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Featured Story: Let's Make Love



As the gloomy last month of the year is upon us, let's fill our eyes and minds with a sense of the erotic. We're thankful to joann414 for her review of Author Mark92's Let's Make Love. Enjoy!







Reviewer: joann414
Status: Complete
Word Count: 3,396


The beginning of this erotic tale lets the reader know that one of the two characters is without two of his senses because of his hands being tied, and a blindfold over his eyes. Well, sounds like kinky sexy huh? Nope, it is one of the most beautiful pieces of erotica that I have ever read, and at my age, I have read many.


The author and his boyfriend are the characters in the story and needless to say the author is telling the story because the boyfriend is not able because he is too busy trying to stay sane and keep his other senses intact.


Seriously, the imagery in the character's detail of what he is intending and is doing always keeps the reader on the edge of his seat wanting to crawl into the screen of his computer to see this wonderful piece of writing unfold and watch the actual portrayal of what reads like a lover's dance or a vivid, captivating act of seduction as told by the author. Every touch, sound and breath can almost be felt by the reader because it is written with such charisma.


If you are looking for a romantic tale, or your typical gay coming out, falling in love with your best friend, or the high school homophobe, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for an enchanting, adult bedtime story that will set the mood for a wonderful night with that special someone then go get their favorite scented candles, find some soft music to play in the background and settle in to read them this bewitching story of lovemaking that not only lures him to you, but tests your own self control trying to finish the story before ravishing your mate.


The flow of the words with such descriptive writing was some of the easiest reading that I have enjoyed here.


It will literally leave you breathless in more ways than one.


Go for it and make your holidays more fun. Read and review!

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My inner goddess is dancing the dance of the seven vales just thinking about reading Mark92's work.

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Mark is one very talented writer. His stories are so emotional with raw passion. I really enjoyed this when he first posted it, I might have to go back and re-read ;)

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I'm out of likes already :*)

Thank you so much Jo, I was blushing for real. I can only say it was as hard (pardon the pun) to write it as it was to read it.

I have a senses kink, I guess you can call it. Once they are sated then you have the whole love emotion. My opinion anyway. Thank you so much to you and the readers :hug:

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Don't let Mark kid you. He can write. Over time his abilities have sharpened but the raw talent is all his. Enjoy. :)

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Thank you guys, don't let Comic (Unc) kid you either without him and my other Beta's/ Editors I wouldn't be even close. :):hug:

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