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Not Lost, Not Wondering, Just Not Sure Where I Am



Back in March, I got a new job. I was excited and eager to start. However, within the first month, I ended up being transferred to the sister company doing basically the same job. The lateral transfer was not officially executed. There was no paperwork ever signed or submitted or anything like that. The original company I was hired for continued paying my salary. I was given my healthcare benefits through the original company after two and half months.  I was working for a compounding pharmacy. My job was verifying new patient insurance, doing clinical follow-up calls, and getting the orders ready for shipping to the patients.

A little over a month ago, the volume of patients increased from 5 or 6 prescriptions a day to 15 to 18 prescriptions a day. When that happened, I was no longer able to to the clinical follow-up calls. All of my time was spent verifying new patients insurance and preparing the orders for shipment. We all decided that another person was needed to help me out. The problem is, the person they hired works remotely from home. So, she can only do the new patient insurance verification and clinical follow-up calls. That means I was now in charge of shipping. I spend over 8 hours a day preparing the orders for shipping. (This includes making New Patient Paperwork Folders, packing the orders, printing the shipping labels, bringing the orders to FedEx, etc). 

Monday I was called into a meeting with the HR person, the compounding pharmacist in charge, and the lead tech over compounding (who gave himself the title of compounding co-manager trying to make himself equal in the hierarchy to the pharmacist). I was informed that the position I was hired for was eliminated because I wasn't working for the original company anymore. They then said that a new position was being created for me with the sister company. That's when the bomb exploded. 

The sister company only hires part-time hourly employees. That means that starting next Tuesday, I will be switching from a full-time salaried employee to a part-time hourly employee. They are allowing me to keep my benefits, but they are cutting my hours to 25 hours per week. (There's no way that I can get everything done in only 5 hours a day). My hourly pay will be almost equivalent to what I was making per hour as a salaried employee if you divided my pay by a 40 hour week. 

So, I have a choice. I can either work for the 5 hours, then clock out and go home and leave whatever is unfinished there for someone else to worry about or I can just keep working and clock out when I get everything finished for the day. The bitter bitch in me wants to do the former while the responsible needing money to cover car payments side of me says to do the latter. I've been so busy with work for the past month and a half that I haven't had time to write or socialize with my friends on here. I've given all my time to "getting the job done." They repay me by cutting my hours and my pay but expect me to still get the job done. I was told that the new position can't be full-time salaried because the company can't afford it (even though since I started I've seen the number of patients increase by 8x). Evidently, there isn't enough revenue coming in yet to justify keeping me full-time and paying me that much. So, even though we are sending out 8x more product now, the way they do the billing doesn't generate revenue immediately. We bill the compounded prescription through the patient's major medical insurance, not their pharmacy coverage with a co-pay. This makes the patient's co-pay little-to-no-cost to them but takes forever to see the revenue from it because insurance companies don't like to pay their bills. They'll deny the claim initially, forcing the company to file an appeal, which ultimately will be approved but not for the amount submitted. They end up paying what they want and there's nothing else that can be done. So, the revenue from the 8x increase in patient volume isn't being seen yet. They made it sound like once the revenue is seen and they can justify the expense of my salary and hours, I'll go back to full-time. I just don't know what I should do. 

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Another :hug: for you first - and i agree with the others. your health and welfare come first. Do what you can and look for something else. if they get their act together in the meantime, all well and good, on the other-hand if they don't you may find a better job out there. 

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There are times in my job as a detective that I have to work a lot of overtime. Not often but it can mean sleeping in the car or on your desk. It's worth it we catch the bad guy. I also get a shit-ton of money to do this, it's also a calling more or less. 


I agree with the others. This Company seems shady, no paper work, no offers, no protection for you.  I would not kill myself for these guys, Jay. I would not work for free either. I appreciate you caring, but these guy care nothing for you.  Will they be there for you when you're ill and cannot work? 


I suggest doing your resume and starting to look for another position. 

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Jay, just remember you will pull through. Look for a new job and don't whore your hours to them. They show no loyalty and act as if they're doing you a favor.

 Piece of advice for future. Get job description in writing. If transferred to sister company, in writing as well.

 Rooting for you brother. Don't give up, and remember some of us are here. 🤗

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