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I need a favor...



... a break, an answer, a nap, a hug, and in return, I'd like to offer some perspective.


My friend, Alysia, called me on Saturday while I was hanging out with Steve, and she doesn't normally call me unless something is up, what with how busy she is being the mom of four kids, and the PTA president, etc., so I answer and she tells me that her son, Donavon, had a stroke. He's six, so just a little over a year younger than Matty, and that he's in the hospital. She says he can't move his limbs on his right side, can't talk, can't swallow, and so he has a feeding tube in his throat. He recognizes his mom and dad when they are there, but when the neurologist is holding up random pictures and asking him to choose the ball or the cat, he can't. He has a blood clot in his brain, which they don't want to operate on for fear he bleeds to death or becomes brain damaged permanently. He has another in his chest that they have to remove because if it becomes dislodged, it will find its way into his lungs, and he will die.


She asked me to pray for him, and I'm not much of the praying kind, but I'll hope for the best and think good thoughts, maybe even wish on a star. I was telling this guy at work about it, since he had asked me why I seemed so down, and he asked me, "What's his name? I want to say a prayer for him." I guess if anyone else out there is the praying kind, I'd appreciate it, and if you're not, maybe we can wish on the same star... better odds that way, maybe. Anyway, thank you, Skylar, for being genuine and giving for Donavon.


The latest update on his condition is that he has been moved to his own room, he still has no right arm movement, but his right leg is getting some better. He is making sounds and learning again how to eat, starting with Jello, but is still on the feeding tube until he can manage enough progress to nourish himself regularly. He started physical therapy, which she says he loves, and that he looks much better. The neurologist thinks he may be able to go home by Friday. My hope is that as the drug they are giving him to break up and thin out the clot in his brain has a chance to work, that his motor skills and speech will return, even if he has to relearn things.


It's things like this that really make you remember what's important in life, and that time is not something that has an unlimited supply for anyone. No matter what problems or worries I have, they are nowhere near as bad as this, and it makes me very thankful for the health of the people I love and the life I get to lead with the people I love in it. So, thank you to everyone who has touched me in some way, and to those who continually return the friendship, respect, and love I have with you.


My boss fired four people over the weekend. One for calling her a rude bitch behind her back, two for having a cake frosting fight in the bakery, and one for falsifying his time. Quite possibly, they all deserved it... they did not, however, deserve her unprofessional behavior today when she told all of us exactly what happened so we could be sure to clear up whatever rumors are going around about it/her. I guess it's every person for themselves at work, which sucks cause things work much better when we're a cohesive unit and playing for the same team.


Davey left for his new home/store on Friday. He spent the weekend with his Mum and Dad, and I haven't heard from him yet, so I hope he's doing okay and adjusting well. I'm sure he will, it's not the first time he's been through this, but it's always trying. Maybe I'll call him tomorrow or the next day and check up on my favorite Scottish Sweetie :wub:


This has been on repeat for 5 days now...


So, a question, if you'll humor me... What do you do when someone tells you to do something you can't, be someone you aren't?


In closing, I'll leave you with this story: The other evening, Annemarie and Matty were in her room watching TV and he was playing with his new black Spiderman toy and making some sound repeatedly like Spiderman was hitting something. Annemarie says, "Stop... Stooooooooooooooooop... STOP!... MATTHEW!!!" So, I call Matty in here and say, "What's going on, pal?" He says distractedly, "Nothing, I'm just playing with my black Spiderman, like this," (demonstrates sound). So I reply, "Okay, but I think Annemarie asked you to stop that..." and he says, "Well, she doesn't have to be so assertive with me!" I'll tell you that I had SUCH a hard time not laughing out loud at that. It was like... Oh wow, my son is so smart and cute, but, oh! NO! FOCUS!!! No trying to use your smarts and cuteness to get out of this! And then Annemarie says, "You don't even know what assertive means..." and I said, "Matty, what does asssertive mean?" He said, "It means not nice and very aggressive,"... for the win!


So, anyone have an answer?



Rich is reading over my shoulder and said, "Isn't that Spidah-bruthuh?" :blink:


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First off.... :hug:


I'm not much of a prayer type either, I'm more into the medicine. If Donavan is getting some control of his leg back that is a good sign! It will be a long road though. I'll even wish on that star with you ;)


I love that song btw...have for a long time. 5 days might be a bit much tho :P


Matthew....absolutely hilarious :lol:


Your question.....I would say to be true to who you are, you may not be able to do what they ask, but you can do whatever is most appropriate and true to you. For instance, if you are asked to pray but don't pray....just keep positive thoughts in your head for them. Thats simply the best we can do ;)



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I am the praying kind. I am not, however, the free-form everybody-bare-their-iniquities-don't-we-all-feel-so-much-closer-to-God? prayer type of person. I'm catholic. I need at a rosary before I feel comfortable communing with my creator.


So, having grown up in a town where evangelicalism reigned supreme, I can emphasize. Actually, it was a whole different sort of awkward for me, since I couldn't just tell whoever was trying to rope me into the group prayer session, "I'm not religious, but I wish them well." I recommend just smiling and letting them believe whatever they'd like to believe about you. You can even equivocate, instead of saying, "Yes, of course," when asked to pray for someone, say instead "He'll be in my thoughts."


I was going to say "She's really asking you for your good will, not really an actual prayer," but I may be wrong about that. I've never really gotten the idea of prayers as a pledge drive or voter initiative, but it belatedly occurs to me that some do believe in that. So actually, I don't know what to tell you at all. I'd guess just smile and equivocate in this case, because your friend clearly has enough on her plate without adding metaphysical debates to the pile.


Hmm. Recalling another conversation that was more or less on this topic has given me an idea for a story. I wonder if I'll use it.

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I'm pretty sure I went with "Okay, I'll be thinking of you guys" or something similar, and she knows I'm not religious, but that brings about another question about convenient believers...


The question I asked, while it could be applied to this issue, wasn't really about religion, in so much as it was a fundamental question.


Thanls for the thoughts, wishes, and prayers!

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