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mmromance Anthology Story Sent

Caz Pedroso


My story for mmromance Loves Landscape Athology has now been sent, I am just waiting to hear what their editor Barb thinks.




The story is called CHAPMISTRES VIEW - ADAM AND BEN.




As the title says the story is about Adam and Ben.




Ben Smith (or is that his name?) is a new witch night nurse at the healing clinic, he is running from his past and doesn't want it to find him.




Adam Rickman is an Elder on the vampire council and at nearly 2000 years old had given up any hope of ever finding his mate.




Adam runs into Ben (literally) in the street and instantly knows he has finally found his mate. All he has to do is convince Ben to spend some time with him. That is easier said than done and he has to rely on Bens employers/friends to fight his cause and help get him and Ben together.




Will they grt their happy ever sfter? Or will Bens past finally find him?




I will post a link as soon as I have any news on publishing dates meanwhile please check out Andrew and Jamie's story.

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Thanks for all you good wishes. (I am sooo sorry :-( I have only just replied but for some reason my computer wouldn't show me this blog. >:-(


This story is now available for download as an eBook here on GA and is posted and a complete story on my profile.


Comments are always welcome. :-)

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