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Let Kids be Kids

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Yettie One


Right, I am somewhat in a dizzy miffed off mood today.

So this one is a bit of a rant.


There is something that I really just do not get! What is it about sex with a child????


Right, sex is about giving pleasure and taking pleasure right? It is about enjoyment and climax and orgasm right?

It's about love and lust and emotions.

And you can get ANY of that from a bloody kid???


Ian Watkins today pleaded guilty to a series of depraved child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh for heavens sakes man. Come on! :(


For those who don't have a clue who the hell Ian Watkins is, he is lead singer of the massive Indie Rock band The Lost Prophets.

They are a South Wales band, and as I used to live down that way, I've seen then perform at several gigs and concerts and really love their music.

The singer has always furiously denied the allegations which surfaced a few months ago in the wake of the whole Kiddy fiddling scandal that came to light when Jimmy Savile popped his cloggs.


Now ok, the allure of youth I can understand to a degree. A young man in his teens can be remarkably good looking and have curves and shapes that are not worn down by time and over indulgence.

But I am talking about a young man that's into the latter half of his teens.

In the UK the age of consent set by those that have wisdom in these things is 16. Now exactly what that is meant to mean, I am not 100% sure.

I guess, what they are trying to say is that by the age of 16, young people have some sort of understanding of what sex is and the fact that a whole load of emotions and feelings and all that other mumbo jumbo is tied up with it, even if they are not equipped or experienced to deal with it. So if they are going to get sexual, at least they are capable of some reason and sensibility.


Look, kids are going to be kids. They will want to experiment and try it out and get into mischief. Bloody hell, I did it, and I am pretty sure most of you did too.

We all did right?

But, for the most part, we did it with someone we chose, most probably with a peer or friend within our own age group, and if it was with an older person, that decision was probably made at a time when we decided we really wanted to find out what all this sex stuff could feel like when done properly, and with someone who had experience.


Am I being sensible when I say that this is normal, natural behaviour for a young person?


To suggest that a child, one that has not even entered into sexual maturity, or let alone puberty is sexually active and desires a relationship with an older person??????????


How do you get gratification for a kid that cannot even perform yet?


When I see people that I have looked up to and admired as celebrities and heroes abusing their position of trust and access, I feel really mad first and fore most, but completely disillusioned and let down. Why?


Look, this has been going on for ages, I know. It is a very dark and dirty part of our world. It is something we know about, hear about, but never really want to discuss or think about, because let us be frank, it is appalling and sickening to think that young, beautiful children are subjected to this wickedness.


So no one really says much.


But, the worms are crawling out the woodwork here in the UK recently. The police are doing a lot to sort this. About bloody time.


I just really needed to have a rant, and put my thoughts down on paper. I work in music, have always admired some of these people. How many times have I sung that song by Rolf Harris called Two Little Boys. It's even moved me to tears! Now, to find out he another of these men?


We live in a sad world. I suppose that stuff like this has always been there, but now that it comes out into the public domain so easily! It hurts.

Tell me, is there a limit to our depravity? Just let a kid be a kid for crying out loud. They have a whole life to grow up and get caught up in the shit that goes with the emotional roller coaster of sex. We all know this right? Our youth is a precious time, let the young enjoy and build treasured memories, ones like you and I have. Not stuff that they should NEVER have to be thinking about.

Meh, enough said, rant over, but just really needed to get this crap off my chest today. Thanks for listening.


Thought for today - "Virtue is bold and goodness never faithful." - William Shakespeare

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Well said, Rob.  We hear about this everyday where I live.  I't's sickening, and heartbreaking.  Let a child be a child.  Don't ruin their childhood!

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The truly sad thing is those type of people are a minority but their depravity screams louder than all of us combined. I can't wrap my mind around the desire that is so obviously twisted. I just don't get it.

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I don't think pedophilia is a crime of passion or lust. I think it falls into one of two categories:


1) An act of violence or domination, like rape.


2) An act of desperation, pulling a victim down to one's level. Like they can never be clean again, so they're trying to reclaim their innocence by taking another's.


Whatever the reason, pedophilia is said to have the second highest rate of recidivism of any crime, second only to indecent exposure.


Anybody who finds themselves considering a carnal act with a pre-pubescent needs to check that thought and seek help immediately. Anyone finding themselves tempted by anyone under the age of consent had better not volunteer to work with kids. I've lost track of how many youth ministers and public school employees I've heard of who got into trouble.

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Wow.. I read this and then had to go for a shower. Go figure right? My mind was poetic and all that good stuff. I wish I was here to quote what it was. It was devine.. :)


My question really is, how can these people knowing full well what they're doing not think of the concequences. Like what long term effects could this have? Am I being selfish? I think there's a lot more, but to me I think most of all they aren't thinking, they're just acting on an impulse that has been planted in their brain and that they're so far gone that they couldn't resist those temptations. Are they mentally ill? I don't know, I'm no doctor. But for the most part, MOST of us have a thing called a conscious, or the ability to tell right from wrong. Clearly this isn't something they're capable of. Maybe I 'm a bit biased, being diddled as a child has made me become on the offensive of such things. Therefore, to hell with them....


*Sorry that's the end of my rant*

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I see so many sides of this and all I can say is that abuse is about power. Sensation isn't the be all and end all with sex, though for teens that's often their impetus for becoming sexually active. There are emotional sides to it that come ito play for them, and other consenting partners.


But rape... that's about control and power and often hate. There's no logic to it, no understanding it when you're not that type of person. Thank heavens, right? While it is sad that there are those in the public eye guilty of this, in some ways, it helps the cause of finding and prosecuting more of the creeps preying on others. It brings the issue into the public spotlight.


But we can never forget the quiet victims who could still need help. Always keep your eyes open, be aware of those around you and their actions. I'm a mama, and I'm a force to be reckoned with when it comes to my kids' safety. The world is a scary place for a kid because of their lack of power, so I try to be there to help shield some of the scarier things.

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Is it right that I feel ashamed because he's name is Ian? XD just to lighten it up in here. Anyway, he should be sue of corrupting the innocence of minors!!!

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I saw that today and couldn't believe it.... Lostprophets was one of my favourite bands from when I was a teenager.


It just sickens me how someone of such status and power could conspire and exploit the most vulnerable people on Earth. I too am glad that this received a lot of publicity because it really does bring awareness that pedophilia and rape is an issue that can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

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