaking of countries that I have had the joy of visiting. South Africa. :D


No No I am not being Biased. I am simply stating a fact. And it is my opinion after all.


If there is one place that you DO NOT want to visit in a tight skimpy speedo as a gay man, it is the beach in Cape Town. I am telling you now, regardless of age, regardless of your taste, regardless of your style, you will swoon and develop a stiffness in your lower regions. It is inevitable.


I visited Cape Town a number of times as a lad, and it was in Cape Town that I guess I can really first recall realising that it was men that I fancied. You see, I guess I must have been around 13 or 14 on one of our family trips south, and I'd been bought a camera for the first time in my life. I had ventured down to the beach on my own one afternoon to see what I could snap. A sea gull caught my attention as being really tame and came so close to me, so I just sat watching it waiting for an opportunity to snap a picture of it.


It was during this time that I became aware of a guy, probably about 18 or 19 sat back by the sea wall with an older man. What stood out initially to me was his white speedo against his dark tanned skin. But as I studied him more, I began to realise that he was perfectly stunning. Dark hair, stunning bright eyes, perfect body, and the tightest, skimpiest thin speedo that showed off a package I suddenly decided I'd happily explore all night long. The sea gull abruptly became a decoy I used to fake appearances of taking an artistic picture, while my new target became the bronzed god I'd fallen in lust with.


That was kind of my awakening to the male form, and my attraction to it. Later, when I was closer to 16 we once more visited Cape Town, and I recall struggling to spend any time off my belly when I was on the beach, as I had the unfortunate problem of being physically stimulated every time yet another handsome man strolled past with all sorts proudly on display. For a closeted young gay boy it was murder, but oh so nice.


In some ways I wish I'd visited Cape Town when I was older and more willing to accept my status as a gay man. But one day it is my dream to maybe retire there, so I can live in hope hey! :)


Now I am sure that everyone will have their own paradise story, or place where the honey and milk is drawn from the highest concentration of good looking people, but for me right now, that place is South Africa, and in specific Cape Town. Just one thing, while they look oh so lovely, I can't say the same for the South African Dutch accent that I can for the Irish. :P


There is one other thing that I would like to add to these thoughts. Admittedly there are a load of places I have not been to, and I am sure that as I continue to explore this wonderful world of ours, that I may indeed discover as I suspect, that there are places that have just as good if not a higher concentration of beautiful men for me to ooogle. :) Some of the Eastern Bloc countries and Australia spring to mind. ;)


Thought for today - "Values are not trendy items that are casually traded in." - Ellen Goodman


Song for today - More than a Feeling by Boston

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A very interesting blog.


I love the Welsh, and sooo many of them are damn fine - but then I am very biased. The accent makes my knees quiver and my spine tingle.


When I was 12, my first BF was a fellow Taffy and he was lucky enough to be fluent in Welsh, since his family came from up near Llandudno. He would whisper sweet nothings to me in Welsh. Now there is the language of love :)

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