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Billy Chase 124


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So first...


Major Spoiler alert here!!!!!












So Billy up until now has been only out to those he's fooled around with. Bobby, Brandon and that other one I think his name was AJ. ( I forgot, but I'm certain someone will correct me.)


I never thought Billy would tell his "best friend" (and I use it loosely) Sam, but rather I figured it would be Simon and of course I was right... but then I also thought that because the title is called 'The Secret live of Billy Chase" it's just that...


I guess the new title starting this one is now 'The not so secret life of Billy Chase.' No I'm not complaining since it's still a great story and I'm only playing around with the story anyway. :P I keep forgetting that Billy is 14 in this story, I keep thinking he's older... I guess I'm dense after all, but I have to admit I get stunned every time Com posts Billy's age.


On that random note I've decided to change Billy's name with AJ's (assuming it is the correct name) Why you might ask... simple... that way Billy's (now AJ's) boyfriends all start with a B. All of his closet friends start with 'S' and now I just have to think of who his foes names starts with. (What's Sam's girlfriends name again?) :lol:


So far I've not really said anything about the story itself, and I'll admit I've been a bit distant with reading these days... I guess I took a summer holiday like others have and apparently AJ *coughs* wont be.


So it's a great story and I'm looking forward to the next one.



So until the next installment of "The Not So Secret Live of AJ" comes out, enjoy this one. :D

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I keep forgetting that Billy is 14 in this story, I keep thinking he's older... I guess I'm dense after all, but I have to admit I get stunned every time Com posts Billy's age.

Me too! Its like huh?... but he's been through so many guys... But I guess if it was someone older you'd fault them more for being irresponsible and cruel.

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Thanks you guys! Honestly, Billy's going to be going through a lot of tough decisions in the near future! Hehehe, if he could read this and

see how much you support him, he'd be honored. :)


There was a break in updates on the Shack for the last week or so, while I'm getting things running ahead of schedule. But I actually went above and beyond what I was expecting in terms of getting things running again quickly! So it's all looking up from here! :) So Monday, things will be moving regularly again, and "Billy" is going back to his usual Wednesday 'time slot'. YOU guys better help me keep an eye on that boy!


Also...."Billy Chase" will FINALLY be making his very first appearance on the Nifty archive this coming week! With re-edited chapters being posted every Tuesday and Thursday in the High School section! So, if you're looking to watch some old 're-runs' for nostalgia sake, they'll be there soon! Cool? :)


As for the age thing...I don't know, it can be difficult to balance it out sometimes. On one hand, I definitely want him to be a teenager, with some doubt, some fear, some inexperience, curiousity, and some rather foolish mistakes. On the other hand, though, I never want him to appear too naive or stupid. One thing that I know for a fact, and have rediscovered even more through talking with MANY teens online through the site...is that they are FAR from being stupid. Even further from being clueless. I mean, I wasn't when I was 14 years old, and the teens today seem to be light years ahead of where I was at that age. I think it would be insulting to them if I dumbed Billy down to make him appear younger, you know? It's hard to explain. But a lot of BIlly's teen audience really identify with him as is. So I'll leave it alone. Hehehe, the real question is...


....Is Billy really mature for his age, or is the author just hoplessly IMMATURE for his age? Hmmmmm.....

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