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Trying my hand at poetry



Ok, so I've started a Poetry Series at the efiction section of this site. and I've been getting some good reviews. I mean, my first poem wasn't that good. It didn't rhyme, so I think people naturally hate it. But my other poems have gotten some good reviews.

Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not writing stories anymore. As a matter fo fact, I'm almost done with chapter 6 of My Jump Off. I'm going out tonight, so I won't get it done until either when I get home tonight or tomorrow. But I promise that it will be posted no later than tomorrow. :)

Anyway, if you read my poems, please leave me comments and rate them. Even if you hate them and you think I'm the worlds worst poet and writer, I would like to here from my readers.


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Not bad at all. I think it would be better though if you posted them all at once, or at least collected a bunch that are of the same theme, and posted them all together instead of one-by-one ... sometimes poetry tends to have a better effect that way, as you can see different sides (or different manifestations of the same side) of a poet-writer that way, rather than a bunch of individual, stand-alone poems. Also, by doing this, you allow yourself some time to go back and review/revise, and see if you can develop some continguity between poems, see if you can draw some kind of emotional thread through each of them.



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Actually Nick, most poems do not rhyme at all.

This is just my opinion on poetry, but I think when poems rhyme it gives them a cheesy effect and I can't take it seriously. It's much better to just have a poem written from heart rather than style; it turns out a lot more personal that way. Your poems are great though =D

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My poems are cheesey???? :o:o:o

Um, Nicko ... um ... you are a sweet & cheesey kinda guy ... that mixed with the arrogant jerk part is why we love you so much.




:king: Snow Dog

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Hey Nick :D


I really loved your poems! I'm sorry I didn't comment on the first one, I just didn't feel like I had anything worthwhile to say, but I definitely liked it :) . My first thought, to be honest, was, "touching and a little scary". But I'm sure that's what you were going for since you described it as a poem about twisted love. I'm not sure which of the other three is my favourite, they're all SO beautiful! I bet your dad and Taylor were really touched when they read them! :D Anyway thank you for sharing your work with us :)


Have an awesome day and take care! :hug:



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Your poems are great, just read them all :) .


Far better than mine which are just plain depressing - hence why i don't post them anywhere lol.



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