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Featured Story: The Lilydale Leopards



What's better than another great featured review from the hardworking review team here on GA? When it's about one of my fellow admins (you're reading that right, if you missed that Graeme is now stuck on our unruly team) that members might not know is also an accomplished author with a very popluar sporty epic. Sound intriguing? Check out Timothy's review we've been keeping under wraps to surprise @Graeme with today! 


The Lilydale Leopards


Reviewer: Timothy M.

Status: Complete

Word Count: 821,737


Would you like to meet a team of hunky Australian footballers? If so, then Graeme’s Lilydale Leopards series is the perfect place to go. You’ll experience plenty of game action and footy skills, but no intimate bedroom stuff. Graeme’s writing never goes beyond kissing and cuddles. However, since most of the guys are straight, perhaps that’s OK? As for the locker room and shower scenes you’ll have to use your imagination. :P 


Of course, there’s an exception to the rule — the gay footballer— who makes the story even more interesting. In the first book, Leopard Skin Cover, ‘Ken’ is deep in the closet, mainly due to the lack of acceptance in the macho sport of Australian Rules football. He knows his chances of advancing to AFL, the major league, would be hampered by coming out. On the other hand, staying in the closet has several disadvantages, one of which is being unable to date Tony, the new marketing employee of the Leopards club. Another problem is the stress of pretending he’s straight to everybody around him, something many GAreaders can probably relate to.


The sequels, Leopard Spots and Leopards Leap, are just as well written and the full story explores not only relevant themes of friendship, bullying, and bigotry, but also the striving for achievement and acceptance. I’ve returned to the series several times to spend time with the friends I’ve made there. The core group of team members and supporters, both staff and fans, are described and shown in such caring and fun ways that we readers engage ourselves in their lives and fortunes as if we know them personally. We cheer, groan, laugh, gasp, and keep our fingers crossed for the success of the Lilydale Leopards, and some of us occasionally rant at the stupidity of various characters. 😊


Don’t be put off by the sports setting. I had no knowledge about Australian football, but Graeme seamlessly weaves the information into the story. The training, games, and constant need for sponsors and winning strategies provide a rich background for the main story arcs. This is a tale with passion, drama, sadness, and joy, as well as love and the kind of loyal friends we all wish for. Well, maybe except for Alex. :rolleyes: :lol:  Once you’ve become part of the Lilydale Leopards family you’ll never forget them, or in the words of another devoted fan:


Defiance19: Thank you for creating this family of football players whom we came to know as friends. For sharing their lives, and telling their story. We loved them, shared their pain, celebrated their highs, suffered their lows and everything in between.

Take your time to savor the first three books and join the rest of us in the ongoing Book 4. See you there.


Category: Fiction   Genres: Drama, Romance  Tags: young adult, Australia, no sex, coming out, psychology, sports, friendship   Rating: Teen

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Recommended Comments

Awesome review, Tim!! I've only read the first one, and I loved it! But then I started writing myself, and never found the time to keep up with the next ones. I absolutely love Graeme's writing (I did read Temporary Dads since then... another great story), and someday, I will finish the series. :) 

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I'm in a similar boat as Gary, I read the first one, but I haven't got around to reading the rest of the series. I'll certainly rectify that. :yes: 

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Great review, Tim..

It is a great series and I hope more people find their way to it. 


Your chapter comments/rants are legendary. Lol. I think I look forward to that almost as much as a new chapter. :) 


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5 hours ago, Defiance19 said:

Your chapter comments/rants are legendary. Lol. I think I look forward to that almost as much as a new chapter. :) 


:blushing:  Thanks - I think.  :lol:

Yeah, I'm hoping more people will read those stories, they hold so many more great things which I couldn't fit into the review.

When I was going through reader comments to find one to quote, I came across yours and immediately knew I didn't have to look further. It captures everything I want to say.  :heart:

Edited by Timothy M.
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19 hours ago, Headstall said:

 I've only read the first one, and I loved it! But then I started writing myself, and never found the time to keep up with the next ones. 


16 hours ago, Drew Espinosa said:

I'm in a similar boat as Gary, I read the first one, but I haven't got around to reading the rest of the series. I'll certainly rectify that. :yes: 


Lucky you, then you can binge read all the chapters at once. There were a lot of frustrated waiting for Saturday going on back then.

