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Tales Of The Terran Diaspora.

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This is a heads up for readers who followed 'Attunga'.

I haven't posted any story material for a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing.


A new story, set about a hundred years prior to the time of Sonic and Wirrin is on the way.


At the moment I'd say it's about half finished but my characters often get carried away and introduce extra adventures so that might be underestimating.

At any rate, I'll give another heads up when posting is imminent. :)



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Attunga    https://www.gayauthors.org/story/palantir/attunga


It's been a long process and a huge learning curve but the first of the Tales of the Terran Diaspora, 'Attunga',   is about to be published as a novel.

After all the editing and rewriting and proofing it's on the final typesetting run.


Thanks for all the encouragement from followers of the story. Without your support this wouldn't have happened.


There is more information for anyone who's interested at the blog I've developed (Gah!! Another huge learning curve)


BLOG:  https://diasporatales.net

I've posted the pictures of the front and back covers of the novel in my DIASPORA gallery.

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Wow! Elon Musk, famous for his work with electric cars and home storage batteries, has been reading Tales of the Terran Diaspora and has decided to develop one of the features in the second story in the real world.

Lol  He hasn't really but the hyperloop transportation system he's been talking about recently is strikingly similar to the vac trains described Mparntwe.


Readers will remember the vacuum tunnels and the magnetic-levitation trains in the story and here's a Wiki link explaining the hyperloop idea




Blog: https://diasporatales.net



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MPARNTWE, the second story in the Diaspora series is now well and truly on track for publishing. Two days ago I received the final proofed ms (Yay! :) ) - only cover design and typesetting to go.



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Here's a great big public thank you to:

Columbus Guy,

Brian M,


and Wolflady

for their kind comments which have helped with the process of getting MPARNTWE published.

Want to see what they said? - check the back cover image in my DIASPORA gallery.

The proof copy for the Australian version should arrive this coming week. :)


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 The proof copy of MPARNTWE arrived this morning by special delivery. One last check through and the Aussie version will be printed.

Holding that first physical copy is a very special moment. :)


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Wow! Truth is stranger than fiction.

When I wrote Attunga, I had Sonic, the enhanced dolphin, singing to acquaintances and teaching the other dolphins to dance to the mythical Dreamtime Concerto. Little did I know.

Below is an excerpt from an article posted on today's news (Australia). Another wow factor is that in the story, Sonic is descended from the dolphins of Shark Bay. (Twilight Zone music rings in my mind. )


'When you think of boy bands, a pod of dolphins does not usually spring to mind.

However, marine scientists in Shark Bay, about 800 kilometres north of Perth, say the local dolphins are turning to song and dance to attract a mate.'


Link to article  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-28/shark-bay-dolphins-forming-synchronised-boy-bands-attract-mate/101277430



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