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Sex In My Stories? Why Hell Yes!



Ok, so maybe not in all of them. But to be truthful, I'm not uptight about it either way. If I'm working on something that doesn't need a sex scene, I'm not going to throw one in. On the other hand, if I'm working on a chapter and I stop and think to myself, You know, these two characters need to get laid, then it's on.

The only limit I have is that I'll never, and I do mean never, include scenes between men or women and boys or girls. I'm not judging anyone that wants to read something like that, but the whole Chester The Molester thing creeps me out.

Well, I do have a story where the main character was molested by an older man (his mom's bf), but that wasn't graphically described or anything. Later on in the same story, he remembers being molested by a teacher as well, but again, it wasn't graphic. Also, both scenes played impoortant roles in the major plot, so I kinda had to include them(or change the plot).

So anyway, if you happen to be reading one of my stories and wondering where the sex is, just click on a different link :music: You're sure to find something. On the other hand, if you're reading a story and thinking to yourself that the sex scenes are too much, just click a different link :music: You're sure to find something, too.


I'm versatile like that B)


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Hey Nick :)

The only limit I have is that I'll never, and I do mean never, include scenes between men or women and boys or girls.

I didn't read this properly and thought it meant that the only thing you'd never write were sex scenes between Men and Women. (end thought) or sex scenes between Boys and Girls. In other words no hetero sex :lol:



Anyway, good blog. I quite agree :)

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In college I took a creative writing class, because it was an easy GPA boost, counted towards my major, and there was a chance I might actually learn something important. The story I wrote for the class was by no means life-changing, but I liked it. However, I noticed a trend among my feedback. "This sounds like a porn, but where's the sex?" "There's a lot of sexual tension between the characters. Do something with it." "Those two need to knock boots." By the time I was in the second round of edits, my class was unanimous in their desire to have a sex scene in the story. Even the straight guys, one of whom was so embarrassed that he turned bright red as he said "They should be screwing here." Even the professor got into this, but as he edited gay erotic fiction on the side, I could understand it from him.


For a while, I didn't know quite what to make of this.

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I've seen authors put up warnings at the start of their story telling you about the content of the story and if you don't like the content, then don't read it. And if you do read, then they don't want to hear any complaints about it.


Early on, Nick asked me about writing sex into a story. Because of his young age, that's one subject we don't talk about, but I did tell him to write what he was comfortable with.



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