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October Signature Excerpt: Finding Alex by Krista



Monday's feature of Finding Alex by @Krista mentioned a little bit of a twist... and if you don't get what I mean by that, maybe this excerpt will help you figure it out! 



Alex didn’t hesitate in removing his clothes, and I watched as he revealed his bright, yellow cargo briefs that seemed to glow in the dimly-lit bedroom. They revealed a whole lot more of him than my boxer briefs did me, but I went through the same steps fitted him with the toga, and we both looked identical when we headed back downstairs.

The men had followed the same general style, and the girls were both wearing the sheet like dresses, with their pink and lavender ribbons tracing down their bodies. Sara and Emily both wore clean bathing suits underneath their togas, and Chris was wearing green boxers under his that peaked out the bottom.

“Well, don’t we look interesting,” Sara joked as Steve poured the snack chips into a large bowl.

“Draw straws for first spinner?” I suggested as I picked up the spinner.

“Sounds good,” Steve said as he left the living room to grab straws from the kitchen. When he reappeared, he’d cut up a few straws and hid their lengths from view. “The longest one is the first spinner.”

“This is going to be fun,” Emily squealed as she grabbed her straw. It was pretty short. I went next and frowned after seeing that mine was even shorter. Then Sara chose the straw that ended up being the longest as Steve revealed the other two straws in his hand.

“Damn,” I said. “I wanted to spin.”

“You’ll get your chance,” Sara said smiling, “if you win.”

“Come on,” I groaned. “You know I’m stiff as a board.”

“Yeah,” Sara said. “I do remember you sucking at this game.”

“Right,” I said as I took my spot. Two over lapping mats lay side by side, allowing enough room for all of us to play. Sara started the softly playing music, a rock radio station that played the current rock hits, but not loud enough to interfere with talking.

“Ready?” Sara asked as she sat down in the floor with a bottle of beer sitting beside her. She opened it with a metal bottle cap opener and took a drink before flicking the spinner with her finger, sending the black arrow in motion. “Left foot red.”

The game was faced paced until we were all on all fours. So far, it’d been easy; no one had been twisted or stretched too badly. But when we each had to move our left foot to blue, I saw that I’d have to turn my butt around so that it’d be right in front of Steve’s face. I was the last one to make my move, and when I did I felt my face flush as Steve started laughing.

“Nice black panties you got there, cousin-in-law,” Steve joked, blowing air up the sheet making it flip up to reveal my boxer briefs to everyone.

“Not funny,” I grumbled. “Please spin, Sara.”

“Right,” she said, “or shall I make Steve suffer?”

“I’ll fall on purpose,” I said turning my head to stick my tongue out at her. She just shrugged and spun again.

“Oh, this will get a few people out,” she said. “Right hand yellow.” It was an easy move for me. Then I watched as Emily tried to climb over Steve with her left hand to get to the yellow on the other side of him, but she tickled him as she did it, and he fell leaving the area open for her.

“Cheater!” Steve screeched as he slid out from under her. “She tickled me!”

“I didn’t see anything,” Sara said, winking at Emily.

“How could you miss that?” I asked. “Emily is known for her cheating anyways.”

“Shut it,” Emily said. “You’re going down next.”

“Quiet,” Sara said. “Steve, I rule that you’re out so come sit down with me.”

“Fine,” Steve said. “Emily, next round you’re going down.”

“Do and you’ll be sharing a bed with Daniel,” Emily countered.

I was about to object, but Alex started laughing. He had been quiet until then, concentrating on the game. The move that I made took me closer to him, parallel to him. He had his legs crossed and his arms spread out with his head lower than mine. He looked like he was doing a weird push up, and his muscles were starting to strain and twitch as he supported his weight.

“Daniel probably cuddles better anyway,” Steve said, and I watched as Alex let out a laugh and fell to the mat. I didn’t like being the butt of the jokes.

“As long as you don’t snore,” I said. “Sara, spin.”

“Alright,” she said, and I heard the arrow sliding across the cardboard. When it stopped she called out the move. I had to flip over facing the ceiling to make it, but then Chris put his head above mine suddenly face to face with me.

“Oh, shit,” he said. “Can I pick a different circle?”

“Not if you want to win!” Sara said as I looked up at him.

“Kiss!” Emily shrieked as she looked up at us from her awkward bending position. Steve started chanting the word kiss, and Chris shoot him a look, which only made Alex start chanting.

“He’s a married man!” I said causing everyone to start laughing.


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I just read this short story gem.  It's great reading with an unexpected twist at the end.  

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