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Love life of a wuss



ok so there isn't any just yet...


However!... On the 21st, Mick's flatmate (who I loath, though for no particular reason except he's his flatmate - though he is really, REALLY irritating) is going away to France for a week, leaving him on his own. So I'm going to use the time to find out one way or another. Done deal.

As people* have said so eloquently, I have to GROW A SET AND TELL HIM OR YOU'RE GONNA REGRET IT! and on the morning of the 22nd they will be fully grown ;)


It's really hot over here, and the heatwave is due to continue until the end of the week. I know our hot isn't the same as hot in the middle of the desert, but it's hot for us... I wouldn't mind so much if only there was a breeze. I'm off to the sea for a swim.


In other news:- Percy has a job.




Camy B)

*Thank you, your advice has helped a awful lot. :2thumbs:


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*dusts off bronze Buddha statue*


Dang, I've gotta start throwing that thing more often ... works like a charm! ;)


And good luck, Camy! :boy:

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