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Weekly Wrap Up (Sept. 5 - Sept. 11)



I'm giddy :yes: 

My football team has been having a really, really bad year this year. If you are thinking of the CFL, then you got the right league. If you don't know what the CFL is, then there is no hope for you as a true football fan :gikkle: But, I imagine the majority of you are saying something like why the hell does he talk about sports here! Not a question, but a statement ;). So they kind of lost on Labour Day against their arch rivals and the rematch was tonight. Needless to say the won, bringing their yearly record to 2-4. Like I said, not have a good year :(.

So what gets you giddy? I think @Valkyrie is giddy as she told me she is getting to watch the Spruce Meadows Nations Cup this weekend. Although their isn't many nations, it is still nice to see some things getting back to normal, like show jumping. Horses that is 🐎! Wait, I'm talking sports again 0:).

On Monday, CIa was happy to tell us about a brand new Can't Stop Reading Feature. It is actually from an author that most of you know.

Then we jumped onto Thursday, when said featured author was in to bring you another Anthology Entry Revisted:

Well I'm going to do something different, I think both Cia and Renee have done them, but why don't I have the topic link rather than just a hidden link for all of Myr's Words of the Day:

Goals, so where are we as we approach the middle of the month of September :unsure:



  • 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 1 - A Winding Path - October 31st, 2021
  • 2021 Anthology #2 Top Theme 2- An Unconventional Gift - October 31st, 2021
  • 2021 Anthology #2 Pot Luck Themes - October 31st, 2021 
  • Spoiler

    Pick Your Poison     -     Lockdown     -     Left Behind     -     Dire Monotony     -     Mutation is Progress     -     Blood Moon

    Birthday Presents     -     Falling for Fall     -     Elves or Elvis?     -     Life’s Past     -     The Woods

    Rings of Fire     -     Plateau Wolves     -     Rock     -     Men and Women     -     A Legend Retold

    Echoes     -     The Last Sentinel     -     Tomorrow     -     A Label     -     Surpassing     -     Twilight Falling


  • Anthology 101 - In the Anthology Forum. Everything you need to know about GA Anthologies

Ask an Author

  • Ask an Author 3.0 - Submit a story you like and 3 questions you would like to ask the author about. Send them to @astone2292 or @Renee Stevens **Please submit so Aaron can have a  bank of stories and questions**

Blog Opportunities

Now, let's look at new stories and chapters posted this week!

Premium Updates:

On Fire by Cia *Premium*

Classic Updates:

Bloom by Dabeagle

Stuff People Do by Ronyx

The Brilliant Boy Billionaire by Altimexis

Signature Updates:

Ancalagon by Cia

Disasters, Delights and Other Detours by Parker Owens

Gap Year by Mark Arbour

GFD: Broken Wings by Comicality

GFD: Sins Of The Father by Comicality

Larkspur: A Sidewinder Tale by Headstall

Left Without Words by Comicality

Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour; Book 8 of Bridgemont

The Best Year by Krista

The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Poetry by AC Benus

The Great Mirror of Same-Sex Love - Prose by AC Benus


Don't forget.... Read, Write, and REVIEW!!! (and Recommend with a share to the forum topic!) 


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I'm definitely giddy about getting to watch Spruce Meadows show jumping again, since it's something I look forward to all year and all events were cancelled last year.  There were only four nations (as opposed to the usual twenty) represented in the Nations Cup (five teams, since Canada fielded two teams), but the competition was still pretty fierce :)  🍁

sport jumping GIF by FEI Global

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My football soccer team has had the worst start in it's history, but the Blue Jays are breaking records. :thumbup: 

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