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Historical Deep Dive



Historical genres focus on different time periods in history or the speculation of alternate history.
Top 10 Most Read Non-Contemporary Historical
  1. Live, Love, Lose by LittleCherryBlossom26
  2. Russia - My Home by Tallguyct
  3. Rome by CLJobe
  4. The Golden Portifor by Mike Arram
  5. Papa Stour by quokka
  6. Marcus and the Slave by Kiltie69
  7. Bound & Bound – the Curse and the Captives – by AC Benus
  8. His Royal Highness, Prince Vincent by R. Eric
  9. A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting by Dodger
  10. Life Goes On by Tallguyct
Top 10 Most Read Cold War Historical
  1. Chronicles Of An Academic Predator by Mark Arbour
  2. Man In Motion by Mark Arbour
  3. Be Rad by Mark Arbour
  4. Jay & Miles by ColumbusGuy
  5. The Land Whore by Mark Arbour
  6. Do Over by dkstories
  7. Let's Do It by dkstories
  8. Do Over Redux by dkstories
  9. A Summer Love by Mark Arbour
  10. 1968 by Mark Arbour
Top 10 Most Read - Alternate Historical
  1. Capitol Hill - Summer of '22 Book VI by Carlos Hazday
  2. Do Over by dkstories
  3. Let's Do It by dkstories
  4. Do Over Redux by dkstories
  5. Engineer Benson by Wayne Gray
  6. Doing It Right by dkstories
  7. We Are All Men: An Omegaverse Fiction by cehammock
  8. human nature by small mercy
Top 10 Most Read - Medieval Historical
  1. A Declaration of War by Mawgrim
Top 10 Most Read - Historical  Western
  1. Bearpaw: An Old West Tale by Headstall
  2. Sidewinder by Headstall
  3. The Undertaker's Devil by Refugium
  4. Larkspur: A Sidewinder Tale by Headstall
  5. Boundaries: An Old West Tale by Headstall
  6. Forever My Love by vanalas
  7. The Mistress by vanalas
  8. The Book of Leaves by ValentineDavis21
Top 10 Most Read - Industrial Revolution Historical
  1. Northern Exposure by Mark Arbour
  2. Odyssey by Mark Arbour
  3. HMS Valiant by Mark Arbour
  4. HMS Belvidera by Mark Arbour
  5. St. Vincent by Mark Arbour
  6. Master and Commander by Mark Arbour
  7. The Wardroom by Mark Arbour
  8. The Gunroom by Mark Arbour
  9. WHITE-JACKET – A Man at War – A Filmscript by AC Benus
Top 10 Most Read - Ancient Greco-Roman Historical
  1. Hymenaios, or the Marriage of the God of Marriage by AC Benus
  2. Shards & Fragments: Short Stories by SilvryArdor
  3. Homophobia and the Zombie Menace, plus other essays by AC Benus
  4. Good News, or Paul's Letter to the Romans by AC Benus
Top 10 Most Read - Ancient Orient Historical
  1. The Spirit of the Plum Blossom Tree (TSPBT) by Kong Wen Hui
  2. Raising a Rebel by W_L
  3. Sword of the Missed (SOTM) by Kong Wen Hui
  4. Demon Dream by AC Benus
  5. To Dance On Your Fingertips by small mercy
  6. Shards & Fragments: Short Stories by SilvryArdor
Top 10 Most Read - World Wars Historical
  1. Live, Love, Lose by LittleCherryBlossom26
  2. Come Back To Us by LittleCherryBlossom26
  3. The Thousandth Regiment by AC Benus
  4. A Love Story with a Prisoner of War by joecarlson
  5. In the Service by RolandQ
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Great information for writers and readers alike, providing easy links to popular stories for those interested in the genres. Thank you. 

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  • Site Administrator
1 minute ago, Headstall said:

Great information for writers

Writers interested in building an audience might notice that we have a lot of sub-genres that don't have 10 entries yet. https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/genre-tag/

Our current posting plan has us back to Action/Adventure genres at the start of 2024.  ;)

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