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Writing Prompts #184 & #185



Welcome to the end of the week and a chance to unwind and relax. Or - wait, before you do - maybe try your hand at a writing prompt? Thanks to the genius of our Prompt-guru Comicfan, we bring you two great new prompts. And one of them is a poetry writing prompt - and come on, you know that sometimes the best things happen when you get pushed outside your comfort zone, Whether it is the poetry prompt or the "Tag" prompt - please share what you come up with in our Writing Prompt forum!


Prompt 184 – Creative
Tag – Poetry
Describe an event in your life in poetry. You may use any form you want but the poem should not be less than twenty lines.


Prompt 185 – Creative
Tag – The Meal or the Mate
You entered yourself into a contest. The end result being you could win a million dollars, a mate, or both. Tonight the entire thing boils down to the food you cook for the last two possible mates. They will be blind judging the food you and your competitor make. After they have scored the food, you will have an hour to spend with both of the remaining contestants. They will be judging your conversation skills and what you discuss is up to you. The only subject you can’t discuss is what food you cooked for them. What food do you make and do you end up winning the money, one of the mates, both or nothing at all?


A prompt doesn't have to be a poetry prompt to produce a good poem, as Mark92 shows us in his response to last week's Prompt 183 - The Mentor. Here is his response:


I have many mentors here at GA
But there is another, I have to say
He was there all the time as I grew up
Always there with a hanky, and a "now whats up?"
He swears like a navvy , the air is blue
But he always knows what I should do
He's always been there beyond the gate
The poor old guy he's 68
But his mind is so dirty, he is a perv
He's shocking sometimes, he has the nerve
To cry out to girls walking down the street
And I tried to hide underneath my seat
He'd watch their backsides roll side to side
"She's chewing toffee's! I bet she's a good ride!
Oh Sam, you are a mucky old goat
But I wouldn't change you for a million pound note.
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