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December CSR Feature: Sidewinder by Headstall



Well, it's come. The final CSR feature of 2021... and what better than a time-traveling tale of the Old West? Headstall shares his passion for the genre with this comment on his story: "What was life like for a gay man in the Old West? Westerns are not a popular genre, but this author grew up on them, and I wrote this for me. This is my second story set in these times, and I wanted to explore how these men coped... how they survived, and what the attitudes of the times were. A lot of research went into this, but the trappings of the story are only a small part of it. This is a simple human drama about wanting what we all want... to stay alive, have a place to call our own, and someone to share it all with. Sometimes, it's just a dream...." ~ Headstall


by @Headstall


Length: 71,019

Description: Life in the Old West was harsh. The work was hard, but the men were harder, and death.... well... it came easy. Boone had no one until he met Coy, a handsome cowboy with a good heart. Their friendship was quickly formed, and meant everything to him, but after five years of being at each other's side, it was time to move on. Coy didn't need him anymore, and Boone wanted someone made like he was. Finally accepting that was never going to be Coy, and tired of being rootless, he sets out to find a home... land that was his, and a place he could belong. Coy? Left on his own, what path will he take?

A Reader said: This story with it's wonderful characters...Coy, Boone and others (Blue and Daisy, especially), ticked all the boxes for me, written so well, there was laughter, tears, adventure, cliffhangers, LOVE, a uniqueness, etc, etc, etc!!! Loved it, the ending was perfect!!:heart: ~ Onim


Don't forget to come back to share your thoughts on Monday, December 27th!

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Well... this was unexpected. Thanks, @Cia!  This was a really fun story to write and post. The reaction was surprising, and the interaction with readers made it a fantastic experience. I appreciate any attention it gets. Cheers!

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I loved the story and it is worth reading so I highly recommend it for all! Loved all the interactions and even the ones that was heartbreaking!

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1 hour ago, Timothy M. said:

:wub:  yummy cowboys, sigh... Such a lovely story - and even better: there is a sequel. :D

Thanks, Tim. :hug: 

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49 minutes ago, Story Reader said:

I loved the story and it is worth reading so I highly recommend it for all! Loved all the interactions and even the ones that was heartbreaking!

Thanks, Sherye. :hug: 

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8 minutes ago, Mrsgnomie said:

Really enjoyed this story! Kept me coming back for new chapters. 

Thanks, Mrsgnomie! I appreciate that. It turned out to be a great experience for me. :hug: 

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