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I managed to get 13 out of 15, but I had to make educated guesses on some of them. Two of the guesses were wrong (one was a complete guess as I had no idea). There were 11 that I was pretty confident on the answers (and they were all right :D )

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I got 13 out of 15. Both of my misses were in "Choose the word least similar in meaning to the other two words" -- I missed Reverberate/Rusticate/Relegate and Leaden/Wooden/Plastic. I was too lazy to read the sentences carefully.


These questions reminded me of when I took the SAT. Makes me shiver!


Colin B)

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I got 11/15. ugh


my first mistake was that I misread question number one, it had a NOT. in caps too -.- LOL. But I still have a hangover from last night so I'm not really that observant today. :P


I got 2 wrong. I was thinking 'Filiam' meant something pertaining to children (by taking 'Filial' into context) I should have known an -am suffix is quite impossible in English. :P


#9 wrong too. I had absolutely no idea what Equipoise means. Heh.


#11 AAAAAAAAAAH. I should've seen the root. Irene from Greek Mythology. :( Again I had never encountered Nugatory before.

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I thought "nugatory" related to candy bars.


Even with some background in Latin, Greek, and French, I got just 13/15.


I missed the "rusticate" one even though I knew what the words meant.


And "filiam" looked real enough to fool me.


I think I had exceeded my attention span by the fourth question and didn't always read all of the questions, so I guess it's a wonder I did as well as I did.

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...............................I don't like this quiz. :( I could swear I'd heard the word "filiam" SOMEWHERE before! Meh, 14 outta 15. Had no clue what tractable meant, yay guessing. I don't usually come across words I've never heard before, but damn. And I'm quite happy that some time ago when I was little I heard the word "unequivocably" and decided to look it up so I know what equivocation means, bwaha!


Still... it greatly annoys me that I did not believe libertine was a real word. It sounded far too much like someone decided to combine liberal and saltine.

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:angry: I got 11/15, I guess it's not too bad for someone whose maternal's language is not english. And also, in my defense, I shouldn't have done it with music on. :PB)


#14 , I shoulda think a little more, well in fact I shoulda kept with my first anwser.


good quiz tho, I liked it.

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The last part of the quizz did favor us roman language speakers with all the complex words with a latin root. And yeah, a little luck doesn't hurt.


15/15 :)


(well it would of been, but i misread number 14 as antonym and not synonym *g*)

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