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Writing Prompts #182 & #183



A rough week for some, good and bad news... but the best way to enter the weekend is to stir your creative muscles and just see where you can get your mind to go.


Our Weekly writing prompts, courtesy of our Prompt-Guru Comicfan, are two very interesting creative challenges. We hope you take a try at them and share them with the community in the Writing Prompt Forum.


Prompt 182 – Creative
Tag – The Secret
Your best friend has called you up in the middle of night and begged you to come right over. Without hesitation you get dressed and drive over. They meet you at the door in tears. They have a secret to tell you and beg you not to tell anyone else. What is the secret you have suddenly become involved with?


Prompt 183 – Creative
Tag – The Mentor
When you first met it was as you tested each other. Eventually you came to respect one another and you turned to them for advice you trust. Who became your mentor and why?


Again, out of personal priviledge, I'm going to share a past prompt response from a community member who is just starting out - Joann414. Her response to prompt 180, which was to "Use the following words in a story – ripped pants, Pilgrim outfit, sultry singer, dog toy, and an apple"


And what she came up with so far is:

Kyle tried not to scream as he listened to the dimwit on stage, in the pilgrim hat sing his rendition of " All I Want for Christmas is You'" It was obvious that the guy thought he was quite the sultry singer by the way he swayed his hips to the music, and licked his lips, staring straight at Kyle. Bleh!


Little did he know that Kyle would have loved to have been anywhere but here, but he had promised his mother that he would help with the town Christmas pageant this year, even though he needed to be at home five hundred miles away writing songs of his own.


Glancing at the young man they had told him was his assistant, he sighed loudly saying, " Tell them we are taking an hour break for lunch, and we will hear the last auditions at 1:30 p.m."


Kyle got up hurriedly, and ripped his pants on the splintered wood on the arm of the chair. " Son of a bitch", he said loud enough for his assistant to hear him. The young man actually laughed out loud which infuriated Kyle even more.


He then shouted at the lad," Do we actually have any idiots in wardrobe that can help me out here?"


The young man, hiding a smile instructed the ones waiting to audition to report back in a couple of hours, and then motioned for Kyle to follow him. Kyle started toward him, and Dave, his assistant said," Grab your coat, it is snowing pretty heavily outside."


Not even thinking, Kyle grabbed his parka, pulled the hood onto his head, and followed Dave out the front door of the studio, really not caring where they were going, just glad to be out of the studio.


When they stepped onto the sidewalk Dave looked over at him and asked,"Why are you even doing this? I know I got stuck with the job because my mother thought I did not have enough to do teaching music at the college. So, why are you here?"


Kyle actually laughed aloud. " My mom roped me into this also. I came five hundred miles to stay for the next month or so making this my main purpose so this little podunk town will have entertainment of some sort through the holidays. How I am going to get this put together by December 10th is beyond me."


They trudged silently in the snow for a couple of blocks until Dave stopped in front of a two story structure that housed a couple of apartments. Kyle followed the young man inside, and for some reason was not surprised when he found himself treking up the two sets of stairs to the second floor.


When Dave opened the door to the apartment, Kyle could not help but smile. It was a huge studio apartment with gleaming hardwood floors, corner fireplace, comfy black leather couch and ottoman, and Christmas music seemed to be coming out of every corner of Dave's home. The warm ambiance in the large room soothed him immediately making him wish he had this kind of warmth at his own dwelling.


Tripping over a small dog's toy, Kyle picked it up, throwing it onto the leather couch before following suit, throwing himself down onto the comfy leather.


Dave grabbed an apple from the bowl on the table and asked Kyle if he wanted a beer, drink, or sandwich.


Kyle glanced over his shoulder at the handsome young man and said," Bourbon on the rocks if you have it."


" Sure, coming right up", Dave said as he reached above the bar and got a fifth of Crown from the cabinet. Dropping two cubes in each glass, he poured a generous amount of bourbon into them and walked over to stand in front of Kyle. " Take those pants off and I will fix them while you have your drink."




Already CassieQ and comicfan have commented on this cute story and I hope that joann takes this, or some of her other short writings and goes for a longer length tale. Based on what I've read so far, she has the talent to do so.

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