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Who came up with the word 'blog' anyway?



So, tonight I


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Congrats Dom,


Hope everything works out!!! Haha in an hour it'll be legal for me to be on this site!!!

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Is that a serious question? If it isn't, forgive the next bit. It was "weblog" at first, and they were sites where people noted down the interesting things they saw on the web, with just a little comment to string the links together. I don't know when it started meaning web journals in general.


Moderation in the alcohol, I hope, though . . .

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Hey Dom, hope you have (or had) fun at the wedding. I'm so frickin "pro-relationship" right now it's not even funny. And lately the last several weddings I've attended have translated into "here's a good a time to notice how alone you are and how you'll never be the one to get married". Yeah yeah, I know it sounds bitter, but here's the kicker, I'm actually not bitter, I'm genuinely happy for anyone and everyone who manages to find love, and far from being angry or bitter when I see other people in love I actually find it hope inspiring, like maybe someday I'll actually find someone special. So what's the point of this ramble you may ask? (good question I should probably ask myself this BEFORE I actually begin a ramble) Well anyway I think the point of this particular ramble was that you shouldn't get too bummed out about romance and relationships. True love does exist and I do happen to believe (in theory at least) that it doesn't recognize age, gender, race, sexuality, religion or any other human category. So try to stay positive and maybe just maybe this pretty guy will be pretty on the inside too and turn out to be "the one"


(Besides you're my favorite "romantic" gay writer, if you get disillusioned with romance what hope is there for the rest of us? :D )

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0:) What are the odds of this wedding influencing the last chapter of TOU I wonder?


I can just imagine it now...Jude resplendent in a cheap tux, Quinn as queeny as ever in his wedding dress...


He'd have a heart attack with the confetti though...


AH that'd be fun (toddles into little dream world)


Anywho, if you have or had fun (and I don't mean in a "liver-damage" sense) then yeyness- weddings are such a drag... How did the new gents fare (and if you have yourself a pretty guy who's interested? Grab him by the balls and make sweet sweet music :) ! THey don't come along every day... Though sitting beside two of them on a library computer makes me wonder...


Where was I? Oh yeah...


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap ad infinitum (Mikey rocks :D )


:lmao: xx James xx :worship:

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