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Brady's Story Hits Close To Home



Okay, so yesterday I woke up to check my emails, and I get a daily 'news' email from our local news feed. And the headline hit me: Loudoun Teen Overcomes Heartbreaking Obstacles in Life..." A teen here in my county (I'm sure there are so many others that we never hear about, sadly) who has been struggling with his sexuality for years was outed by his parents when they found "incriminating" messages on his computer. And they threw him out in his senior year of HS. It was so sad to read it happening here, so close to home. Our schools have been very supportive of LGBTQ teens, my daughter in fact personally knows two--a young man and a young woman who are both out at school. It was sooo nice to read in the article that the COMMUNITY, neighbors, friends, teachers, the school, etc, have been helping and supporting this teen, even as his family rejected him.


It just reminded me of Brady's struggle (Guarding the Line). I know Rami was probably guarding his line fiercely, knowing his parents opinions (they'd told him in his Freshman year they'd disown him if he was gay), but maybe even if he was shoved over it prematurely, it will work out for him.
Here's a link to the article if you're interested in reading it:



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So terrible to do a thing like that as a parent! I just can't imagine how it's even possible to kick your own child out on the streets. It's simply not possible to understand. Good for him he had a real family out there, stepping in when the DNA donors quit on him. And to think this happens today, to other kids... Grrr!

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Thank goodness for those who reached out to help this young man. I can't imagine being rejected by the people who should love you the most. 

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And some people claim there's no need to keep fighting. That it doesn't really happen any more. Parents like those deserve to die a slow, painful way.

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