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I Think She Might Be Pure Evil...

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Johnathan Colourfield


Warning: Totally depressing post here. I'm actually okay, just needed to put this somewhere because if I didn't I'd scream. Merry Christmas Everyone! :)




My mother is officially pure evil. I know i've had my problems with her over the years, but this morning has really taken the cake. She's had a cough for a few weeks, but she's got friends round at the moment.


She's telling her how she was on an oxygen mask, went into hospital for a week, hasn't been able to move off the sofa and hasnt eaten for weeks. NONE of these are true. She had no oxygen mask, never went inot hospital, has been out every day this week and has eaten 3 meals a day...


She has made them up to show off to her friends.


And the worst thing of all? She has been broadcasting to everyone how she tried to kill herself, which is a total lie because we would have known.


It's just out of order.


I'm sorry but you do not joke or make light of things like eating disorders, suicidal tendences and oxygen masks. It's just out of order. She is truly a monster if she's making these things up to show off to her friends.


If you are suicidal, you don't say to every tom, dick and harry in the street. I work with seriously vulnerable children and adults and KNOW that they are serious issues people don't talk about until they are ready. It angers me that she makes light of such serious issues.


Also, she's blaming everyone else for not carrying on with her lies.


I just dont understand it. She's obssessed with lying to everyone and with being the most ill out of all of us, which makes those of us with genuine mental health problems shut down even more.


I wish i felt anything more than disgust for her right now, I really do.


What a way to start Christmas :/

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