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Darshian Tales

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Stories by Ann Sommerville

Ann Somerville writes a lot of fantasy based original fiction. Her fiction is one of the best there is on the net. She is one of my favourite authors and I consider her works to be a must read.


Periter Universe Series:


Darshian Tales - My main addiction. So damn good. And there's almost 3 generations of interaction and a lot of text to get through. This is a fantasy tale of two countries at war. One country is the invader that wants the other to submit to their rule. They take hostages and a young general from the invading side ends up with a young healer as his hostage/manservant.


Pindone Files - This is set at least 3000 years after "Kei's Gift". Two defs on the force have a brief encounter one night. However their relationship soon turns more exclusive, even though this is frowned upon in the force. Will they be able to overcome obstacles and personal misgivings to make their relationship work?


Other Series:


Remastering Jerna - heavy BDSM content in this story and actually too heavy for me to read most of it. Shocking, I know. I do have limits. I skimmed much of the prison time and skipped to when they actually introduce the main character's possible love interest. I love the interesting way the main character's solve the relationship dilemma.

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I consider her works to be a must read


I absolutely agree :D


These are excellent fantasy stories, even the latest addition that is really not much more than fluffy writing - but done tremendously well for all of that.


The Darshian Tales are, of course, my favourite and I really hope that there will be more of them.


I thought that Remastering Jerna was also very good, inspite of the difficult content, and is definitely second favourite.


Anyone who enjoys fantasy will like Darshian Tales.



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I really love this author, it isn't just the two tales, Darshian and Pindone, it's also her other stories. One Question though. Has anyone managed to get to the Remastering Jena story? I get the not allowed bit.


It seems that she's taken Remastering Jerna off the site. I keep meaning to email her to find out why. Other stories of hers that are really good and have less objectional content are:


A Fluffy Tale - Julian has a furry ball of trouble to deal with. A tall dark stranger may provide the solution-but maybe the complications are more than he can handle. Warnings: m/m, angst, fluff [My comments - An adorable story, but hey, I'm a girl, so, you guys out there might disagree. AU fantasy - 3 parts]


I was an Alien Cat Toy - Temin crash lands on an unexplored planet and gets up front and personal with the natives - who are giant felines. Warnings: noncon, graphic sex and violence. Adults only [My comments - Another AU fantasy - 6 parts. A love story, after you get past the mean cats.]


She has some others that are lighter, and from her journal it sounds like her future stories will be leaning that way, as well. Wahoo!


Note: If you have problems w/ Remastering Jerna or even Pindone Files, than stay away from The Surrogate (which is worse). Otherwise, her story warnings are very clear.


Just my two cents on a great author!

Stephanie :D

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