Oh, wait there is now too, for book 4. :lmao:

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Great review! This is an awesome series that will make you think, laugh,  wonder, and relish the dynamic storytelling by Graeme. 


One of my favorite stories of all time. 

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I've got to admit that I fist saw AFL on one of my cable stations years ago, and I was hooked by the game's sheer novelty for us Americans.  I detest our 'football' as too overpaid and teaching the wrong values for bullying and violence in our schools--these guys were almost always the worst offenders.  No brains needed, just muscle, and wearing ridiculous amounts of padding and still complaining at every little scrape? 

AFL is played by guys who know strategy and teamwork are the vital parts of the game rather than sheer brutality.  And they wear simple shorts, shirts and socks with no padding in evidence.  No idea about their pay scales, but I imagine they don't whine about getting injured on the job, but carry on to get better.  Still, I'm biased in their favor and of Australia in general.  Wish I could visit some time.

I discovered Graeme's works more than a decade ago at a site called Dewey Writer, and I've been hooked ever since...so now we get the joy of his talent and sexy sporty guys...can't beat that!

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9 hours ago, ColumbusGuy said:

I discovered Graeme's works more than a decade ago at a site called Dewey Writer, and I've been hooked ever since...so now we get the joy of his talent and sexy sporty guys...can't beat that!


I didn't know you're such a long time fan of @Graeme and AFL. I only became interested after reading the Lilydale Leopards story. I've never understood the fascination with American football either, but I'm a great fan of baseball. They have some good looking guys too. :P  Right now it's all about watching the World Cup where Denmark is participating. With luck we may go on from the first round. The Spain-Portugal match last night was brilliant.

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      Promising Author


      Reviewer: Timothy M.

      Status: Complete
      Word Count: 48,924

      Most stories on GA are about gay men and for good reason, since this is the preference of the majority of members. But luckily there are also stories for readers interested in other aspects of the sexual diversity of humans. One of the authors who explore the questing nature of human relationships is carringtonrj.
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      RJ has a small but enthusiastic fan group, but I’d like to see it expanded, and I’m sure there must be other readers who’ll appreciate his particular talent. This review concerns his most recent story, Presence, which perhaps is a greater challenge than earlier stories like Vintage or London and Love. One of the reasons is that RJ experiments with different styles of writing, and each chapter has its own distinct flavor. Some chapters contain nothing but dialogue, while others follow the rambling thoughts of the protagonists.
      But Presence also has many of RJ’s signature traits: interesting characters with intelligence and empathy, beautiful imagery, and a grasp of the written word which is second to none. There is no rushing or hectic drama, but a calm intensity in every chapter. In fact, I have more than once left a review which comments on the soothing quality of his stories, e.g.:

      The calmness of this chapter was a balm to soothe the hurt and hurry of everyday lives. (Presence ch 10)  

      Your habit of describing the situations with two or more phrases, reinforcing the impressions in subtle variation, is part of what creates the slow mellow progress which sets this story apart from the fast-and-furious action which pervades modern life. (Vintage ch 3)  
      Let me mention other good points of Presence, a story which according to the description tells of ‘A lesbian romance with a gay boyfriend along for the ride.’ To me the main one is Alex who is a woman of keen but kind wit, at once sensible and sensitive. For some reason I enjoy reading stories with intelligent, strong women, perhaps because they are attractive as both friends and lovers. I despise the Bridget Jones trend of 'helpless, silly women' being cute and desirable. Give me an Alex any day!
      I’m also intrigued by the interaction of Alex with the two other characters of the story: Jamie, her boyfriend, and Lucy, who meets Alex at work. The way Alex and Lucy think about and react to each other and to the confusion and joy they feel at their mutual attraction, is so vivid, believable and universally human that I think all of us can relate, whether we are male, female, gay, straight, or anything in between. It is clear to me that no matter their faults and foibles, carringtonrj cares deeply for his characters and their struggles to find themselves, and he makes me engage myself in them too.
      Why not give him and Presence a try? You might be as surprised and delighted as I was when I first stumbled on carringtonrj’s genderqueer stories.

