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Hubs Pitches Me Another Story Idea

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Dayne Mora


The previews before Moana included one for Monster Truck. It's a simple premise really--monster trucks, with real monsters in them. B figured if that's all it took to get a movie greenlit, he aught to make a go of it himself. I'm not going to discourage him. If they can make a kids' movie about tentacle monsters getting freaky with 4x4s, then who am I to judge?


But, I should have known how the drive home would go...


"Hey, I have another story idea for you--monster trucks that have real monsters in them. But they're also gay. You may need to work in some kind of hook for your audience. Maybe the drivers are all werewolves, who are also gay."


And if that wasn't bad enough....


"Remember that one weird story you were telling me about where the one guy has a hemipenes?* Well, some trucks have hemis, so...."


So, keep a lookout for my next story, Must Love Trucks, an m/m/t** tale about a cute little twink who struggles with his affections for a hunky truck-driving alpha werewolf and the monster under his hood. Vroom, vroom!


(Still trying to figure out how to work in that hemipenes, though.)


*Yes, there is a m/m shifter erotica in which the bottom has two cocks. Don't ask me how that works.

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Hubs is a bit crazy, isn't he dearie? Although I have to admit that MMT actually sounds interesting. Maybe after Wild Card?

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I think there will be quite a few takers for your story here... and a horde of them for your husband.

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