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PLEASE vote, If I can figure out how to make this poll work...



S t e v e n is...  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think S t e v en is?

    • Beautiful, very photogenic, amazing to look at, and should definitely be in the Viv's Boys calendar if she ever decides to make one.
    • Just average (as he seems to think, or is at least modest to say so)
    • The hottest boy ever!
    • None of the above (and if you choose this answer, please tell us your answer below)

If you have no idea who S t e v e n is or need to evaluate some evidence... you can do that here S t e v e n's Gallery I, myself, would like to point out numbers 106, 101, 95, 77, 70, 48, 45, 44, 33, 32, 30, 25, 11, 6, 3, 2, 1... so like... all of them :D


Anyway, besides that, there's not a lot to tell really. I've been working, and tired, and my house is a disaster so I'm going to round up the troops as soon as I'm done here and make them help clean up since this is what happens when I work three nights in a row, go out the fourth night, and worked day five. I suppose I could tell the story of going out with Steve, but he said he was gonna blog it, so I'll wait and let him tell you, but it was fun, and a good time as always.


Oh, so... I got this free razor in the mail, so I thought... 'what the hell' right? I think there are like four blades on this thing, so I'm wondering if I have any layers of skin left after using it. :wacko:


Got to get going on FBTE 26.. I started it a while back and had like one paragraph written and couldn't go forward... and now I realize it's cause I didn't like where it started so I'll start again :D See who can outsmart an unwritten chapter... HAHA!


So this San Fransisco trip is beginning to sound exciting. There are so many people I wish could go, who probably can't for one reason or another, and truth be told... if it was anywhere else that I couldn't drive to, I most likely wouldn't be able to go either. On the upside... it'll be cool to get to finally snuggle my Cutie myself instead of via other people he gets to meet and if other people come, too... I'll likely not see anything of the city and only them :wub:


Hugs everyone and have a great weekend!



PS. Please vote in case you got distracted looking at S t e v e n's Gallery! :D


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Speaking from a purely artist stand point:


The body is there, the face is both interesting and exotic, the eyes are startling, and either your skin or your mastery of photo shop is flawless. Also, not for nothing, but your self confidence shows in every photo you have posted. You have a look that could turn heads. Definitely the attributes artists look for in models.



Face it kid, you were cut out for print work.

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Let me just say that if I was 20 years younger and out at the time, and you weren't with someone, I'd say "hey" B) .


But, I have to ask, wouldn't it be a bit narcissistic if you dated someone named Steve? Hmmm, something for even me to ponder :blink: .



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I was wondering who could be blind enough to say just average but when I read the comments... :D Sorry, Steven!


He's definitely very photogenic! Looks... great!!!


Take care,


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