      Category: Fiction Genres: Romance Tags: Mature Adult, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay, Love Rating: Mature

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      Reviewer: Litlover
      Status: Complete
      Word Count: 102,329
      MetaShadowlands is the third book of the MetaWolf series by JohnAR. Most readers will attest to the fact that the Meta series is a series unlike any others you have probably read. Love it or hate it, there is little doubt that it is not your everyday werewolf story. Fair warning to those of you who haven’t read the first two books in the series, this review may contain spoilers.
      MetaShadowlands is centered around (1) Colt Parker: a sometimes abrasive, occasionally hard to like, but highly intelligent, self-depreciating nerd with a strong Dominant streak, and (2) the wolf pack he has become the “Meta” for.
      The first book in the series explained how a Meta is an individual with power over the Alpha and the inner circle of a pack, providing guidance and direction to a pack that is traditionally ruled exclusively by instinct. The Meta is an evolution in some modern day packs to help wolves deal with the reality that brains, more than brawn, are required for success in today’s world. In this book Colt is becoming more comfortable with his role as Meta and using the power that comes with it.
      In the last book, MetaOrigins, Colt learned something about himself that had the potential to rip the pack apart. MetaShadowlands starts with Colt being separated from his wolves and coming to terms with his choices and dealing with the consequences of his actions. In MSL the pack as a whole is changing and evolving. They are fighting rogue wolves, seemingly treacherous wolf packs and vampires, with one vampire Queen in particular continuing to cause them no end of trouble. They are also challenging for land and cultivating allies with other packs around the world in preparation for an anticipated war against the vampires. As always, Fate (and I capitalize Fate on purpose) has wielded her influence in the lives of the wolves and has worked to bring the pack together.
      Colt has a strong dominant streak, and he likes to dominate hunky men, especially marines. Lucky for him most of the wolves in his pack are ex-marines, heavily muscled and submissive to him. As the pack is dealing with all of the upheaval in their lives Colt is still “sniffing out” new pack members. We meet more new wolves in this book, including Sam Sr., Leo and Warren. We are also re-introduced to Al. Other secondary characters come in to play in this book, including Prime’s brother, Seb, and his girlfriend Emma, who has potential to be a great confidant for Colt, if he ever loosens up and trusts anybody.
      Thrown into the mix are the Meta Prompts chapters, which John posts weekly, before each new series chapter. These prompt chapters give readers more maddening clues to unlock the mysteries of the MetaVerse. The prompts should be read in the order intended to prevent accidental “spoilers.”
      In Colt, John has created a character that often causes a furor of reactions in readers ranging from wanting to slap him to wanting to hug him. Colt is not your traditional cuddly hero. We continue the debates from book 1 and 2 about the role of scents in this world and whether or not those scents can or do translate to love. The opinions of Colt’s actions and ideas often cause a lot of ranting and debate in the forum, which, for me, is a part of the fun of Meta.
      One of the first lessons you need to learn in the MetaVerse is that you have to be careful who you trust because nothing and no one are what they seem at first glance. John loves nothing more than to pepper each chapter with obscure hints and red herrings and watch us spin in circles as we try to decipher meaning behind normally benign actions and conversations. There are cliff-hangers and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat while cursing Colt, the wolves, John and your computer.
      I came to this series from a unique position compared to many other MetaWolf readers. Anyone who knows me on GA, knows that I am, in general, a sappy romantic and don’t care for stories involving polyamorous relationships or ménage storylines. However, I decided to test my own boundaries and give the story a chance. I went into the first book thinking that I would give it an honest try, but did not expect to get past the first few chapters. I have now finished book 4 in the series, which should give you an indication of my revised opinion about this story.
      Although I still am not a fan of polyamory or ménage I have (semi)jokingly told John that I deal with those aspects of the story by imagining the pack are just a group of REALLY close army buddies. I will never enjoy polyamorous relationship stories or ménage storylines, but I have found that this story is less a romance and more a dark mystery and adventure, with a little BDSM and steamy nerd on wolf sex thrown into the mix.
      Regardless of whether you want to hug Colt or strangle him (or our sadistic, closed mouth author for that matter), I can guarantee that you will not be bored reading MetaShadowlands. I challenge you to give the MetaWolf series a try. John has now posted 4 complete books and has started posting his 5th of 8 books in the series, so there is still a lot more debate and ranting to come if you want to join us in the forum to vent.
    • By Cia
      Welcome to the Signature Author week. This month we're featuring KC's A Grim Fairytale, in honor of the Halloween season. Did you read it? If not, don't worry, my review won't spoil the story for you... but hopefully it will make you want to read it! If you haven't downloaded your background yet, get it here!

