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In a purely technical sense, as of now, I am unemployed. I left my employer this morning having handed in my ID card, blackberry, laptop etc and very much feeling the effects of my leaving party last night.


Obviously this is good news, not least because i will now have time to actually fulfil my obligations as a beta reader.


I now have a week of unemployment before starting my new role - I'm very excited :D

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So this is closely followed by "New beginnings", then? :) Congrats again.

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Congratulations on the new job, Westie.  Enjoy your week off.

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Whew, when I saw the left my job and unemployed you had me worried :unsure:


Glad that you have a new one in a week :) Enjoy the time off and hoping the excitement lasts forever!

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I hope you use caller ID and don't answer the phone when people from the place of your former employment call.....


Everyone is entitled to a little peace and quiet while savoring their unemployment.

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