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Vance :hug:


Just get the good tasting Veggies :)



Ugh isn't just a pain when you cannot eat what you want. Can you eat skinless chicken, mabye add something but, it's healthy?


We use olive oil instead of butter for certin things like eggs, I know it's healthier for fat, but don't know if it would help when it comes to blood pressure


. Hope you and Sam have a great Sunday,



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How to eat healthy and cheap:


Just buy basics, nothing super prepared (ie, low-sodium canned tomatoes and beans, yes, frozen dinner, no). Stick to in-season things when possible (there's always something in season where I live, but I understand this is different in places where there's less rational weather)


How to do this without taking a lot of time over it:


stir-fried veggies and cut-up chicken or lean red meat or even seafood (which I've pretty much stopped eating so that my unborn grandchildren will have a chance of eating it) or tofu (which tastes good if you get it exquisitely fresh and cook it with strong-flavored yummy things, but I'd never want it more than once a week, and nutritionists are beginning to agree with me since it has estrogen-like compounds which are good for you in small amounts and not in large amounts). Or: braised veggies and protein sources. That's like stir-frying except you add liquid after a couple of minutes and turn the heat down low until everything's quite soft.


If you want to use almost no oil while stir-frying and you're suspicious of no-stick spray (like I am), skimp on the oil. Then after the food is stirring along add a few (!!!) drops of water. When that boils off drop wait for the pan to get really really hot again and then do it again, off and on until the food is done enough. By the way, it's allowed to eat the veggies either crisp or soft, depending on how you like them.


How to do this without lots of sodium:


cultivate a taste for more garlic, ginger, chiles, onions, spices . . . and what salt you do use, put it on at the last minute so it hits your tongue first. That's how Kix tastes like a sweet cereal when it actually has a fraction of the sugars that for example "Kashi GoLean Crunch" has: they put a tiny amount of sugar on the outside of the little balls so less is more effective.


Also, it turns out it's a good idea to eat fruit before meals, rather than (or as well as)after -- it helps you eat less.


Another thing to do: coat any kind of meat quite thickly with something thick like hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, or anything alse like that and cook it medium hot in the oven. It will form a skin-like layer which is a little salty but since you've been not salting anything else, it will be okay.


I have had a blood pressure condition all my life, though nobody knew it till I had my first child (I know I always did because when I went to the Planned Parenthood teen clinic I got a couple of high readings). I controlled my blood pressure for twenty-some years entirely by eating this way and intermittently exercizing and doing relaxation -- never consistently. I still managed to gain a lot of weight. Now I take two blood pressure drugs and I forget to eat right and my blood pressure is good. It was bad for a while last year because my doctor, having eliminated five or six other factors, figured out that one of my drugs was causing my chronic cough (the other factors contributed heavily, but it didn't go away entirely until I got rid of the drug). Experimenting to get the right blood pressure drug was a miserable experience!

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:hug: your doing all the right things vancey and yeah eating healthy is damn expensive have been eating healthy since january and cutting out all thebad stuff from e numbers to gluten and wheat and fats, its hard when you pay double for the organic or wheat free range and fresh veg and salad does not come cheap and it never lasts long so you have to shop twice in one week lol ok will stop bitching about it but you should stick to the healthy eating and stop eating that peanut butter :P and quit those cigarettes which really wont help, i hope they do get it sorted out though vancey you need to be healthy cause i wont accept you having a bad heart :P love you :hug:




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Wow, my partner has also just gone on an excercise and diet regiman for diabetes. He has really been doing well. It is amazing what a little terror will do if you dont go into denial etc. Here Portland we got less snow and not quiet so cold but omygod the wind is amazing. And I live on top of the hill near the Observatory in some of your pictures. Hope you get things under control and like i tell my partner don t let your work kill you. I am off to Spain and my boat in a week and wish all well. Pax Steve SV Gandalf

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:hug: Hey Vancey!


I'm glad to get the full scoop on what's been going! I'm so sorry I haven't been around very much :(


OH my gosh that all sounds so scary!! :(


I'm really glad everything is better right now though! :D


Take care and feel better!! :hug:


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