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New Beginnings

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With apologies to Bleu, from whom I stole the title of this blog shamelessly from one of his comments....


So it has been three weeks in the new job. There are good things, there are bad things. Let's start with the bad things, because it is by far the smaller list. The main thing is, that however much more money and status this job has, it is considerably less challenging than my last one. While some people might relish the idea of a better paid job that is considerably easier, for me it goes against my nature.


The second issue is that the people are not very sociable. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there will be considerably less socialising than I have been used to and I will genuinely miss it.


On to the good things though. Well, the first is that I can make real, substantive decisions without having to refer upwards. In short, I have much more control and responsibility - and while that in itself carries its own burden, I would rather fail off my own back than fail because someone else had tied my hands. Not that I'm going to fail at all mind you :)


Second, is location. I work at Oxford Circus, which means I can either go direct to the office, or as I have done this week - walk from any number of picturesque locations. This has taken me through St James' Park, Regents Park, Portland Place (familiar to fans of Mark Arbour's Bridgemont series) and Westminster.


Third is facilities. These guys really know how to look after their staff, and we are pampered and spoiled in ways familiar only to employees of google and apple.


All in all, things are going very well, and for the moment at least, I am pretty happy.


Anyway, that was just a very quick update. I hope to post a more substantial blog very soon. In the meantime, I'm sending hugs and happy thoughts to everyone at GA :)



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Congratulations on your new situation.  More money and less challenge is always better than less money and more responsibility.  Perhaps your job seems easier because you are experienced and headed for a higher position.


You should take on socializing as an additional responsibility.  It will get you noticed and be appreciated by your colleagues now and when they become your subordinates.


Best wishes.

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It sounds pretty fancy! :D

I'm happy that you're enjoying it so far.

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I agree with Mikel.  If you think there is a lack of socialising (using the Brit spelling) then take on that responsibility.   It sounds as if you have plenty of leeway to act.  


As far as the perks, enjoy them!  

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Sounds like you're happy in most respects.  Life is never perfect and i'm sure you'll personify those folks arounf you that seem to be anti-social.  Hope all goes well and congrats on your new job!

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