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Well ... that was fun



So, I got to the Chinese department office about a half hour early and chatted with one of the secretaries for a while, and she gave me all of the information I need to get through the gazillions of procedures I have to follow once the final draft of my thesis is completed, which includes converting my MS Word document into PDF format (which I have no clue how to do), get three hardcover and one softcover copies of my thesis made, upload the PDF file of my thesis to the library's electronic thesis system, wait 2-3 days for them to send me a e-mail confirmation that it has been successfully uploaded, then go and hand in the copies of my thesis to the library and Chinese department, go to four different places to get "official" stamps on some form, and finally, go to pick up my final transcript and diploma. Why does it have to be so complicated, you ask? Answer: this is Taiwan. *sigh*


Anyway, so the test was ... interesting. It lasted about two hours, starting out with me giving about a 15 minute presentation on what my thesis topic is about, my main points/theories, how I went about collecting my materials, etc. Then all three professors gave me their opinions, suggested some points that I might want to revise, etc. The atmosphere was very friendly and cordial, even though discussion on a couple of points got slightly heated, although always polite. So, it wasn't bad at all.


So, how did I do? ::drum roll::


I got a 91% on my thesis, which counts for 50% of my final grade. The other 50% is the average grade from my coursework, which was 89.12% ... so my final grade at graduation is 90.06%, the equivalent of an "A" in the American system. Needless to say, I was quite happy, since I expected to only get 80+% on my thesis. So, I'm very happy with that, but not happy with all the crap I still have left to do, especially converting all of my MS Word files into one big ass PDF file, upload it, and then have to wait 2-3 days to find out if it even worked ... ugh. Taiwan is definitely the world capital of "red tape."


But anyway ... I am now officially "LittleBuddhaTW, M.A.," with a 90% average from the top university in the Republic of China, and a top tier international school. :2thumbs:


Oh ... and Chapter 16 of SOOTB should be posted sometime on Saturday morning (US Eastern time).


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I can help u converting the Ms Word File to PDF it's quite Simple.


Agree with Drewbie. It's very simple. When you install Acrobat Professional on your PC, the program CREATES a printer named 'Adobe PDF' on your PC. So from MS Word, print your document, but instead of selecting a real printer, choose the 'Adobe PDF' printer.


So for you:


- Combine all your MS Word files into one big document (in the order and format you want the final product to look like)

- Save it

- Print the document by selecting the 'Adobe PDF' printer

- You'll be prompted for a name for the file

- And then PDF MAGIC!!! A PDF file get's created and You're done. :2thumbs:





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I can't get the page numbers in the PDF file to match up with the original ... the PDF file ends up having more pages than the original .doc file, and that's not allowed. I also just found out that I have to stick the "National Taiwan University" watermark into the background of each page ... being the computer idiot that I am, none of this is going to be pleasant ... and I have to have an ID number and password to get into the system to upload it ... hello?!?! No one ever gave me one! So now I have to find out how to get that ... it's all a huge nightmare ... and after having put all of my separate files into one big file, I have to go back and manually reset all of the footnotes so each chapter begins at "1" ... again, not fun.



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LittleBuddhaTW, M.A. :great:


Forget the pdf and go celebrate!


Camy B)


edited for awful spellink!

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LittleBuddhaTW, M.A.






As for the PDF problem... What version of Acrobat are you using? Also, what version of Word?

Usually, I've had good luck with printing the document from word, to the faux printer that Acrobat creates on the printer list (it's output is PDF documents). If I recall, you can tinker with the printer paramiters to get around sizing problems.

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Sheesh guys....


Okay, I make acrobat PDF files 5-10 times a day on a slow day, my record being 74 times in one day.



Dave, got to www.adobe.com Sign up for a free account. I believe you can make 5 PDF files for free online. If not, give me a PM and my account still has three PDF for free from the online service. Otherwise, send me your thesis, and the fonts needed for it (chinese characters, etc). I'll install the fonts, burn the pdf and send it back to you in an hour.


Be sure to include any special formatting requirements for the university's system...

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