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Holiday mood and Hope in the World



There's something about this of year, when people and things just make you happier and feel good about life. The Holiday period is fun and exciting, people have hopes for the future.


I don't know whether it's the colorful displays of lights, faux green wreaths with red bows, or the shoppers that pack the buses at night, but the mood is different. For a few moments, you can almost forget that the world is hanging by a thread, civilization is putting itself in debt and its future generations. It doesn't matter anymore, for one moment in time, the world around you has contentment.


I had a strange thought today: What if the world could be perpetually running on a Holiday mood, not just one portion of the population? Imagine it, high consumption, high demand for goods, high needs for employees at both factories and shops, and charitable giving just for the heck of it without an after-thought.


With all that stuff, there's hope in the world. There's a feeling that things might get better next year despite what is happening now.


People have pondered for Christmas everyday, which is usually cited as a bad thing or a joke, but I don't know if anyone has ever pondered what if everyday could be like the Holidays right now.

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