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I'm no breeder



Ok, so I have to warn everyone that I'm a little grossed out right now. Me and taylor went to a party at our freind Justins house and his folks were gone. There were so many girls there...they probably outnumbered the guys like 3 to 1......anyway, it seemed like all the guys there were scoring with like 2 chicks at a time. Now, a lot of people know about what me and Taylor did before.....well, it didn't happen again (shudders). We got our swerve on, then we hiked it back to my house. I was hungry when we got here, so right now, Taylors cooking something downstairs with my cousin James.....I'm not too sure, but it can either be hamburger meat I smell or sausage. It kinda smells like both. I went down there, but they kicked me out of the kitchen because I kept eating the cheese that James was grating.

So, now I'm back up here, and I went into my ebooks folder and opened up my poetry folder that was inside of the ebook folder. I found a poem I wrote when I first found out that I needed to have another tumor taken out. I guess the real reason I wrote it was because we didnt know what was gonna happen, and I admit that I was pretty scared. But I prayed about it for a long time, then, when I was done feeling sorry for myself, I felt like writing a poem. So I did. I didn't really know what I wanted to say, but once I got moving, everything just flowed out and it all came together.

Anyway, I wanted to share it because I feel like I should be proud of myself. I dont want to sound all arrogant ( I know, too late :P ) but I felt like I stayed pretty strong through it all and I was able to keep myself pretty positive. That wasn't easy, either, considering that my parents were fighting non stop and my dad wasn't sleeping. I just knew that I had to be the strong one this time for everyone.

I hope you guys like it. If not, that's okay. I still wanted to share it with everyone, because you're all like my second family. Ok, it smells like the food's burning.....





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Hey Nick! :D


I just read the poem; I loved it :2thumbs: I really think it should have a wider audience, and that it might help bring solace to other people. It was also very moving from a spiritual point of view!


I hope you enjoy your hamburgers/sausage. Personally I'd hope for hamburgers, I don't eat sausage. Anyway take care and have an awesome day!



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I wanted to share it because I feel like I should be proud of myself.


As well you should be. When you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs...


Oops! There I go again quoting someone whom I can't remember.

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