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Writing Prompts #584 & #585

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Renee Stevens


I hope everyone is having a great week! It's time for this weeks prompts, supplied by our prompt guru, Comicfan. Just a reminder, and for those who haven't worked with the prompts before: prompt responses under 1,000 words must be posted as part of a collection. Hopefully you'll find something in this weeks prompts to spark an idea and get you writing!



Prompt 584 – Creative

Tag – List of Words

Use the following words in a story – lunch box, wooden table, a white horse, menu, and a needle.


Prompt 585 – Creative

Tag – The Lady

You were hired at a new company and every one has been really nice. After your first week, your boss informs you that you have been assigned to the new president of the company to be part of her start up project. When you ask about her or the job you are told she is a lady and you will find out. What is the lady like?


BHopper2 - Prompt: 583 – Creative "Matchmaker"


Caleb walked into the office and looked around at the bright cheerful décor. He was still fuming from where his Mother had set him up with a Matchmaker. However, he wanted to make her happy, so he decided to humor her. His first visit with the Matchmaker, Linda Styles, was at his condo off of Bayshore Blvd., three weeks ago. They sat on the balcony sipping coffee while looking out over Tampa Bay, and Downtown Tampa. She had him fill out the forms, and answer questions on what he was attracted to, and other personality base ones. “Thank you, and you’ll hear from me soon,” was the last thing he had heard from Linda, as she left. Until last night.


“Caleb, it's Linda, I’ve found you a match! Come by my office tomorrow, and you’ll meet him,” she said in her voicemail. Caleb had missed her call while he was out running.


Now Caleb was in her office, and after checking in, sat in the lobby as he waited to be called back.


“First time here?” a man sitting in the lobby asked him.


“It is,” Caleb replied to him, “you’ve been here before?”



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