      A Grim Fairytale


      by KC

      Signature Author


      Length: 3,176
      Status: Complete
      Reviewer: Cia
      Mention Grimm, and I’m in. I was a fan of the original tales with their non-Disney scenes and endings, so when I then read that this Grim family was much older and darker, I was eager to keep reading. The story soon reads with the ‘Once upon a time’ schtick, but then it definitely goes in a frightening direction.
      *Warning* The first part of this story is very dark, just like the reader is warned. We meet a queen bent on worshiping the dark side and dragging her people along with her. The ritual she performs actually summons the devil… but then things go very, very wrong.
      And that’s just the beginning of how Magda pays the price of her hubris. We’re introduced to Marcus, her son, but he’s not the heir she expected to have. His nature is very different from hers, and no matter what, he’s rooted firmly in his own path.
      That’s about as exact as I’m going to get on the plot. I’d hate to spoil this story, since there is still plenty of October left to enjoy the twisted tale. There are a lot of layers to the story. The names of the main characters, Magda and Marcus, both hold interesting meaning if you relate them to their scenes in the story. (Check out the interview on Wednesday for more information on this!)
      KC’s writing, as always, involves a lot of vivid imagery and action. The visuals of the ritual and following scene is especially chilling. There are some complex themes in this story beyond the traditional good versus evil that all fairy tales employ. I also found several subtle tidbits that readers can enjoy, too.
      Now, all good fairytales end with ‘And they all lived happily ever after’, but this is a Grim tale, so there’s no guarantee evil will get its comeuppance… or even that you’re rooting for good to triumph by the end of the story. That’s the best part of this short story—it’s full of the unexpected!
    • By Renee Stevens
      For those that missed this month's signature background announcement, this month's Signature Background is "Cold Case" by Dolores Esteban. If you haven't already downloaded the background, there's still time! As our featured Monday post, we're sharing a review that Cia provided us. Cia obviously enjoyed the story and hopefully, after reading today's review, you'll decide you want to take a look for yourself. Enjoy!

      Cold Case




      Dolores Esteban

      Signature Author​

      Reviewer: Cia
      Status: Complete
      Length: 17, 484

      My first thought, when reading Dolores’ story, Cold Case, was that there was no way she packed that much information into a tale under 20,000 words! There is a rich tapestry of information that we learn about the characters and the mystery that unfolds, and it felt like a much longer tale when I read it. I’m a bit of a sucker for anything with a paranormal theme, and something that might freak me out in real life or in a movie—ritual murder, scary stuff—just fascinated me as I read Cold Case.
      The main character, Adam Johnson, is a police officer who just transferred into the Cold Case Unit. Hence the story name, lol. However, his first case isn’t so cold! Another detective, Steve Mills, picks him to partner on a case that’s been on the docket for 2 years but couldn’t be cracked. This is when we’re introduced to the paranormal angle—a psychic vision witness—and the secrets within secrets of the antiques that were stolen that included a hidden knife of Aztec Origin.
      Of course, Adam’s father is an expert archaeologist in Aztec and Toltec culture… and the new developments in the case cause Adam a lot of distress he has to hide from his new partner. A trip to Spain, an Antique Mafia—and OMG, did that make me laugh but apparently it’s a real thing!—a cover up, and the revelation that this whole thing is intrinsically linked with Adam’s past pulled me right in and I couldn’t stop reading until I reached the end.
      Coincide? Fate? An orchestrated drama by some shadowy characters? What comes next? There’s a rather freaky twist that comes about in the story and I really didn’t expect, even though Dolores did preclude some little tidbits here and there. What that twist is, you’ll have to read the story yourself to find out, of course. All in all, a great little mystery jam packed full of investigative action and paranormal ambiance so fans of both genres could really enjoy this story!

      Category: Fiction Genres: Thriller/Suspense Tags: Crime, Europe, Workplace, No Sex, Modern Rating: Everyone

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