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Some life and fear to ponder



Now back to reality and normalcy, I might be a trekkie, but I am a realist stuck in a world that needs answers.


My last day is this Wednesday at my current firm. The staff are throwing me a farewell potluck on Tuesday. It feels strange that I will be saying goodbye to them all after so many years, but that's life isn't it.


As my prior status indicated my new job has already booked me on a flight to Palm Beach Florida from 12/3 to 7. I know what this means for my future traveling plans, but I do love the idea of travel and going around the country to do numbers. I mean it's what everyone does at one point or another.


Part of me though feels sad and even lonely. I know boo-whoo, you have a job that is paying for you to travel to a tropical climate, while everyone else is freezing their ass off or some other guys are still without power from Sandy or are on the unemployment rolls. I know my issue is small in comparison to the problems of the world and I don't kid myself or anyone about where I stand. However, part of me feels scared that I will no longer have an anchor to anything or anyone. I am afraid that on my long journeys, I may never find that special guy of my dreams that I have always wanted.


Is that a real fear of being better off in your career that you can't find anyone?


To be honest, if I could trade all the money in the world for a desk job with moderate income and a guy at my side, making my lonely existence matter just a little bit, I would do it in a heart beat.


It's not to say I don't like this job, nor what the opportunities are out there. Hell, I think this will be great for my future. I just wish I had a reason.

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Lots of people would also love to ditch their ball/chain and travel around making a living without being tied down. Grass always seems better on the other side. Appreciate what you got. Freedom and income is luxury

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Um, one thing you can do on your first trip is to take a good long hard look at your attitude and work out why the hell your existence doesn't matter. OK, I get the life mate thing, but that's different to mattering! You do matter. You matter to all of us. You obviously matter to the people you work with. And there's no reason to think you won't matter to all the new ones either. So, enough already with the don't matter. You do matter. You're one of the feckin highlights of my time on GA, and that's a fact.


The thing about 'somebody is twofold: first, they come along at the most surprising times, tbh, and; second, unless you get out and about, they won't be able to find you. So get out there and be unexpected! :)

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Man... You just said what I believe in the deep of my heart. Will we ever be happy? *sad hug* May be you are my Mr. Right? ;) In any case, I will keep praying for both of us and everyone else. May God grant everyone happiness. Hugs and Chocolates.

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